TMNT Crossover: I will not say which turtles are going to be playing with the Rise! Tots.

ROTTMNT is my jam so they are the main prospective and most familiar.


Confused, scared, and desperate he ran as fast as his little legs could carry him. His tall swishing behind him.

He didn't have time to think about how he ended up here, all he knew was that his little brother was crying and hurt.

In fact, he had to find all of his siblings. He had to find his little brothers and big sister before Dad found out he lost them and he'd be so disappointed-

He ran around the dark and dirty ruins of builds when he spotted his brother that was crying with a broke leg.

He felt relieved and began running towards him when he saw his other brother not far a way with a scary shadow closing in on him.

He stopped, panicking as he did. He found two of his brothers and they were on opposite ends. If he went to the one with a broken leg, then he'd be leaving his other brother to the scary shadow.

That's when he heard his last brother chirping behind him. He turned to see that his youngest brother had being running after him the whole time and he felt his gut twist in horror.

His youngest brother fell and began to cry. He was scared and didn't know what to do. All three of his little brothers were far a way from him and he didn't know who to protect.

His little brothers decided for him.

"Raph!", two screamed in fear and sadness, "Go to Mikey! He needs you! We'll be right behind you!", tears swelled his eyes.

"Please! He's closer! Raph!", screamed his brother with a broken leg.

Raph knew he was lying, but he didn't say it. He shook instead, before sprinting towards his baby brother.

"I'm sorry!!", he screamed as he picked up Mikey.

Mikey crying and chirping for them all.

"Rara! Dondon! Leelee!", Mikey reached out.

Raph cried harder as he held Mikey and ran. He left his brothers behind as he screamed apologies.

Raph wished his big sister was here.


The brother with a broken leg continued to cry as a shadow approached him. The shadow was slow and stopped right before moonlight could shine on it.

It terrified him and what's worse is that he can't even run to his twin. Who was holding his arms over himself to protect his body and his soft shell facing the ground.

He felt helpless and whimpered. He flinched as the shadow quietly walked towards him again. He closed his eyes and copied his twin's pose. A hiccup holds back his sobs that tried to spill from his throat.

He waited for anything- mostly some kind of pain.

"Please don't hurt him... please...", he begged with a scratchy throat, it burned to speak.

A few agonizing seconds later, he felt himself be gently picked up as his broken leg throbs in pain. He made a scared hiss.

When he felt the soft purr of the shadow holding him, he hesitantly relaxed. Finally, he opened his eyes and looked up with confusion. He blinked tears a way.

The shadow that held him turned out to be a turtle.

He said nothing as he stared and when he turned his head, he saw his twin also being carried carefully.

"Leelee! Dondon!", the chirp of his baby brother alerted them both to their last two brothers being carried by another turtle.

They were all brought together when the strange adult turtles brought them to a weird ship. It was huge and full of greens, yellows, and grays.


He wasn't happy. He didn't like being touched but he thought that he and his brothers were going to die so he lets them hang on to him as they trembled.

His big brother continued to apologize for something he and his twin asked him to do. Mikey has to come first in order of protection.

He wished he could have also protected his other little brother, but he wasn't strong like his big brother and didn't have any way of helping. He hated how unhelpful he was.

He patted his baby brother on the back with a blank face. After they all calmed down, he had a blank expression.

None of them wanted to be separated again and desperately hoped their big sister was okay. They have no idea where she was. That is why they were all there when his twin got his leg bandaged up.


"Mister...is... is his leg going to be okay?", Raph quietly asked.

The bigger turtle turned to him with a soft smile.

"Yes little Raphie, his leg will be just fine. How about you? Are you okay?", the turtle asked softly.

He nodded his head as his tears died down. He glanced at his little brothers, they were all so tired and fell a sleep after his brother was back in their pile.

Mikey was given an orange pacifier, and he was sucking on it contently.

Raph pet his brothers head gently. They were on a big bed with lots of pillows and blankets. They will make a fort later. For now, a messy nest will have to do.

"Why don't you go to sleep too, little tyke?", said another turtle.

"But... whose going to protect them if I'm asleep?", he tilted his head.

"We will!", said another turtle with a big smile before laying a blanket on them, "we promise to protect them while you sleep, okay?"

Raph closed his eyes at that promise, trusting the big turtles that helped his little brother's leg.