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Late afternoon in Tenbi Park, as the sun was slowly setting down on a bench in front of the river, a young blond girl with two flat-breasted ponytails on her sides. He was sitting with his brown meat, which was clothed with a red ribbon reaching up to his belly. The girl's name was Himegami Kodama, she was 17 years old and she was a student of the magical Tenbi Academy, while the teddy bear was named Rudolf, who was already over 70 and was also extremely perverted.

The teenager was clearly depressed and irritated by the behavior of her soft toy, who constantly groped busty women and made them orgasm. "All this because I did not sense the trick of this saleswoman" she blamed herself mentally.

When Rudolf saw that his new owner was sad, he said - How do I tell you this, my lady …

He continued after a pause - You have to accept the fact that you were unlucky to meet me, you should let it go.

- I don't want to hear it from you. - Himegami said grimly

- Huh, but a teddy bear like me is an amazing prey. - Rudolph said confidently and added - You don't think I'm interesting.

Sitting proudly when the teenager started talking.

- Exactly, but only when you do not become a pervert - replied the girl grimly.

The plushie sat down and swayed happily, waving his arms, asked rhetorically - What was this supposed to mean?

- Without my perverted personality, I would be just a cute stuffed animal. - Rudolf explained cheerfully.

- You should be like that, and that would be normal! - Himegami shouted, clearly nervous about this situation, turning towards the teddy bear.

- To be just cute huh. - said the teddy bear seriously and in the same tone added - For most people, that's good enough.

The girl was slightly surprised by the tone of the soft toy and decided to listen to it.

- Sometimes they put you on a shelf or stroke your head, admiring our charm. - explained Rudolph in a calm, slightly glum tone.

Himegami lowered her guard and listened carefully.

- But by acting like this, you'll be stroked for eternity, - continued - and this can get tiring.

He continued sadly - And if something doesn't happen to my owner, I will be able to do nothing but watch.

Kodama, moved by these words, asked - Rudolf, what happened to you?

- Why did you become aware? - the teenager asked curiously.

Rudolf's flashback

- Seventy years ago there was a big war. - Rudolf said grimly, remembering that day.

A little girl stood in the square, cradling her teddy bear, staring up at the sky with fear and confusion, in which dozens of planes flying in the form of wedges appeared, and the number of these squadrons was four. The girl looked like a childish form of Himegami.

- My mistress's country was consumed by the fires of war. - the teddy bear replied sadly.

- My mistress and I lived in a quiet town, but one day a plane showed up. - he explained in a depressing tone.

Rudolf remembered how he was lying in the ruins looking at the death of his first owner - Before I realized what was happening, the town was gone.

Remembering that flame that was killing its owner, the fire was reflected in his black eyes and he said blaming himself - I couldn't do anything.

End of flashback

- Then, when I gained consciousness, I decided to live according to my desires and defend, helping my new owners. - Rudolph announced.

Kodama stared at the ground with a sad expression on her face

- I see, so that's what your past had. - the understanding, the teenager closed his eyes sadly.

- That's why… - She suddenly broke off as a teddy bear tugged the hem of her skirt to see her purple panties with lace at the edges.

- I joked - Rudolf said mockingly.

Himegami immediately when she wore her underwear and looked at the stuffed animal with hatred.

- You believed it. You felt sorry for me. - said Rudolph mockingly and then added - It was such a teddy-bear joke.

- He's a sin for me a boy - announced the soft toy, placing his right paw on his mouth and laughing.

The teenager, on the other hand, was seething with rage, then got up, put her left hand forward and started firing magic bullets screaming - You bastard !

Rudolf avoided all the enemy projectiles that the girl was throwing at him quite efficiently, laughing at the same time.

When Himegami realized it wasn't working she said - Kagutsuchi.

Then a little ghost with blonde red hair and a red kimono with a white stripe appeared. - Ready.

- Burn it to ash! - she ordered her companion.

