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Silent Moon - Chapter One: Disembarkment

The weather had been strange all week. One moment the sun was shining, the next moment one could barely see a hand in front of one's face through the rain. Today was no different in weather, but the occupants of King's Cross were seeing more children than was normal. It was always like that on September 1st, and no one seemed to understand why.

One such child was walking with his head down, his light brown hair falling into his pale blue eyes. The young boy watched his feet as a woman led him through the crowd, toward platform ten. She was clutching his shoulder as though she were frightened he would run away if she let go. Behind the pair, a burly looking man was pushing a trolly, sprinting to keep up.

The three of them reached the plain bit of wall between platforms nine and ten, then hesitated.

"Come on," said the man behind the trolly. "Just take him through, we're not saying good bye yet."

"But..." said the woman, staring down at the boy who was still staring at his shoes. "I don't know if he's ready for this..." She knelt down next to the boy. "Are you sure you want to go, honey?"

The young boy continued to stare at the ground. He shifted and shrugged.

The man sighed, exasperated. "Oh please!"

"We shouldn't make him go if he doesn't want to, Daniel!" Said the boy's mother in a defensive tone.

"He does want to go, it's you who doesn't want him to leave. You're guilting him into it!"

"I am not!" shouted the woman. As she did, another family walked by, straight through the barrier between the platforms. Each of the four were wearing elegent dark green robes. The oldest boy was dragging a trolly behind him.

"Should they...be dressed like that...out in the open?" asked the woman, uncertain. Daniel grunted, and glared at the barrier where they had disappeared.

"They're Blacks, what do they care if muggles see them?"

The woman 'hmphed!' and, apparently forgetting her concern that her son may not be ready, continued to lead him through the barrier, Daniel following behind. She dragged the boy along the train they found on the other side, and stopped beside an empty compartment near the middle.

"Okay," said the woman, glancing back at the trolly Daniel was pushing. "Are we sure he has everything...Does he have his..uh...his wand? And..."

"Yes, Minna, we checked his things four times back home..." said Daniel, but the woman took no notice.

"Does he have enough sets of robes? What about his socks? Are they clean?..."

"He has all the robes I could afford, now stop this..." protested Daniel.

"And all the books on the list? Are you sure he has the right cauldron? Maybe it's not the right size? How do you know, anyway? Does he have...ahh...how about a broom?"

"First-years can't have brooms, and I couldn't afford one anyway!" said Daniel, quite a bit louder than he had intended. Even the young boy, who had stood still staring at his shoes while his parents spoke, blushed when everyone around them turned to stare. The Blacks sneered at Daniel, and turned their backs toward him. Daniel glared at him, then grabbed his son's other arm and began pulling him onto the train.

"Come on, the train's going to be leaving soon." said Daniel. Minna, however, did not relinquish her hold on the boy's other arm.

"Don't force him! He doesn't have to get on board until he's ready. In fact, we could just leave now, maybe we can try again next year, or..."

"No! Damn it, he's going to school, stop trying to hold him back!" Daniel whispered, while waving at those who were still staring at them.

The boy pulled his arms out of his parents grasps and stepped onto the train. His parents stopped their arguement and stared at him, clearly shocked at this sudden, self-propelled movement of their son. The boy turned toward them, his eyes still staring down toward his shoes.

"Oh..." said Minna, in a defeated voice. Her eyes searched her surroundings, as though looking for a way to convince her son to stay home. "But..."

"Come on, Minna!" said Daniel. "How long have we been preparing for this! It shouldn't be a shock! All the arrangements are made, let him go."

"But...what if he gets out?" whispered Minna.

"He won't." said Daniel.


A whistle blew at the front of the train - it was getting ready to leave. Daniel pushed Minna backward, away from her son, and lifted the trunk and cage off the trolly, and loaded them into the storage areas. The boy sat down, and leaned out the window, finally looking up at his parents. His eyes were blank.

Minna hugged him around his neck, and whispered "Be a good boy, now. You've got to learn lots of magic so you can show mummy..."

Daniel put a hand under the boy's chin, and lifted his head, so that their eyes met. "You've..." Daniel hesitated. "You've got to talk, you know...I mean, you can't do spells without talking...Just try it."

The boy stared at them as the train began to move.

"Well..." said Daniel.

"Good bye, son!" shouted Minna.

"Good bye, Remus..." said Daniel.

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