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Raining Cats and Demons

Chapter Thirty-Four: Tournaments End

Reiluka groaned as she sat up. Her dreams had not been pleasant. She had talked to her mother, but it was more of a warning than anything. Naomi had told her that the Dark Tournament was just a test, and that the real fight was coming. Reiluka had been sort of confused, and told her mother what Kurama's voice had said, as well as what Hegama had said, but her mother just said that she will have to figure out what it was herself. At that sentence Reiluka had sort of gone off on a temper tantrum, and had been slapped for it. As she remembered this, Reiluka rubbed the sore spot on her face.

"So it seems that stuff that happens in your dreams can happen to you in reality." She heard a voice say above her. She looked up and saw Kurama sitting across from her, a sleeping Hiei next to him.

"What happened?" Reiluka mumbled as she rubbed her head. Kurama sighed quietly and looked at the clock.

"Karasu was defeated by me, Bui was defeated by Hiei, and now they are bringing in a new arena." At Reiluka's confused look, Kurama continued to explain why they needed a new arena. Reiluka flinched when Koto's voice came over the speaker, and tried to hid herself within her wings. Instead a sword was pointed at her neck. She glared up into the angry red eyes of Hiei.

"Don't go hiding now." He growled as he jumped away from her and walked out of the room. Kurama just chuckled to himself and walked out after Hiei. Reiluka snarled at them, but followed after them, being sure to keep her wings folded. She did not want anyone to know what she was yet. Her mother had told her something else while she was talking to her, and Reiluka didn't like it at all. Not only was she a Black Wing, no she also had to be descended from the greatest creatures on Earth. Suddenly she jumped when Koenma appeared next to her.

"Reiluka-san, why are your wings changing color? And your eyes as well...." He asked in a low voice. Reiluka didn't answer. After a few tense moments of silence Koenma sighed and walked ahead of her. Reiluka sighed in relief when he didn't question her any further.

"If Koenma finds out, King Enma will send out an order to kill me...." Reiluka muttered quietly, the tiniest hint of sadness in her voice. Little did she know that someone was watching her.....


Hiei frowned as he watched Reiluka mutter to herself. What does she mean 'if Koenma finds out, he'll kill me'? Hiei wondered as he walked along the rafters of the roof. He knew that something was on Reiluka's mind, as she would've felt his presence by now. He turned his head to a speaker on the wall when Koto's voice came over it.

"Fighters to the ring! We are now starting the next fight." Hiei narrowed his eyes and hurried along to the arena.


Reiluka's head flew up when she heard Koto's voice. She narrowed her eyes when she noticed Hiei flitting(I love that word!)away. She started to pick up her pace, hoping that she hadn't missed anything important. When she had finally arrived at the arena, Kuwabara and Older Toguro were already half way through their fight. Reiluka didn't pay any attention to them. Her mind was somewhere else. Suddenly the feathers on her wings ruffled and the hair on the back of her neck stood on end. It was him. She glanced nervously into the audience, trying to locate his ki. She mentally slapped herself. Idiot! Of course he's going to make sure you don't find his ki! She needed a break. The events the past few months have been too much for her, she was going to break down soon.


Hiei watched with raised eyebrows at Reiluka's behavior. First she doesn't pay any attention to the fight, and doesn't realize that she's flexing her claws and putting out a powerful aura. Then her wings ruffle and she looks nervous as she looks around the area. Just what is with that woman? Hiei thought, frustrated that he couldn't break past Reiluka's mind walls. He watched curiously as Reiluka's face paled, and became even more curious when her eyes started to take on a red tint. He was wondering if it was because she might go into rage, but he quickly shrugged that idea off because Reiluka wouldn't be acting so nervous if she was going into rage. Suddenly an ear-splitting whistle was sent through the air. Reiluka folded her wings closer to her body, and crouched down. Hiei covered his ears, as did everyone else. Kuwabara and the elder Toguro stopped their fight and watched in surprise as a figure floated down from the sky, a flute to her lips. The woman chuckled darkly as she stared at Reiluka.

"Reiluka-sama we have some unfinished business to attend to. Come with me." The woman stated, saying Reiluka's name with sarcasm. Reiluka's face paled even more as she stood up. She looked at Team Urameshi helplessly, hoping that they would help her. But the woman saw what her eyes asked, and quickly placed a spell around Team Urameshi, making sure that they couldn't help Reiluka. Hiei frowned deeply as he watched Reiluka and the woman exit the building. But he was quickly brought back to the fight when Juri and Koto disqualified Reiluka for leaving. Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Koenma yelled at them, but shut up when Koto threatened to disqualify their whole team. Hiei frowned deeper, but paid attention the Kuwabara and the elder Toguro, who had started to fight again. He knew that Reiluka could take care of herself. But he just couldn't get the image of Reiluka's pale face out of his head....


Reiluka followed the woman grudgingly, careful not to let anyone see her wings. Once the two had reached the middle of the island, the woman let go of Reiluka and stood in front of her with a glare.

"What were you doing fighting with humans!?" She growled angrily as Reiluka glared at her as she spoke.

"Because I was ordered to. Besides, they are my friends." The woman just rolled her eyes.

"Whatever. Lord Mukuro wants you to come train with her. She says that she spoke to your mother." The woman continued.

"What? Why does Mukuro-sama want me to train with her? I thought you were training with her, Sage...." Reiluka wondered as she frowned. Sage shrugged.

"Beats me. I wanted to know that to, but Mukuro said that it was a secret, or something like that. I don't know. I wasn't really listening...." Sage trailed off. Reiluka laughed slightly.

"You're the same person from ten years ago, my friend. But did you have to make such a big entrance? I was probably disqualified from the fight ya know." Reiluka said as Sage helped her up.

"Because I have to start my acting career somewhere. Plus Mukuro said she wanted to see you as soon as possible." Sage said as she put her arms behind her head. Reiluka just shook her head.

"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's get going, I haven't been to Mukuro's place for years!" Reiluka said happily as she and Sage laughed together. Sage chanted some words, and soon Reiluka joined in with her. And then the two were gone in a burst of light.....


Hiei stared at the island from the back of the boat he was on. It had been two days since he had last felt Reiluka's ki, and then she was gone. Team Urameshi had won the tournament, but were dumbfounded to where Reiluka had gone. Even Koenma didn't know. Hiei and Kurama had searched the island while Yusuke and the others moped around, but found no sign of her. Hiei had become slightly worried, but Kurama had calmed him down before he could start something on fire. Hiei was brought out of his musings by a hand on his shoulder. It was Kurama.

"Don't worry Hiei, she will be fine. She will probably contact us in a little while...." Kurama said, not quite sure of himself, but wanting to comfort his friend. Hiei just 'Hn.'ed and went back to staring at the island that was slowly getting smaller as the boat went further out to sea........


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