The ghost swelled up like a balloon, tilting his head back, he breathed a powerful stream of fire, pointing his head straight at the bear, who was standing with a cigar in his mouth, holding his hands behind his head, hitting him.

At least they thought so when they saw a statue of ash standing in their direction on the left water, and his right hand was tucked in, his left hand was raised up, and his right hand was bent at the elbow in front of him.

The girl gasped with anger, and watching the ashed figure crumble to dust as she calmed her breath stating - I think I exaggerated a bit.

Then a soft toy appeared behind her saying - Tada

Rudolf landed backwards, landing and bowing to the frightened girl. Kodama was leaning against the bench, having closed her eyes, got up and started walking ahead, leaving the stuffed animal behind.

Rudolph started to follow her, but then the teenager turned and grabbed him by the neck and exposed him to the railing that separated the pavement from the entrance to the river, looking with a hateful gaze, saying - Don't follow me anymore and stay away from me.

- What happened to you, my lady? - asked the confused stuffed animal scratching his head with a right stick.

- I'm not kidding you degenerate if when the queues start harassing me to make sure that everyone knows your secret. - by threatening him, then throwing him against a tree and walking away.

Rudolph was confused as he watched Himegami leave without even looking back, and as he sat under the tree for a moment, he realized that he was unnecessarily trying to defuse the sad atmosphere by turning his story into a joke. Get up off the ground and turn right "Well, I have to look for a new owner" he thought to himself, he started jogging, adding in his mind "I will also live as I want" He entered the park, ran along the path for a few moments, on the right side of his eyes appeared a girl with long, striped, chestnut hair, green eyes, wearing navy blue socks, a white blouse with red stripes. He jumped out in front of her and almost immediately jumped between her breasts at high speed and groped aggressively, making her moan. He sensed, while playing with the girl's tits, that she was a size D. He caressed the woman's breasts tenderly and aggressively, making her scream with delight and making her orgasm soon. The woman fell, groaning with pleasure, and Rudolph rubbing his teddy bear's lips. He heard another woman's voice turned his gaze on her and saw a beauty with black short hair reaching the end of her neck with dark eyes wearing a navy blue buttoned shirt with short sleeves, a dark green mini skirt and yellow slippers on her legs. grope from tits to vagina, he also sensed that the woman has a size C bust. The girl felt like the teddy bear is slowly driving her to pleasure, asking him to stop, feeling him in every corner of his body. Rudolph suddenly unbuttoned the woman's T-shirt and in one go they start to feel her bare breasts and tease her nipples. On the other hand, the law started teasing her pussy, making the woman delight. After a few moments of molesting a brunette, he finally made her orgasm. Then he saw another woman and made her orgasm in no time like the other two, then he saw the next one and did what the other three did, making her climax and moan with pleasure. Then there was another, and another, and another, in total, he felt and made ten women orgasm.

- You don't have to thank me, it's my duty as a man after all. - he said proud of himself.

When the stuffed animal heard the sound of approaching footsteps, he turned and saw a blue-haired beauty with round shapes and purple eyes, wearing a tight black mini skirt and a gray scarf with black straps under which were her huge breasts. Rudolph looked at her and thought "What a beauty and those gigantic udders it must be a size K", and then "It's a good time to show this lady the joy of being a woman" ruszając w jej stronę. Nijou Aki, the school nurse at Tenbi Academy walked leisurely through the park, her breasts bouncing slightly as she walked. Suddenly her way was blocked by a small brown teddy bear with a red scarf, staring at her. Aki looked behind the teddy bear, then her eyes were shown a sight that scared her a little and made her blush on her face it was ten women brought to orgasm. The stuffed animal jumped towards her and she pushed it away with a quick and strong blow of her right hand. Rudolf took the nurse's blow, but he did not do anything about it, doing a half-turn somersault in the air, landing in the lucky with his right paw and looking at the woman with dirty eyes saying - Not bad, but that won't stop me from giving you the greatest delight in the world.

