Clone Haven's Ship-of-the-month weekly prompt "fight" Bacara/Neyo. Set somewhere in the space time continuum of Star Wars the Clone Wars.

There is a rivalry going on between the clones on the arena. Something of a fierce match happening just now, as the two fierce fighters are preparing for the match on opposite sides.

Are they really enemies? Or frenemies perhaps? Or maybe something completely different to each other? Part of the Bacara/Neyo series

This, is a combat to… well, for the championship!

' Battling against a loved one is never easy, unless, it is done in jest. Or, for the sake of glory?'

"You're going down, bitch!"

"That's what I told your papa last night!"

The two fighters were breathing heavily. The match having gone on for long while with the final round on the way, the one to determining the winner.

"Oh yeah? Well, he did not seem too happy when he came home in the middle of the night!"

"Well he wasn't complaining when he left!"

For the first time spectator, hearing the lewd curses and snide slurs and references to someone's parents would have made them think these two were enemies of the worst kind. Fighting against each other seriously on the arena.

Well, those spectators would have been partly right. As these fighters totally were. Taking the fight seriously. After all, this was the final match. The one which the winner would become the champion of the year. Something of a question of honour more than anything else. These were the two of the toughest clones after all. Something the fighters were usually referred to as. At least among those serving alongside them. Never the ones to back down from any challenge. Neither outside or inside the fighting ring. As this fight was proof of the same kind of vigour both of them were showing at the moment. The crowds were quiet for a moment, holding their breaths before the fight continued again. The punches were thrown, one or the other opponent pinned to the ground at any given opportunity. Followed by hoots from the crowd and milder slurs from the fighters themselves. And as one was gaining the advantage, the erupting cheers filling the air as soon as either of them got on top.

The match being an almost stale mate though, as neither opponent seemed to be taking their win over the other. Each having their time in the limelight during the match.

"You're like a scared little tooka! It would be easy enough to snap you in half! Just like that!"

Making the motion with his fingers to prove his point.

"Better that than an overbearing Massif! Huffing and puffing without any real intent! Meow!"

The devilish smirk lingered a while longer, while the two of them were measuring the other up before charging in once again.

The slurs kept on flying between the fighters. Each of them bating the other, even if the words were doing little if no damage to the other's ego. They were as tough as soldiers come after all and no amount of slander would make either of them lose their footing.

But, in the end, one of them emerged out of the arena victorious. Leaving the other to lick their wounds, while having lost the final round with just an inch from the other. At least, that was how it looked like to the spectators.

Still, the cheering and whistles went on as the victor was crowned.

But all those onlookers would have been so wrong had they only known… As in the shadowy corners of the communal showers after the fight was over, all others knowing to leave well enough alone, letting the duo settle their "final round of the fight" in private.

The water was running. The now hot liquid steaming up the whole area. And there were no foul words spoken this time around. Well, mostly the slanders were gone. Even if a few swear words were delivered. Here and there, only proper ones for the ambience.

"Oh yeah, that's the spot sweetie. Right there. Argh… just like that!"

The r's were rolled in a most delicious manner followed by a low growl.

A light chuckle followed the comment and the animalistic sound.

"Well, you did order me to go down, didn't ya!"

It wasn't a question though, as moments before it had been implied, out there, in the fight arena.

"Yeah, well, um…I wasn't… I didn't… yeah, right there. Just like… that!"

The words were lost in the heat of the passion. The groans and moans getting louder and more frequent.

Another more muted chuckle was heard.

"I'll bet good credits you were thinking of exactly this when you said it too."

"Um, maybe."

"Yeah you totally were!"

"Please, stop talking hon. I am so close I can't hold back for much longer!"

It seemed to be an order this time around. Then again, it hardly mattered. As they had already agreed before the fight, that of the price for the winner was to be delivered by the looser.

"Sir, yes sir!" For any daring stray having ventured to the showers at that very moment, would only be able to hear the hums, the moans, growls and the suckling sounds as the two supposed enemies and fighters continued their ever continued duel in this, more private setting.