Unbound Series

A large-scale alternative Naruto epilogue.

Reading Guide

This list is a chronological in regards to the prelude, main stories, and postlude. The interludes take place at various points in the chronology, bracket notes will be added to indicate their specific placements in the timeline as they're written.

Prelude | Complete

When the Night Time Is Falling [Collective Focus]

Main Stories [take place simultaneously and can be read in any order] | Begin January 2023

I Have Found What I Came For [Naruto & Sasuke Focus]

Know That I Will Be Unbound [Hinata focus]

Luck Will Find Me Somehow [Sakura & Kakashi Focus]


And the Morrow Is Calling [Collective Focus]


Nothing Holds Me Back Now [Tsunade Focus]

Untied I Will Be [Ino Focus]

Just a Taste and I Want More [Kiba Focus]

Must Be Some Way of Knowing [Shikamaru Focus]

Odds Are With Me, I Am Upon My Journey [Gaara Focus]

Over to the Other Side [Tenten & Lee Focus]

Mind Is a Flowing, My Body Will Follow [Taka Focus]

Out There With Me [Sai Focus]

Open Windows to Jump Through [Kids Focus]

And Then Why Do I Worry [Collective Focus]

Unbound: Remix

Remixed is a non-linear compilation of alternate scenes and should only be read once you've read at least one other story in the series.