Aki was confused that this little teddy bear could talk. She backed away, then quickly turned and ran into the bushes, not knowing that she was getting into a trap. By running away like this she reached the tree, leaned on both of her right hand, panting heavily, hoping that she had lost the perverted stuffed animal. Then the bear mentioned by her jumped out from behind her screaming - Nipooo

Aki leaned her back against the tree, emitting a screech of fear, looking at the stuffed animal that managed to catch up with her and sneak up unnoticed.

Rudolph looked at the blue-haired woman saying - Now you will not run away from me, it's time to show you the true pleasure of desire.

Finishing the last words, he jumped rapidly towards the school nurse, landing his head between her breasts, and his paws began to slowly feel the woman's balloons, making her groan with pleasure. Teddy's movements became more and more aggressive, his paws reached Aki's nipples, which he began to rub and squeeze, while his head wandered between his right and left knuckles, driving her into louder moans of desire.

When he was groping the woman, pleasing her involuntarily, the nurse said - These breasts are amazing, there are so big and firm real mountains of desire.

Rudolph began to move more aggressively between Aki's breasts, making her moans even louder.

- Please stop! ahahahah ! - the school nurse shouted between groans of pleasure.

The teddy bear jumped back for a moment, then jumped up screaming - Dive in!

Rudolph jumped between her breasts with his body, and then began to move as if he was pulling himself up and down, stroking her tits with his paws. It drove the woman mad with pleasure, she could feel a growing desire in every corner of her body.

I'm losing strength ... No ... I'm about to lose myself in this delight. - she screamed between moans then added - I'm about to go crazy.

Rudolf started to move faster, giving the school nurse more pleasure.

- Nooooo ! - Aki shouted as she experienced a big orgasm and fell to her knees, leaning against a tree and breathing heavily with huge blushes on her face.

Juices of lust began to pour out of the woman's pussy, and she continued to moan with the pleasure the teddy bear inflicted on her.

Rudolf will pop out of her breast "Yes, it is a woman worthy of a man like me" he thought proudly. The plushie turned to Aki and pointed at her with his right paw, announcing - I decided, from today you will be my new owner.

- Hey, what are you talking about? - the school nurse asked, still in a frenzy of pleasure.

- I said that from now on you will be my new owner. - The teddy bear replied, placing both paws on his hips and looking at the woman with a smile.

- Why me? - Aki asked, still panting…

- Because in my opinion, I believe that only you can ensure unforgettable fun. - Rudolf said with a dirty face, covering his smile with his paw.

- Why would I agree to that? - asked the school nurse, regaining her senses and being slightly irritated.

- Since you ask, first of all, as I said before, you are ideally suited to be my new owner. - The soft toy said calmly, turning his back to her for a moment, then heading back towards her, he added - Secondly, I have to find a new owner by dawn, otherwise I will kick the calendar losing my consciousness.

Aki stared at the perverted bowl listening intently.

- Third, if you refuse, I will go on doing the same to the women as you and the ten others. - Rudolf blackmailed with a dirty smirk, hoping he had a good sense of Mrs. Nijou.

The school nurse was shocked by the soft toy's last sentence and bit her thumbnail "Hell, I can't let him attack other women" she thought, then added in her mind "I can't inform the girls from Maken-ki because he could do what I do to them, and as a teacher I can't expose the students" she sighed and said - I'll agree, but only on the condition that you swear never to touch another woman.

Teddy put his paw on his head shaking it "Man, she really likes to bargain, but wait a minute" I thought with a perverted smile.

- Agreed, but under two conditions that I can play with you is where I want and you won't have any guys except me. - Rudolph replied resolutely.

Aki sighed hesitantly saying - Agreement.

- Then we have to take an oath. - The teddy bear announced.

- Well, if the situation requires it. - Nijou-sensei said reluctantly.

- So I'll explain, once we have sworn the oath, we'll have to kiss each other to seal the deal. - explained the teddy bear with a smile.

- Then let's get started. - said Rudolph impatiently.

