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Silent Moon: Chapter Seven - Peter and his Potion Problems

Prefect Meda guided the two Slytherin boys to their first Potions class with her usual advice.

"Professor Buckles is head of Slytherin, so he should be easy to get on with. He's really very fond of our family..."

Over all, Sirius Black felt that Remus would do well in Potions - at least better than any of their other classes. Prefect Meda reassured them (though Remus did not appear worried - he was his usual stoic self) that Professor Buckles was good about allowing students to choose their own partners, given the dangerous subject material. Unfortunately, it did not apply to the first lesson.

"We'll be working on a simple shrinking solution, today," said Professor Buckles, after he had finished calling roll. Sirius had tried to raise Remus's hand for him, without anyone noticing. "Liste for your name, then pair up with your partner."

He called out the names of the partners to-be. Quite unluckily, Sirius Black was the first name called, and it was followed by James Potter. Sirius Black left Remus, glancing at him worriedly More concerned was Peter, when his name was called next to Remus's. He glanced around when no one stood up to meet him.

Sirius Black whispered to James Potter, who then pointed Remus out to Peter. Peter, relieved to find his partner, stalked over to where Remus sat. He whispered a "Hello." Remus stared at his quill, lying on the table in front of him.

Professor Buckles wrote the simple instructions on the black board with a wave of his wand. There was quite a bit of scuffling as students moved to acquire the proper ingredients and tools for the solution. Peter stared at Remus, who had no moved from staring at his quill, and made no response to Peter at all. Peter said "I'll go get the ingredients, then?" feeling rather put off when Remus did not make any effort to reply.

Peter wasn't used to making the executive decisions. Remus wouldn't do anything unless Peter set out the tools in front of him, and told him what to do.

The majority of the class worked in silence as Professor Buckles stalked around the room, correcting their mistakes before they could blow up the dungeons. At the end of the class, he handed out vials to pour a sample of their potion for grading. He specifically ignored Peter's out-
stretched hand, and forced the vial into Remus's hand instead.

Peter was in a very bad mood by the end of class. Remus held the vial loosely, and nearly dropped it when Peter tried to pour the potion, which was supposed to be orange, but was now a nice lilac, into the vial. Remus was still staring at his shoes. When the bell rang, Peter stalked over to James Potter, who put a comforting hand on Peter's shoulder, and let them out of the dungeon, already starting on a one-sided conversation about quidditch.

Sirius, who had been watching Remus's mistakes from the other side of the room, walked over to Remus, put Remus's book back in his bag, and tried to lead him away to lunch.

Remus wouldn't move.

Sirius was shocked - Remus had never resisted anyone. But Remus would not budge from his chair, still staring at his shoes. His hands were gripping a small chopping knife that they'd used during class. It was shaking.

Sitting down across from him, Sirius watched as Remus shifted his grip on the knife. Sirius looked around as Remus stared at nothing. Professor Buckles had left the room - they were alone. There was no movement outside in the hallway. Remus set the knife down with a small 'clink!'

Remus lifted his head, and stared at Sirius. There was little change to his usual blank expression, but, to Sirius anyway, his eyes seemed to shine with a sadness he'd never seen before. It was more emotion that anyone had seen from Remus for many years.

Remus stood, still looking at Sirius. Sirius stood as well. They went to lunch.

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