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The Mask

By Nyghthawk28


I gave up a lot, and yet nothing when I decided to don the Mask of Morpheus. Unlike the name implies it has little to do with dreams and can only be worn by someone willing to sacrifice everything. In return for your sacrifice power and near immortality are granted.

Now I'm known as Morpheus the Midnight Assassin, which is just silly since I don't care if its night or day. When I choose to kill, I kill. Something in my nature makes the Mask crave death and I fulfill its desires.

I think I originally donned the Mask in some half-arsed idea of destroying Voldemort and his Deatheaters. That was my outward intentions. Inside I wanted to destroy myself.

I used to cut myself just to bleed out the emotions that I couldn't deal with. My muggle relatives were very useful since they saved me the trouble of doing it myself, a lot of the time. I'm still not sure if it was the pain or the blood I found cleansing.

Now I bathe in other's blood and it works just as well. I am hated and feared by practically everyone. A few praise my work and others just want to know who I am.

I wonder if they're ever find out?

It would be interesting if they did since they already think I'm dead. Being captured by Voldemort and not seen for seven years will do that.

The Mask is a strange artifact. It has a purpose and uses it wielders to accomplish it's own means.

I don't mind.

I got my wish.

It destroyed Harry Potter.

Now there is only Morpheus.



Author's notes- Well I wrote this awhile ago and just felt the need to share it. It's really short but I like it anyway. I have no plans to continue this story but if someone likes it enough to continue this feel free. Just let me know so I can read it! ^_^ I'm working hard on Blood of My Blood but its going to be a long chapter so it might take me awhile to get it out. _ Oh well hope you liked it even if it is short.