They both knelt facing each other, the teddy bear fell on his face in a pleading fashion - Please make yourself my owner, I swear to you loyalty, honesty and that I will defend you to the end and that I will not leave you until you release me from my oath.

- I take your oath and will be glad to be your mistress. and I also swear to you loyalty, honesty and that I will not abandon you until death - Aki vowed firmly.

When they took the oath, the bear lightly lit up and approached Nijou-sensei and then put his mouth to her mouth."This probably counts as the first kiss" the teacher thought.

- It worked? - the school nurse asked curiously.

- Yes, and I think something has changed in me. - the bear informed her.

- That's good - the blue-haired woman replied.

- Well, since we have the oath behind us, we can move on to more pleasant things. - Rudolph said lewdly, then jumped on Aki's breast and they started groping them.

Nijou-sensei groaned saying - Please stop, not here.

- Whaaat? - groaned the teddy bear and added - We have made an agreement that I can have fun with you where and when I want, right?

- Yes, but please don't come here because I'm too embarrassed. - the school nurse replied groaning with pleasure, adding with tears in her eyes - At least wait until we get home to me, please.

- All right, let it be, but I warn you that I want a female body strangely. - the haunted bear said.

When they came to an agreement, Rudolf, at Aki's request, entered her purse in order not to tempt fate with other girls in the area. Nijou-sensei was walking calmly across the park towards her apartment with her purse on her right shoulder "God, what I got into" she thought, they hold the finger of their right hand to their lips "But I have to sacrifice myself as an educator to keep my students safe" she added in her mind. The teddy bear, while sitting in the bag, imagined what he would do with the busty blue-haired beauty "First, he felt her breasts, and then I will get down to her pussy and driving her crazy" he thought. Suddenly he felt as if something was trying to get out in his crotch "What's up, what's wrong with me?" wondered the bear. Aki stood in front of her house and sighed "Now there's no turning back" she thought, then walked towards the stairwell. As she went up, her blushes became more and more visible, as she reached the door of her apartment, she stood straight and took a deep breath. The woman opened the door and went in, blushing.

When she closed the door, Rudolf jumped out of her purse doing a somersault in the air and then they land in good style on the ground and saying - Now that we are there, it's time to vent our desires.

I was about to leap towards Aki when she raised her hand, walking towards him then kneeling down and speaking in a seductive voice - Wait for a while.

- And why is that? - asked the curious stuffed animal.

- First I need to freshen up and prepare - she explained maintaining a passionate tone, then she approached the face of the bear and whispered in his ear - Wait for me in the bedroom, we will meet there.

Finishing the last sentence, she moved her head slightly away and kissed him on his plush face. Then she got up and headed towards the bathroom, obviously telling Rudolph where the bedroom was, then went into the bathroom, closing the door.

Rudolf was sitting in the bedroom waiting for Nijou and rubbing his hands "It will be fun at night" he thought, but again he felt something trying to come out of his crotch. He spread this place a little bit of cotton wool, which after a while began to glow "What is happening with me?" the soft toy wondered. Then suddenly cotton wool began to transform, which slightly scared the girl. The cotton wool finally turned into a twenty-centimeter penis. Seeing his cock, the teddy bear thought "If it's real, then I can now have sex with Aki and give her a pleasure she never dreamed of". Rudolf was sitting and planning to play with the blue-haired woman, he also noticed that his mouth was opening and that he had a tongue and he already knew that he had everything he needed to make a woman fully dependent on himself.

