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Story Start!

"Yo, Ma... and... Mito?"


It came for everyone eventually, and while he may look young, Uzumaki Naruto had gotten the chance to live a good long life. In death, he reverted back to the age in which he he wanted to most talk with his mother at. He was currently 19 years old in appearance, the same age that he had gotten married at. He had always wished that his mother and father had been alive to see him getting married.

He didn't see his father.

Also, this didn't seem like the afterlife, according to what he had learned about it from Kakashi when he got the chance to die and come back to life. It didn't look like the in between area between Earth and the Pure Lands either.

"Jinchuriki... before you wonder, I was a Jinchuriki, an Uzumaki Jinchuriki." Mito stated as she covered her mouth with the sleeve of her kimono. She was back at her youth as well, but she just felt the need to point it out. "... Turns out, we Uzumaki don't get to enjoy a nice afterlife anymore." Mito couldn't hide the sigh.

Naruto looked around.

It was just the three of them.

"If Uzumaki's don't get to enjoy the afterlife... then where are the others?" Naruto asked with a raised eyebrow.

Kushina was just reaching up to the rub the top of his head.

"You grew up big."


It was kind of weird for just the three of them to be in this place, when apparently Uzumaki in general were not suppose to have a nice afterlife. Naruto wasn't too concerned over it, seeing as they were still there. He was just sure that the Uzumaki clan was a lot bigger than just the three of them.

"We're Jinchuriki." Mito clarified.


"The Shinigami can't eat our souls... so he can't get revenge on us, because our clan bound and enslaved him." Kushina had been in this situation for a long time now. She was used to just having Mito for conversation, but the fact was that they could spend years just... doing nothing in the eternal whiteness that surrounded them. "... remember?"


Naruto remembered.

He remembered his mother's flashback to the night he became a jinchuriki, and how his father said that Jinchuriki were incapable of using the Shiki Fuin, the Fuinjutsu that summoned the Death God... the Fuinjutsu that was developed by the Uzumaki clan. The technique that had been taught to Minato by Kushina, and had been placed in the Forbidden Scroll by the previous Hokage... thanks to Mito teaching Hiruzen the technique.

Fun fact, the initial seal that had been used to seal Kurama into him was not the Shiki Fuin, but was instead the Eight Trigrams... which was based on MORE Uzumaki Fuinjutsu, and eventually he developed his own Fuinjutsu, the Torii Seal, based on the Key to the Eight Trigrams seal his parents had used.

"You see."

"... but why am I being punished... I never used the Shiki Fuin, and I'm only half."

"You're an Uzumaki who created his own seal, the Torii seal, a seal even stronger than the Eight Trigrams... which could seal up the entire Kyuubi, and fragments of the other Tailed Beasts... even the Death God could only seal half of the Kyuubi into himself." Mito stated the reason why Naruto was being included in the punishment list. His potential with fuinjutsu, while for the most part untrained, was just as strong as other Uzumaki. Not to mention he inheritted the extremely powerful life force of the Uzumaki, the chakra amounts in spades, and his chakra even had strong healing qualities that he could share with others.

In the eyes of the Gods, Naruto was a full blown Uzumaki, since other than his red hair, he had every single trait that defined the clan.


"... Ah! My son and daughter..."

"Will be fine if the gods don't consider them to be real Uzumaki."

"By the way, you have adorable children... I think the future of Uzumaki having whisker marks and blue eyes will be adorable... a clan of foxes." Kushina just gave Naruto a thumbs up. Since with his generation, he had changed the dominant traits of the Uzumaki clan. All of Naruto's descendants would inherit those dominant whisker marks, changing the defining trait of their clan from red hair to whisker marks.


"So chakra strength, fuinjutsu, and strong life force... so what... we just sit here?" Naruto sat down, unsure of what he was suppose to do now.

They were dead.

"Not going to complain about how it isn't fair?" Kushina asked.

She remembered complaining about it for years.

"No point in complaining, might as well think about how to get out of this mess instead. We still have chakra, so the way I see it, there is a chance... maybe Obito will use his Kamui to teleport to me and bring us back with him." Naruto remembered Obito teleporting to the living world from the afterlife with his sharingan before. He knew that they still had chakra in the afterlife, meaning that stuff could still be done.

Kushina just smiled proudly.

-30 Years Later-

The Shinigami, the God of Death.

After 30 years, he appeared before them.

They beat the shit out of him the second he appeared, none of them even hesitating. Kushina wrapped the god up in her chains, while Naruto started to pound him, laying into him with his fists so that the god could feel the immense weight of what he had done to them for crimes that they had never personally committed.

"Let us go to the afterlife asshole!" Kushina was kicking him in the teeth.

Naruto kicked him in the belly.

A very old man appeared before them.

"Naruto... it has been awhile." The Six Paths Sage spoke as he raised a hand and greeted Naruto, having appeared before them, in the middle of the death god ass kicking. He didn't so much as spare a moment to glance at the defeated, bound, and pathetic god that was getting his just desserted for punishing the innocent among his descendants. "... you never showed up in the afterlife, so I came looking for you... it would appear that you have been banned from a proper afterlife by the gods." The Sage spoke with a raised eyebrow.

Naruto shrugged his shoulders.

"You here to pick us up?"

