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You know that kind of daydream girls can get about having the guy of their dreams watching them as they did some little trivial thing, like brushing their hair? Or talking to her friends? I have to admit I've had that sort of dream too. Often it was about guys that I knew very well didn't exist, though there were one or two times when the victim- I mean, erm, guy in question, of course- existed in real life.

Well, now I was having all the opportunity in the world to be watched.

And stared at.

And obsessed over.

It was actually really freaky. Two days after shrinking and my hair turning purple, I had gained a group of stalkers.

It didn't help that Jim was enthusiastically encouraging the lot of them, either.

I attempted to stop them by smacking each of my newfound cult on the head with my schoolbooks. That just made them not want to wash their hair anymore. I tried talking to them calmly- that is, shrieking, "LEAVE ME ALONE!" and making my two index fingers into a cross to fend them off while they tried to follow us home from school. That just made them all think I was hard to get.

I was getting a little desperate nowadays, because my situation was getting steadily worse. You see, I'd always been just a –bit- on the pudgy side. Not overweight, but just… a little soft around the waist.

No comments from the peanut gallery. I know how to use a spork.


Now that I'd become a Bishoujo, my metabolism was getting frighteningly high. I was always hungry, and yet nothing I ate seemed to stay on me anymore. The pudgy-ness was gone already, forcing me to go shopping for clothes.

Wanna know what really scared me, though? My folks. They all took my changes in amazing stride, murmuring stuff about, "Just a phase," and "at least she's not getting tattoos or earrings anywhere strange."

What do you call that weird black ink stuff that won't come off on my left arm, you idiots!

Things kind of came to a head one day while I was walking home from school, hiding in a big, gray sweat-shirt that I'd stolen from Caitlin. I had the hood up and was hunched in it, though the sun was shining and I felt like I was going to die from the heat. So far, so good; I was alone this time, as Mia was definitely a strong hint that I was around somewhere. With any luck, I could get home without those weirdos trying to say they got to touch my backpack.

Apparently, luck and whoever rules the Universe really hates me, because that didn't happen.

I was treated to a frighteningly high pitched shriek of, "She's over THERE!"

I cowered in the sweat-shirt, praying that it wasn't one of my cult.

It was.

I stared at him disbelievingly as he tried to approach me calmly. The guy's hands were shaking. What did he think he was gonna do, anyway? I glanced around to see if I could mumble something and bolt, but no luck; I was surrounded in a matter of seconds.

"It's you," he said, rather dreamily.

I whimpered and stepped back towards one of the cult people who didn't smell quite so badly.

"Finally, I get to talk to you," he continued.

"Um, you already did," I pointed out.

He blinked at me.

"Right then. You've already spoken to me. Two seconds ago. Um…"

I trailed off, because the guy looked like he was in rapture or something. I shuddered and looked around again.

"Right, well, my folks will worry if I don't get home in the next ten-"

"No they won't," another of the cult said calmly.

I whirled around. "What?"

"They won't. Your dad doesn't come home until five, and your mom's out tonight until eight having dinner with her friends," he said confidently. "You don't have to be anywhere until five."

"Two hours," another guy moaned.

Oookay. This wasn't looking that great.

"I've got homework," I stammered.

"No, you don't. We checked your schedule today. You never get homework on Tuesdays," the second one said.

What. The. Hell.


"So why don't we go hang out somewhere?" another guy suggested brightly. "My mom can make up some of those pizza roll things!"

"And I can read you poetry," another one, with a disgustingly tragic expression informed me.

Oh dear God.

"No, no, and no!" I said sharply. "If you don't mind, I have things to do. Move."

"Or what?"

"Um… I'll never talk to you again?" I faltered. Not that I'd ever really talked to them before…

"Nothing doing. Come on, let's go to Ben's place. His mom's real nice, she doesn't mind when girls come along," the first one said. He reached out, possibly to take my arm in what he thought was a friendly fashion.

I really didn't.

Point of fact, I snapped.

Out of nowhere, a bracelet appeared on my left hand, my writing hand- also the one the guy was attempting to grab. I aimed it at him and shouted something I had never heard of before, a word I haven't known existed before.

No, I'm not telling you what it is. It's supposed to be mysterious.

Oh, come ON. It's such a STUPID word…


"BOBAJIBBIN!" I howled.

Something went BOING. Then it went POOF.

When I opened my eyes- which I'd closed during all this- the guy reaching for my arm was gone.

I didn't stop to think; I just bolted for home, through the hole that he had left in the circle. The others, thankfully, were too stunned to come after me.

I got home, locked the door, and grabbed my phone. By my watch, that whole thing had happened in about five minutes. Mia should be home by now, as she'd taken a shorter route.

Thank goodness she was home.

I started to explain to her, very calmly, just what had happened.

"And then the freak tried to TOUCH me and they don't wash their heads and they're smelly and they freak me out and oh my GOD, Mia, why weren't you there NEVER leave me alone to walk home again or I swear I will-"

Mia said, "What?" very intelligently at that point.

I tried again.

"And then this weird LIGHT came out-"

"Hang on, what did you say?"

"I said this light-"

"No, before the light and the boing and so on."

"I'd rather not say."

"Come on, please?"

"All right, but don't laugh."

She promised she wouldn't.

"Bobajibbin," I mumbled.

She burst out laughing.

I was too busy watching as my home television set went BOING, and then POOF, and disappeared to notice.

She calmed down. "Look, at least whatever it was got you away from those weirdos, right?"

"But Mia, why on earth would a bracelet show up on my arm like that? Just out of nowhere."

"Oh, come on," she said. "You're a Bishoujo, Kit! What do Bishoujos normally have? Pretty hair, a nice figure, and a magical power of some sort, right? Usually a mysterious power."

My pet ferret- Garion- which I'd bought as a sort of consolation for this whole mess three days ago, nudged at the door on his cage imperiously. I sighed, got up, opened it, and then let him crawl up on my shoulder while I sat down on the couch.

"Dear God, Mia, I don't think my nerves are cut out for this. I'm a frickin' tenth grader! Only sixteen!"

"You know, a long time ago, that would mean you were already married, probably with three kids."

That reply didn't come from Mia, either.

"Who said that?" Mia asked on the other line.

I, however, was slowly lowering the phone, staring at the source of the new voice and fighting the urge to run away screaming.

It was my ferret.

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