Meanwhile, Aki takes stands in the shower "God she really had to give her body to a perverted teddy bear" she asked herself. She thought further "But I have no choice, I cannot let him molest other women, so I have to make some sacrifices". But after a while she looked up with an absent gaze and instinctively she touched her breast with her right hand and she slipped her left hand down, touching her pussy, thinking "Though what he did was really enjoyable," later she added "he was so aggressive and gentle at the same time, knowing how to test a woman's pleasure". When she started to simulate her clitoris, she moaned softly, closing her eyes while squeezing her chest. The school nurse, however, felt that it was not enough and put two fingers in her pussy, imagining the park, suddenly groaned so loudly that she heard what snapped her out of the trance of pleasure. She fell to her knees "Holy Mother, what I think is so indecent" the woman thought, blushing terribly. Embracing her thoughts, she got up from the floor, took a towel, wiped her breasts, stomach, back, private places, legs and firm bottom thoroughly, then put on only a bathrobe with nothing underneath and left the bathroom. Nijou-sensei went to the kitchen first and did something she didn't expect from herself. She opened the refrigerator, looked around and saw a bottle of sake, took it out and put it on the counter, then reached into the cupboard to take out a small book. The woman put the glass on the counter, then poured herself half a glass of liquor, then put the bottle back in the refrigerator. The school nurse took a deep breath, closing her eyes, and began to drink sake which was supposed to encourage her when she did she finished put the vessel back in the kitchen sink. She turned, then walked towards the bedroom with a little anxiety. The woman stood in front of the door, sighed slightly "There is no turning back" she thought and walked into the room where a perverted teddy bear was waiting for her.

Rudolph watched with stars in his eyes as the blue-haired beauty entered the bedroom wearing only a pink bathrobe. The plushie's male instincts began to come to the fore. Aki sat down next to the teddy bear and asked stressed out - What should I do?

- First, get up and undress your robe, I want to see you in all its glory - Rudolph replied calmly.

Nijou stood up, turned towards the teddy bear, then began to slowly remove the garments from her sexy body. When she did, she turned around twice so that the perverted bear could judge her feeling embarrassed and irritated.

Then she faced him covering her breasts and vagina asking - What should I do now?

- Lie down on the bed and do not cover any of your private parts or breasts. - the soft toy announced with a dirty face.

- Okay - the school nurse said, blushing.

Aki lay down on the bed uncovered, waiting for the teddy bear and his movement. He did not have to wait long, Rudolf jumped on her right between her huge tits which had a K cup. The plush toy played with her breasts at first, gently caressing them, making the woman a little moan with pleasure. Sensing that the woman pleasured, he began to be more aggressive and rub her tits. In the end he got tired of wni and pretended that he was swimming between them, rubbing them solidly with his paws.

Aki was starting to feel unbelievable pleasure and it terrified her, groaning she screamed - Oh, don't take a moment, I guess I'll reach my limit!

- Relax, beauty is just the beginning. - the teddy bear reassured her.

Suddenly, her breasts came out, standing on her, and then began to simulate her nipples, making her squeal with even greater pleasure. By doing this for a few minutes, he decided it was time to finish the first phase of his plan. He put his mouth to her left breast, curious about the woman, then began to suck on it, which completely surprised Nijoun completely. He then began to suck on Aki's right tit, slowly driving her into losing her bliss. Later, he ran his mouth between her breasts, simulating the nipples and sucking them, until he finally took both of them in his mouth, bringing the school nurse to his first orgasm.

Nijou-sensei was lying on the bed panting with pleasure while still under the influence of ecstasy. Rudolph, however, did not intend to let her rest, he lowered her legs towards the teacher's pussy and looked at her private place.

Aki noticed this and asked for - Please give me a moment to breathe so I can regain my strength.

- Noooo. - the bear replied lewdly.

When he refused, he began to simulate the woman's pussy with his paws, making her moan loudly and squirm with the pleasure she felt. Rudolph pushed the right handball into her vagina, making her squeal even harder, even though she was still sensitive after her first orgasm. The teddy bear decided it was time to bring Nijou-sensei to ecstasy again and put his mouth to her pussy and then started sucking on her clitoris. This made Aki bow her body into an arch, feeling only pleasure, and her mind could no longer think of anything else but the pleasure that her stuffed animal was giving her. Soon the teddy bear led her to a second orgasm which made her scream even louder.

In exhaustion Aki lay on her bed, panting heavily "God, I don't know why, but this stuffed animal is really good at that kind of thing" She thought with a smile, still trembling with delight.