"Sadly, I am unable... my son's chakra attached to you is preventing me from being able to transport you. You are a part of the reincarnation cycle thanks to his chakra, and due to restrictions, I can not bring you with me." The Sage was just curious where Naruto was, and went looking for him. The problem with Asura and Indra had been dealt with by Naruto and Sasuke, so their chakra was not going to reincarnate into future generations.

A reincarnation that was destined to reincarnate, but was unable to do so, was stuck in a strange place. Asura had passed onto the afterlife, but his chakra had been passed down, and since Asura was in the afterlife, his chakra was preventing Naruto from passing on, until the day that the chakra left Naruto... which it would never do, since Naruto ended the cycle of battle between the brother's chakra.

It was a big mess.

"Shinigami, explain." Kushina demanded, simple as that.


"... Ah..." Naruto could feel himself going away. He looked down at his feet as they were the first part of him to start to go. Naruto just looked towards the sage, who nodded his head, since he could see that Naruto understood what was happening to him.

Being Banned meant that you could not go into the Pure Lands, and would get eaten by the Shinigami.
Being Banished meant that you could not even stay in the in between.

"Uzumaki Mito, you are banished to forever walk the Earth as a ghost... unable to pass on. For the crime of teaching the Shiki Fuin to Sarutobi Hiruzen." The Shinigami passed judgement over Mito first, as the woman who had been there the longest of them. "You will forever walk the destroyed Eddie Village."

"Ah... saddening." Mito took it with a grain of salt.

She vanished faster than Naruto did.

"Uzumaki Kushina, you are banished to forever walk the Earth as a ghost... unable to pass on. For the crime of teaching the Shiki Fuin to Namikaze Minato." The Shinigami pointed to Kushina, who just rolled her eyes and flipped off the death god. "You will forever walk the Cloud Village, and spend your death among those who sought to kidnap you."

Kushina added a second hand to flipping him off.

She winked at Naruto as she started to vanish.

"See you later."

She was gone, and so were he chains, allowing the Shinigami to stand back up. Naruto saw him going for his dagger.

"... You do realize you would not be the first god-being I've defeated... you wanna fight for real, because I was just taking some anger out on you before." Naruto crossed his eyes and forced the shinigami to reconsider revenge. "Even without Kurama..." Naruto closed his eyes, and opened them again to show his eyes were yellow, with crosses for pupils.

The Six Paths Sage Mode (no cloak), a divine transformation.

The Shinigami was forced to pause his actions as he weighted his options, and a person could see that he was considering if revenge was worth the risk that came with fighting a being who was fueled by divine chakra. He looked and saw that Naruto's legs were fully gone, meaning that he would just be fighting Naruto's upper body.

He sheathed his dagger.

He still didn't like those odds.

"... So, what is my crime, and where am I being banished to?"

"Uzumaki Naruto, you are banished to forever walk a foreign land as a ghost... unable to pass on. For the crime of ripping a hole through the Heavens, and tearing space and time."
*Boruto the Movie: Light Novel

"I never did that."

"Yes you did... your existence was expanding and destroy the universe. Tis the reason why Momoshiki and Kinshiki were able to track you. You were too strong, and your chakra was slowly destroying... everything." The Sage corrected Naruto, who never actually knew what his existence had done. "... which is why, sadly... to avoid the destruction of our universe... please surrender your Six Paths Sage back to me." The Sage extended his hand to Naruto.

"You will not walk Earth... you are banished to foreign lands, you will forever walk in lands untouched by the Otsutsuki gods. You will go to a place, where your chakra will not ever take the chance of reincarnating into your descendants."


"If you go back to our world, it is possible for you to possess somebody and the problem will still exist. If you are banished to another world, then try to possess somebody, you would need to abandon your chakra to do it... otherwise your chakra would cause the host to explode... and..."

Naruto sighed.

"... if I abandon my chakra, then that fixes a whole lot of problems... also... did I really commit a crime if I was unaware of doing it?" Naruto asked the Shinigami with a fox-like grin.

He bumped fists with the Sage, and passed his Sage powers back to the man, abandoning his ability to transform into the mode.

"... Possess somebody?"

Naruto vanished.

-In Another World-


Naruto did not recognize anything when he appeared as a ghost. He sort of felt naked and alone, even though as a ghost, he was wearing clothes that matched what he wore most often at the physical age he manifested as.

No Kurama.
No Six Paths Sage Mode.

He entered Sage Mode.

"... still got Sage Mode, even as a ghost... and... no chakra... natural energy... and I can sense people have spirit energy and physical energy... but they don't have chakra to connect them." Naruto could sense a lot of stuff.

This world had never been visited by the Otsutsuiki clan before, meaning the people of those world had no chakra to connect their spirit and physical energies together.

Time to walk.

"Who knows, maybe I can find somebody who can see me... would be a lot less boring to have somebody to talk to." Naruto started walking, and while he could sense everyone, he knew that only somebody who had something special about them would have a slim chance of being able to see him. So he started to go towards the closest person who had something special about them, something buried within them.

-15 Years Later-

"This one couldn't see me either... bummer..." Naruto was standing in front of a boy, who just passed right through him. He crossed this person off of his list, and started to walk in the direction of the next person with a special trait. Eventually, he hoped he would find somebody that he could have a conversation with.

By this point, he was sure his daughter and son were both dead, so he mentally prayed that the two of them got to enjoy a normal afterlife with Hinata.

Well, till death do they part.

Now to find a friend in this world.

Chapter End!
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