A Blessing? Yeah, Right!

By Songwind

DISCLAIMER- I do not own any anime show or manga series that may or may not show up in this story.

Notes- I'm just writing as it goes. When I'm inspired, I will update. When I'm not, I won't. Hopefully it'll be more of the former, but you never know these days. Well, anyway, please enjoy.


I'm not sure how it started. I'm not even sure when it started. As weird as it may be, there ARE things that happen overnight, folks. It's just that they're not always what you expect… or want.

To be honest, I kinda liked the way I was. I wasn't overly popular, but I didn't particularly cared. I mean, hey, who wants to be overly popular? Those kinds of folks usually end up in the dirt in a ditch or something eventually. And sure, I may not have been the brightest bulb, but who IS when it comes to Chemistry? Come on, like any of you could do better? And I did SO get a C average in that class! HA!

Moving on to the story before I get hurt…

So yeah, there I was at school. I was in PE, actually. My only consolation that day was that the school year was almost halfway over, thus half of my last year ever in PE was over. I had gotten dressed a bit earlier than usual and was pulling a brush through my hair.

Well, attempting to brush my hair would be a better way to put it.

My brush got caught in the middle of it in the millionth stroke or so, and oh my God did it HURT.

I yelped in pain and proceeded to try and wrestle the poor brush out of my uncooperative hair.

Note that the key word here is, "try".

However, my hair was still refusing to let the thing go. So there I was, sitting on a PE bench with my shoes still untied and a brush stuck in my hair. Let's just say it wasn't a pretty picture.

Finally, I managed to get my brush out and shoved it into my locker. Then I ran my fingers gingerly over the spot where it had been stuck. To my surprise, there was no huge gnarly mass, not even a knot.

But it was a heck of a lot more… well, wavy... than it had been. Wondering if someone had sprayed my hair with something nasty when I wasn't looking, I turned to the mirrors.

Everyone in the room looked up, and blinked at me. My friend, Mia, looked a bit concerned as she asked, "Are you okay?" Then she blinked again and walked over to me. "Wow, what did you do with your hair? It's so gorgeous!"

I managed a small squeak in my state of shock as an answer.

Instead of my normal, fairly flat dark hair, a nest of long, shining, soft black curls donned my rather unimpressed head. The spot where there had (supposedly) been a knot was about as nice looking as the rest of the lot.

I slowly reached up a hand to touch the strange new… well, stuff… on my head and touched it. Yeah, it was way too soft to be my hair. I'd never touched conditioner in my life, for crying out loud! Now suddenly suspicious that someone had dropped a wig on my head, I pulled it. "OW!"

"That's what happens when you hurt yourself!" Mia chided. Then she gasped. "What's going on? I thought you had only brown eyes!"

"What are you…?" I looked back into the mirror, which I was beginning to distinctly not like. Apparently it felt the same way for me, since it snidely showed me what my friend was talking about.

Instead of the small, squinty brown eyes that I was so used to, my eyes looked like they'd been expanded into saucers that took up half of my face. And, as opposed to having most of my eyes being white, most of it was colored. To add insult to injury, one eye wasn't even brown; my right eye was a muddy green.

I gaped for a few minutes. I blinked. Then I rubbed my eyes, stared, blinked again, and stared once more. Then I turned to Mia and the others in the locker room.

They all looked at me curiously, knowing I had something to say now.

Oh, boy did I say something to them!



Thus began my rather odd and uncomfortable transformation into a creature known as… the Bishoujo.

Feh. You're saying that's good? You have no idea what it's like becoming an anime character in the real world! Sure, people may dream of it, but it is not all prancing around and sparkling at everybody. Though that does have its ups…

Focus, Kit. FOCUS! Okay. Back to my point. The point is, that was only the beginning of my transformation. After all, the face is almost always the first thing people notice about you. It only made sense that was the first to go- my normal face, that is.

I was quite happy with that face… I worked hard for it!

Well, anyway, at this point I was too busy freaking out to realize that already, more changes were starting to overcome me. Not that I knew that OR would have cared right then. But it would have been nice to know that… well…

That I wasn't just becoming the visual representation of a Bishoujo, with a pretty face and whatnot.

It would have been really nice to know that from then on, I was going to be changing into a complete and utter Bishoujo, topped with freaking out over nothing and hitting bad guys with frying pans.

Can anybody say "Oh, boy…"?


Thus Kit's bizarre adventures begin. Hope you enjoyed the first chapter. If you liked, maybe I'll update. Maybe! ^^; Thanks to all for your time. Until next time!