When she rested for a moment, she noticed that she was sitting and looking at her with dirty eyes and then asked - Ready for another round?

- Yes - she said, nodding her head and continued moaning at the pleasure she received.

Rudolph then got up and slipped the cotton from his crotch, which began to transform in front of the school nurse. Moments later, she saw a twenty-centimeter penis, which was all white. She realized then that she was about to lose her virginity, and that with a teddy bear.

Rudolph walked over to the confused Aki, then pointed his cock right at her pussy, but before he started getting into her, he asked - Are you ready?

Nijou-sensei just nodded, knowing she was about to lose her purity. The teddy bear entered her gently hearing her voice, when he was halfway seen her from her vagina flying some blood "She is or rather was a virgin" he asked rhetorically, then only looked at the woman and seeing her permission, in one lightning movement he entered her all which made the woman arched. With little tears in my eyes "My virginity has just been taken" Nijou thought. Rudolph began to slowly pull out and insert his penis at first so that Aki could get used to it, he could feel her insides squeezing him. He also listened to the moans of the woman, which slowly changed from moans of pain to moans of pleasure as he entered her. After all, Nijou felt nothing but the pleasure of sex, and her screams became more and more pleasurable. "God, how good I am, he gives me such pleasure that I did not even dare dream of" Aki thought, enjoying every thrust of the teddy bear. Teacher Jak's breasts and hips waved with every moment of penetration, giving her great delight. The room smelled of sex and desire. Rudolf, seeing that the school nurse was losing himself in pleasure, began to push harder and faster, reaching her womb.

- Yeah! Harder! Please more and faster ! - Nijou-sensei shouted, surrendering completely to the pleasure that the soft toy was giving her.

Rudolf felt that he was approaching his limit, he began to push harder, saying - Aki I will come soon!

- I ... too ..., let's get raaazem ... cum ... in me. - the teacher moaned, lost in pleasure.

The teddy bear pushed faster, feeling Nijou's pussy gripping his penis tighter and tighter. Soon hot sperm began to pour into the woman's womb, Rudolf grunted, flooding Aki's pussy to the brim. The school nurse also felt that she was already starting to climax, and her juices were spurting hard from her pussy, moaning as loud as possible as she was overwhelmed with pleasure.

Teddy bear took his dick out of her falling on her back panting with exhaustion. Nijou was also breathing heavily after her third orgasm, she almost felt her body tremble with pleasure.

Rudolf looked at Aki who was in a total mess, he looked at her pussy from which sperm spilled with traces of blood after breaking the girl's hymen. The teddy bear saw the sweat running down the woman's body and, most of all, looked at her large breasts. It was then that his erection started to recover.

He got up on his plush legs and went to Nijou-sensei's head looking perverted and said - I want you to clean.

Aki, knowing what she meant, nodded her head saying - Okay.

The school nurse started to lick Rudolph's big dick first, then kissed him, and finally put his cock in her mouth. The teddy bear tilted his head back feeling great pleasure. Aki's tongue swirled around the teddy's penis like a whirlpool, causing it to pulsate after a while. Rudolf, feeling that he was approaching the ejaculation, grabbed it Nijou's head and began to push his cock deep into her throat with quick movements. The women had breathing problems as the huge cock penetrated her throat and tears were falling from her eyes. A few minutes later the teddy bear released the sperm straight down her throat. Aki felt the seed filling her mouth, throat and stomach so as not to choke she started to drink the pear's goo. Rudolf fell on his back to rest for a moment while Nijou-sensei lay shaking with delight.

- Uhh. I was really right about you, my lady. - The soft toy announced with a dirty voice.

The teacher did not have the strength to respond, only moaned in pleasure because she had orgasms for the second time. Rudolph stood up after a while and began to roll Aki onto his stomach. Once the woman was on her stomach, the teddy bear parted her buttocks in preparation to penetrate her anus.

Nijou noticed what her partner was trying to do - Don't please just don't come herrreee!

