Andor, season one, after episode eight

Vel and Cinta are headed towards different directions… But, what if that did not need to happen? What if there is a middle ground in their fledgling relationship and the cause to be found? What if they can have their sugary cake and eat it too?

Cinta/Vel pairing

Set in the world of Star Wars Andor space time continuum. Somehow canon compliant, maybe?

Leaving this place and you, behind

'Leaving is easy, but, staying might just be harder. And then again, settling… is the worst! Perhaps…'

The commuter had almost reached its destination. And soon enough, Vel would be on the transport. On her way out and away off of the planet. And away from Cinta. The only reason, perhaps, for Vel even being a part of this, budding rebellion. Maybe. Most likely the important one at least. Cinta. Deciding to leave, had not been an easy choice and Vel was starting to regret it already.

Vel was staring at the changing scenery as the commuter kept on going. Not that it was that much different or even changing, nor that Vel was looking at it. No, her mind was on Cinta and the fact that she would remain here, on this hostile planet. All alone. Without any support, any backup.

But Cinta had ordered Vel to leave in none so many words. Well, a few clear ones. Alas, the message had been quite clear. Even to Vel. That the mission, the cause, always came first. No matter what. And if it benefitted the cause in any way, Cinta was remaining behind. Making her inquiries, taking in her observations of what was going on. And if possible, catch up with Andor. And then? Well, as the order was, to kill him.

After all, leaving lose ends, no matter how small, where never good for any cause. And so, making sure, that Cassian Andor, as they now knew him as, would never blab about them or the rebellion if or when getting caught by the Empire. Because he most likely would be, caught. It was a distinct possibility for them all. That was also the reason for sharing information amongst themselves only on a need to know basis. And right now, Andor certainly knew too much. He knew all of their faces, those whom were left from the heist and Luthen's of course.

But still, the whole killing part? Well, that had never stuck well with Vel. Having seen the others, Cinta even, do their fair share of it. And yet Vel had never had the fortune or misfortune, to kill anyone. Not yet. But, knowing she too would have to make her choice soon enough, if she was to remain with the cause. And Vel knew if it came to Cinta's wellbeing, her life, Vel would. Take another person's life.

A horrible thought then emerged from the deepest darkest corners of Vel's mind. The very fact, that Cinta might just be killed on this mission. The irony being, she was there to end another life. And nobody would be the wiser as to what had happened to her. At least, not for a while as the communications to the planet were now cut off as ordered by Luthen.

It was then, when Vel's decision was made. The one Cinta and the rest of them would not like. The commuter came to a halt at the end of its journey. The transport vessel waiting for the arrivals, the travellers to leave this dreary planet behind. As it took off, it was one passenger short. Vel stood on the platform, watching the vessel ascend to the skies. She then slowly turned and walked back to the platform to wait for the commuter to arrive, which would take her back. Back to the one she had left behind. Back to the one who held her heart. The one Vel could not easily leave behind. Cinta.

Changing my mind about leaving wasn't hard

'There is really nothing to going back to the one who owns your heart, is there?'

The trip back had been rather slow. At least in Vel's mind it had, even if it was just as long or short as the first trip around.

Deep in thought, about what she would say to Cinta. How to justify her being back there, even if they had agreed… well Cinta had ordered Vel to leave. So now, thinking hard for any excuses, any reasons as to what they could be for Vel remaining on the planet with Cinta.

It wasn't an easy task, far from it. As knowing how stubborn Cinta was once her mind was made up. But, Vel was prepared with several options. Ready to counter whatever reasons Cinta might throw her way as to why it was not a good idea for both of them to remain planet side.

As the commuter slowly but surely roamed along the path, back to the small town, Vel was having an internal debate on all the things she was ready to defend. Because she really wanted to stay with Cinta.

With her hand raised for knocking on the door of the hotel, Vel was feeling the doubt and hesitation seep in slowly but surely once again. Would Cinta reject her? Tell her off immediately for coming back? Vel was pretty sure Cinta would be quite angry at her for doing so. And that was why the doubt was creeping in. The realisation Vel really should not be there. At all. Vel had been standing there for what seemed like an eternity. Finally getting the courage to do what she was there to do. To knock on the door and to beg for Cinta to let her stay.

Taking a deep breath, Vel did just that. A gentle tap on the door, was all it took.

A moment passed by and then she heard, or rather felt Cinta on the other side of the final obstacle between them.


The familiar voice asked.

"It's me, Cinta. It's Vel."

The door wasn't opened though and Vel was growing more and more antsy, thinking she had made the wrong choice after all.

"Why are you back?"

It wasn't an accusatory tone though asking, far from it. Still, Vel felt her heart sinking. She was quickly debating on what to say. All the fine lines she had thought of and carefully rehearsed in her mind were quickly fading away.

Vel was starting to loose it. Her hands shaking, sweat beads forming on her forehead. Vel was beginning to think, that this was Cinta's way of a soft break up for them. Giving Vel the opportunity to simply walk away.

The panic was getting a hold of Vel. All the fancy thoughts, the counter arguments, now lost to her and she had no idea of what to say anymore. Perhaps, she should simply leave as the door in front of her remained closed.

Vel took a deep breath. Then another. And then, deciding to simply state what was the most obvious thing to say. Because other, perhaps more eloquent words simply failed her at the moment.

So, there she was, uttering out the words.

"I know the cause always comes first. But, I think we can make this work. That is if you still want us to work."

There seemed to be a long moment of hesitation for Cinta, before she finally replied to the pending question of Vel's.

"I do."

The door was opened and Vel could see Cinta there. Her love, her heart, standing in front of her. Cinta's face had a smile on it, something unusual and rather rare too. Only reserved for Vel, these days.

Cinta offered her hand and drew Vel in for a kiss. It was as passionate as the first one ever shared between them had been. Cinta, assuring her lover she was willing to try, for them both.

After they finally broke off for air, Cinta pulled Vel into the rented room. Into her heart and shared bed.

Vel had finally returned to the loving arms of her girlfriend. The rebellion forgotten, at least for the moment.