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"Heheheh... my future Master is nearby... I can feel him."

Tiamat was walking down a human street, in human form... she wondered why Naruto was not in Japan at the moment. Even more she wondered why he seemed to be at a bar in France, and why she could sense several strong energies that was nearby him. She sensed a witch, a holy sword user, a youkai... and another kind of dragon/devil feeling thing.

Also, no humans.

Like, no humans at all were in the area... as if they had evacuated for some reason. Not that she minded that, since she didn't care about humans that much. All things considered, it would just make things easier for her to have sex with him as her reward... and she was getting that reward.

She was fucking him dragon style for all the effort she put forth.

"OH SHIT!?" Tiamat felt a magic spell shooting her way, and it moved FAST. She felt her life flash before her eyes as she dodged a white cube that grew larger as it was passing by her. She got a GOOD look at it, as it stopped when it hit a house. It engulfed the house, and then there was a flash, before the entire house was gone, and there was a cube shaped hole in the ground. "... who the hell did that?" Tiamat looked in the direction that the cube came from.

-Outside of the Bar-

"Heheheheh... that... hic... that was called... Particle Style... I guess Particle Magic."

"This crazy bastard is trying to kill us... Arthur, who the hell have you been drinking with!?" Vali was bleeding from the forehead as he looked at the monster. He loved a good fight, but each and every technique he was being forced to dodge was keeping him from even so much as using his Sacred Gear. Not to mention he had gotten hit by some weird technique that made it harder for him to think clearly.

Their enemy.

A boy covered, no made out of shadows itself... his body was blackness itself, with glowing red eyes... but he walked around drunk as can be. He wobbled where he stood.

"Uzumaki, please sober up!" Arthur shouted at the top of his lungs.

His sister was already casting spells to make all of the humans in the area evacuate, because he couldn't in his wildest dreams imagine that Naruto would... get so incredibly drunk from so little to drink. It didn't take him very long at all to just lose himself to the sauce, and then start telling stories about the people and techniques he had seen.

"Come on... you guys didn't... even look properly..." Naruto drunkingly stumbled as he clapped his hands together, formed a white cube with a white ball inside of it. He showed it towards Vali, before he tripped over his own feet.

Vali dodged at his full speed as the cube passed him by.

"Nyahaha, this guy is a riot... where did you even find him." Kuroka laughed at the top, looking at Vali from her perch. She was sitting on top of a building, watching the fighting happen... though from what she could see it wasn't really fighting. Vali was fighting, and Arthur was trying to knock some sense into a drunk... the only person who didn't realize they were fighting anyone seemed to be the guy everyone was fighting. "... gotta admit though... he seems like nothing I've seen before."

"Lightning?" Naruto asked as he looked towards Kuroka.

"Like nothing... man, this drunk guy is hilarious... can't even understand words right." Kuroka was still just amused.

"That reminds... the Third and Fourth Raikages had this awesome... they went super fast, and were a challenge for people to dodge." Naruto wobbled, and Vali took his chance. He summoned his Balance Breaker right then and there, dawning his white dragon armor. Naruto summoned a small ball of lightning into his hands, and he seemed to be looking at it.

"Awe, it's so tiny and cute... you know, you're pretty strong... this is the first time I've been turned on-"

-Slow Motion-

Naruto gripped the ball of lightning in his shadow hands, before the lightning spread through the shadows making up his body. In an instant he became made out of shadows and lightning, his hair becoming spiky once more and made mostly out of the lightning, lightning shooting from his eyes.

Vali was stopped in mid-air behind him, moving extremely slowly with his arm outstretched.

Arthur was next to him, swinging his sword at Naruto, but stopped completely. Kuroka was just in the middle of speaking.

Naruto looked at Kuroka.

"You... you got awesome... I like your spunk... and..."

Naruto jumped towards Kuroka, and Kuroka's face didn't register his knee hitting in in the center of her body at first.

"Whoops... went too fast..." Naruto was moving at super speeds, having jumped and accidentally pulled Kuroka with him. Her body crashed through 5 buildings at super speeds, blood pouring from her mouth, before he put the breaks on his speed. Her body then continued to crash through a wall, before she was inbedded in a brick wall behind it.

-Normal Speed-

Vali finished his attack and completely missed when he saw a bolt of lightning flash in front of him, and Arthur stopped his attack as well, having witnesses the same thing.

"What the... where... Kuroka, where... where did Kuroka go!?" Vali shouted in confusion, because there was a bolt of lightning, 5 buildings were destroyed, and he had no idea where Kuroka was.


"I think she went... did she get struck by lightning?" Arthur saw Kuroka in the distance, with a hole burnt in her kimono, her ribs very clearly broken, blood pouring out of her mouth, and a HUGE bruise and indent in her body.