Before she could finish, the big dick entered her so quickly that she runs out into the arch. Rudolph began to slowly fuck her ass and the woman screamed in pain, in a broken voice she asked him to stop, but the teddy bear did not listen. However, the pain didn't last long after Aki began to feel pleasure alternating with pain.

After all, after a dozen or so thrusts, she only felt pleasure - It's amazing! how nice!

Rudolph began to push harder and faster, penetrating the teacher who was in heat. Nijou's hips swayed back and forth with each thrust, and the moans grew louder. Soon his penis began to pulsate more and more until he released a powerful dose of semen. However, it wasn't over yet. Teddy Bear was full of vigor and after a while he started to fuck the busty blue-haired beauty in her pussy in different positions. Both lovers gasped with pleasure and after a while they fell asleep Aki hugged Rudolf to tightly to her breasts and fell asleep from exhaustion.

The next morning, Rudolf woke up in the arms of Aki, who is clearly burning, blushing blushing, muttering - Rudolph, more, I want more.

"Shit. There's such a boat that I want to fuck her again, but I'll let her sleep a little longer" thought the bear. He stepped out of her embrace imperceptibly, leaving her alone still dreaming of him in the bedroom. After leaving their love room, Rudolf decided to prepare the woman breakfast as a thank you for an intoxicating night. "Let's figure out what to do to her here" the soft toy thought. He decided to make the woman healthful breakfast that would provide her with energy for the whole day. After a dozen or so minutes, he prepared coffee to wake up, and cooked rice, asparagus, beans and miso to eat. When he finished he went back to the bedroom to wake Aki, when he opened the door he saw the woman still asleep but with her legs spread out then his instincts took over him.

At noon of the same day, Aki sat in her nurse's office, keeping her head on the counter, thinking about what had happened in the morning. Just at the mousse, she blushed so much that her face was red like a tomato "Mother, what is this perverted bear thinking" she thought, lifting her head and leaning back slightly. She stared out the window blankly, then closed her eyes.

This morning.

Aki slept in her bed dreaming of the passionate night that Rudolf had given her. But she suddenly felt something between her breasts, it was a strong pleasure, she opened her eyes and saw Rudolph wrapping his penis between her breasts, making Spanish love with her. The woman suddenly started to let out the moans of the rebels, because what she was doing to her teddy bear was really pleasant.

The plush then noticed that Aki was awake and said - Good morning, my lady.

- What are you doing? Ahhhh - Nijou-sensei moaned, feeling the waves of pleasure.

- I can't see I'm making love to you. - Bear answered with a dirty voice.

- Please stop. In a second …. I have to go… to work, - the woman stuttered, clearly excited.

- Take it easy, - continued - but first you'll get a little pleasure.

Then he started pushing harder, saying - Goes out.

He considered Aki with his cum from face to breast, and she got a morning orgasm from it all. Later, Rudolph moved down, parted the woman's legs and put his penis in her to the balls. When Nijou felt the teddy's dick inside her, she arched into an arch, moaning as loud as possible as the stuffed animal began to penetrate her. The teacher moaned feeling the pleasure growing in her pussy when a big dick entered her and pulsed.

After a while, Aki lost herself in pleasure - Amazing! Your penis is amazing! I want more of it! Push him harder!

"You can see that she has already lost herself in this delight" thought Rudolf as he penetrated the school nurse, seeing her breasts heaving even more aggressively under his thrusts. Soon the woman felt faster and faster thrusts, she knew that the teddy bear would fill her with the seed she had so desired.

- Aki I'll be right there! - Rudolph shouted, penetrating her even faster.

- Okay, hers too. End inside! - Nijou said in a voice that is drowning in delight

- I'm cumming! - the stuffed animal grunted and released the semen right into her womb.

- Lovely! - she shouted with pleasure experiencing the second orgasm.


