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Present Day~~

A young girl walked down the cold streets of Philadelphia. She was fairly pretty with long, tattered black hair pulled into ponytail. She was wearing a pair of black cargo pants, with more pockets than she could count, along with a black, long sleeved fishnet shirt that was under a tight midriff v-neck blue shirt. She had a black back pack slung over her right shoulder that held the few possessions she owned.

It was cold. The first bit of crisp air bit at her nose as winter started to roll in. She knew she would have to get some warmer clothes or she would freeze to death. Unfortunately she had no money to get anything. The only thing she owned that was worth anything was around her neck and there was no way in hell she was going to give it up.

She didn't remember her mother much. She had died when she was eight. She had never known her father. He had left her mother when he found out that she was pregnant. She didn't care to find him. If he left before she was even born there was no way he would care about her now.

When her mother had died the only thing she had left to her was a round talisman held on a thing black rope. The design was a crescent moon that faced upwards with stars forming a circle around it.

She pulled it out of her shirt and looked at it. She had always felt a connection to it. Whenever she was scared, or hurt she would hold on to it. It would calm her or make her feel better about the situation. Whether it was the talisman itself or whether her mother had given it to her she'd never know.

She turned down an alleyway that she had taken a million times before. It was a shortcut to the shelter she sometimes stayed at. She tried to stay away from that place if at all possible. The people there were not nice and they always tried to call children services on her, but it was cold and she didn't have anything to protect her from the weather.

It was dark and she knew better than to go down an alley by herself at night, but she wasn't thinking. Her mind was on her mother. Today was the ninth anniversary of her death. She was still staring down at the talisman when she heard a voice behind her.

"Hey there pretty girl."

She whipped around, letting the talisman fall back against her shirt. A man that was much taller than her (although that wasn't saying much considering she was only 5'4) was standing in the shadows behind her. She couldn't tell what he looked like because it was so dark.

"Who's there?" She asked in a calm voice.

The truth was is that she was scared, but she wasn't going to let whoever was with her know that. Fear is a sign of weakness. Weakness can get you killed. Being dead didn't sound like fun to her.

He laughed softly and walked into the light. She didn't recognize him. He had black short hair, slicked back behind his ears. She couldn't tell the color of his eyes for sure but was pretty sure it was a dark brown. He was wearing a white shirt, with short sleeves that were rolled a few times to bulge over his very big muscles. He was wearing black jeans and and black boots.

She knew if she got into a fist fight with him she'd lose. She knew that he'd be able to over power her easily.

"You don't know me," He told her, a smile playing on his lips. "But you'll get to know me."

"What do you want?" Her voice not as confident as she'd like it.

He ignored her question. "What's a pretty little thing like you doing walking all by yourself this late at night?"

"What do you care?" She asked almost angrily.

"It's not safe," He told her. "Someone could attack you."

She took a step back. "Gee, I wonder who would want to do that."

He laughed, a rich laugh. "Now why would I want to do that?"

He took a step towards her to compensate for the step she took back.

"I don't know," She replied sharply. "I haven't figured out the minds of psycho's."

With that she turned around and took off running. She didn't get far before she felt a weight shove her down to the ground. The man flipped her over and she let out a shrill scream. He hit her hard across the face.

"SHUT UP!" He yelled.

He reached down and planted a rough kiss on her face. She bit his tongue as it probed her mouth and he jerked back.

"BITCH!" He hit her again.

Suddenly he jumped off of her. "What the hell is that?"

She looked down and saw that her talisman was glowing. She didn't care why. She took it to her advantage and stood up. She was about to run and lighning started crashing all around them.

"I'm out of here!" Her attacker yelled.

He took off running down the alley. She put a hand up to her face and screamed as lightning crashed next to her. Suddenly the whole world started spinning. It was spinning so fast she thought she was going to be sick. She fell back to the ground and mercifully everything went back.

Ancient Greece~~

"Come on Herc, it will be fun!" Iolaus chided his friend. "Besides we haven't had a vacation in a long time."

"Iolaus, I'm not going to gamble away my dinars," Hercules said, half laughing. "A vacation is lounging on the beach of Athens, not being cooped up in some smoke filled casino."

"But Salmoneous said.."

"Whatever Salmoneous has to say usually winds up to be trouble."

The two men had been walking through the woods, traveling as they usually did, when they came across a village. Of course their old friend Salmoneous was there and he had started a gambling ring. He tried to get Hercules involved as a face, so that people would want to come and profit his casino. Hercules had so politely declined.

"Yeah, you're probably right," Iolaus said, slightly disappointed. "Oh well," He perked up. "The wedding should be fun anyways."

"I hope so. Aegina seems so happy."

Suddenly the sky turned very dark as clouds rolled in from every direction. Hercules and Iolaus both looked up as the lightning floated through the sky.

"Um Herc, what's going on?"

"I'm not sure," He told him. "I'm willing to be it's not natural, whatever it is."

Suddenly lightning started crashing all around them. They held up their arms to block themselves from getting hit. Although it wouldn't stop them from getting electrocuted, it was just a reflex.

After a few minutes the lightning ceased and the clouds parted. The sun was again shining as brightly as it had been five minutes before.

"I don't think I'm going to like this," Iolaus said, seriously.

"Neither do I," Hercules told him. "Come on, let's get going."

The two men started walking again. Something very odd had just happened and they weren't quite sure what it was. Unfortunately there was nothing they could do about it until they did know what it was, so the best thing to do was to just keep walking forward. No sense in turning back now.

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