A very confused Kuroka screamed in agony as she looked down at herself. All she remembered was a flash of lightning, and then she felt a lot of pain.

"Whoops... sorry... I didn't mean to do that... I slipped." Naruto was standing next to her, the lightning coming from his body given her a clue to what happened.

She didn't get struck by a bolt of lightning, she got struck by a bolt of Naruto. He leaned down next to her, and pat the top of her head.

'I'm... passing out...' Kuroka puked more blood.

"That's no good... uuuuuuh... sometimes when people needed healing..." Naruto allowed the lightning to leave his body, before he touched Kuroka's chest. A green aura appeared around his hand as he used magic, and the wounds on Kuroka's body started to heal rapidly. "Med nins would do this... there there... the hurt goes away..." Naruto rubbed the top of her head, and she looked down at her wounds with horror. "You smell good."

"... Thanks..."

"You know who else smelled really good... the Mizukage... whenever she wasn't doing her mist thing..."

"... Fuck no... I'm out." Kuroka created a purple magic circle behind her, and she slipped through it. She was mostly healed, but she heard the word Kage and she decided it was time for her to dip before she got involved in something.

"Whoever your friend is... he's strong."

Vali spoke, before he gasped in pain when his armor started to melt off of his body... his metal dragon armor started to melt. A potent mist filled the area, with Arthur jumping back to avoid letting the mist touch him. He saw what happened to Vali's armor, and knew that if he allowed it to touch his body, he would get instantly melted as well.

"He's using vampire mist and mixing it together with some kind of potent acid magic... Vali, don't breath."

'I figured... and the magic in the mist is preventing me from sensing him...' Vali had stopped breathing and flapped his wings. He blew mist out of the area

"Mist... reminds me of Zabuza... he did this thing..."

Vali dodged a GIANT sword made of shadows that went flying towards him, before it stabbed into a building. One of his wings had been cut clean off by the giant blade though, and he looked to see Naruto standing on top of the sword with his back to them. Naruto took one step, before he fell off of the sword and hit his head against the pavement.

"So... what happened here?" Tiamat asked Arthur as she walked onto the seen.

"... That is a rival of mine... he got drunk... and now he is... being drunk." Arthur didn't know how to explain it. Naruto genuinely didn't seem like he was attempting to fight them, he just seemed like he wanted to show them cool things from his previous life.

How dangerous of a life did he live in his previous life that he saw so many deadly things?

"Ah... so my tiny Master is drunk off his ass... Master... MASTER!"

"Ah... you seem familiar." Naruto started to stand up, before he wobbled towards Tiamat. "... and you're calling me Master... I don't remember you." Naruto didn't remember this woman, or having ever met her in his life. The voice sounded somewhat familiar though.

"... Hey Master, want to get out of here... maybe go back to your place... and you can tell me some of those stories."

"... That sounds awesome."

-The Next Morning-

"Uuuuuuuug... what happened?"

"I don't know... you tell me what happened?" Rias asked as she looked at the scene. She saw Naruto, butt naked and upside down. He was hanging from the ceiling like a bat, again he was doing that butt naked. "... and who is this?" Rias gestured to the butt naked woman in the room, who was pleasantly asleep.


"I have no clue... like... I remember... a shot of a drink... and after that nothing... I am a light weight apparently... Gasper... Gasper... what happened?" Naruto looked towards his shadow.

"... You are going to want to sit down for this."

"What happened in here... what happened in here?" Akeno entered the room, before she looked around a second time when she saw the weird scene in front of her. "... why is there a rubber duck wearing silver armor covered in cum?" Akeno raised an eyebrow when she picked THAT up off the ground, shaking the cum off of it.

"... I have NO clue." Naruto dropped from the ceiling.

"There is an interesting story behind that." Gasper responded, while Naruto started to get dressed, summoning his clothes to himself with magic.

"... okay... but why was a rubber duck covered in cum?" Naruto asked, because that was still the concerning part. "... and dried female juices?" Naruto could SMELL that coming off the rubber duck as well.

"... She really enjoyed how creative you got with what was here."

"You cheated on me..."

"Yep, seems like I did... and it got pretty freaky... but... who did I cheat on Akeno with... because I have no clue who this is?" Naruto didn't even deny that it seemed he had sex with this woman in his blacked out state. "The night started with Arthur... and... ended with sex with blue girl here." Naruto gestured to the woman.

"Tiamat... that is Tiamat... the one from the Familiar Forest... she is your Familiar now... and you had a lot of sex with her... a lot..." Gasper was whispering very quietly from the shadows.

Naruto grabbed one of Rias' crystal balls.

"Fuck it, I need to know what happened... I'm going to use magic to project what happened into this... lets take a look for ourselves."


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