Aki blushed terribly as she thought about it "Rather, I will not get bored living with him" After a few hours at school, she began to feel hot and uncomfortable as she couldn't stop thinking about Rudolf and his big penis. Her pussy was getting wet at the thought of her plush lover with whom she wanted to make love as much as possible. Then she realized that she must have fallen in love with stuffed animals "I think it's a stuffed toy going crazy" she thought, but added in her mind "Although he has his own personality and is quite honest, he can please the woman in bed". After an hour of deliberating for and against, she decided to check if it was just a passing infatuation caused by desire or something more.

On her way home, she passed the lingerie store and something came over her that she entered the room, starting to look at the sexy clothes. Soon she chose three pairs of black lace lingerie with a garter belt, a white lace and a see-through nightgown with purple panties.

When she came home, a romantic dinner was waiting for her, the woman was really delighted with how her soft toy was trying. She was beginning to see the advantages of the deal she had made the day before.

Aki first took a bath and then sat down at the table. Rudolf just watched as his new owner was eating dinner, asking - How will your day be?

- It's only because of you that I couldn't concentrate on my work. - She blamed him while unconsciously provoking him.

- Ooh. So I had to please you well yesterday and this morning. - said the bear with a perverted tone.

- Ehhh. - Nijou-sensei sighed, adding seriously - Don't even think about it.

It was in vain to warn her when the teddy bear jumped up to her and started caressing her tits.

Aki began to feel slowly increasing pleasure, but even though she wanted to so much, she pushed the soft toy away and said - Wait until I finish this delicious meal, then wait fifteen minutes and come to the bedroom.

- Oh, are you interested in me here. - Rudolph replied, clearly interested in the woman's words.

Half an hour later, Rudolf entered the bedroom and saw Aki in sexy black lace lingerie.

- Wow, you made an effort and it seems to me that you must be quite aroused. - the bear said with mock curiosity.

- Don't say that, it's embarrassing. - the school nurse replied, clearly ashamed of the plush's words.

- Well, it's time to start tasting. Bon Appetit! The teddy bear said and jumped right on Nijou-sensei's chest.

Rudolf began to touch her breasts delicately to prepare it thoroughly and give his woman great pleasure. Aki's breasts waved as the bear played with them, rubbing them with his paws. Nijou felt a growing bliss in every corner of her body. While the teddy bear was playing with her breasts like this, he couldn't wait any longer to break her bra revealing her beautiful K-cup naked breasts He began to simulate her nipples and then made the woman moan with pleasure, then began to suck them quite aggressively. body to bow as she was hit by a powerful wave of pleasure, and then fell on her back. Rudolf, feeling the desire growing in him, took out his cock and began to cultivate Spanish love with his teacher. The stuffed animal was pushing his cock between Nijou's tits, making her very happy. The school nurse's groans were heard all over the house, she finally looked up and saw the teddy bear's penis move between her breasts.

She felt her lover's stake pulsate and she screamed with pleasure - Give her to me! I want to try your heavenly sperm!

Then Rudolf grunted, and his penis spewed out a large dose of semen while Aki got from this orgasm. The bear lowered as Nijou licked the sperm from her fingers, parted the woman's legs, pushed her black panties aside, and then directed the tip of his cock right into her pussy. Finally, he entered her in one quick movement, making her body arched into arches and she got just about inserting a second orgasm. Seeing this, he slowly penetrated Aki's vagina, causing me to moan very loudly and her scent wafting all over the room. At one point, he turned the woman's right side and started fucking her very aggressively slapping her butt until it turned red.

- Yes ... harder ! - Nijou moaned with distinct blushes.

Soon Aki and Rudolf feel that they are both about to come. The teddy bear accelerated Nijou's pussy thrusts, making her moan more in pleasure.

- I'm cumming ! - the teddy bear grunted loudly, pumping a huge dose of sperm straight into the womb of the school nurse.

- Me too! - Aki moaned, experiencing orgasm and ejaculation and arching her body into an arc of pleasure.

When they were lying about panting after good sex Nijou took Rudolph's hand and put her other hand on her stomach saying - Now you will have to take responsibility. I will not forgive treason.

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