Echo and Rex are on a spy mission. Their task, to get important intel for the rebel cause. As apparently, someone is selling it for a high price and the rebels really want their hands on it.

But, while the two of them dig in deep, having to act a certain way, Rex gets a tad too jealous because of Echo diving a bit too seriously into his "spy" role. As Echo just might be flirting with a their contact? Set somewhere in the wide world of the Bad Batch space time continuum non-canonically but of course!

Echo/Rex pairing

The mission, should you choose to accept it

'There is just something to be said about spies! What it is? Well, that is classified, naturally! Because, you know, secret undercover spying mission and all that!'

"Our mission, is to get to the station, meet up with our contact, assess what they have is valid, buy the intel and get out. Simple, as that!"

Rex was explaining the mission at hand.

Rex was in the middle of the meeting for his senior staff. Or what he considered that, with the select group of people currently occupying the space to represent the mission details. The senior staff combined mostly of trusted clones and two nat-borns having become a part of the cause.

There was no one on the base Rex did not trust. But, command structure was the one thing he was still adamantly holding onto even if it was a group of volunteers who had joined this fraction of the rebellion which Rex had put together and was the solid leader of.

And so, the ones present were the leads of the smaller groups. Each of them running ops around the galaxy for the rebel cause. There had been no objections, for the most part anyway, to have this kind of setup in place. After all, it was mostly clones on the base and so, it was nothing unusual for them. The nat-borns having fallen to the same structure rather easily too.

Naturally, the atmosphere was more relaxed. And everyone was entitled to their opinions and comments, not to mention feedback. But, the final say so was always Rex's and his team of commanding officers.

"I am not totally sold on you two going at it alone."

Hunter voiced his concerns, not comfortable in letting the two go out there without much in backup.

"It will be fine, Hunter. We know the contact and our backup will be on the station with us. Gregor and Crosshair will keep an eye on the surroundings."

Echo reminded the Sergeant then.

After all, having too many of the clones appearing in one place at the same time was never good. Especially since they were still supposed to be serving the Empire. Well, most of them did even if more and more of their kin were rescued each passing day from the clutches of the imperials.

So, going in with minimal force, all of them disguised, was what they had agreed upon to avoid detection and the real cause these specific clones were working for.

"Well, I would be a lot more at ease if you took a few more of those commandos and Wrecker with you too."

"Gregor and Crosshair will be enough. We don't want to tip the enemy's hand as we know they will be watching. The chatter on the holo net is, that news of this, intel, got out and the imps are searching for the ones trying to sell it."

Rex could understand Hunter's concern of course. But, they needed be inconspicuous. That was the risk they were willing to take to get this intel.

"Don't worry Hunter, Cross and myself have trained for this. We'll be there, watching every move around Rex and Echo and pull them out at the first sign of trouble."

Gregor chuckled a little, getting a glare from Crosshair. But Gregor wasn't wrong either. The two of them had trained and honed their skills to match each other's and they were now on fact the perfect assault team of two.

"Well, not the first sign. But you get what I mean."

It was as if Gregor was reading Crosshair's mind as clearly, the snipers expression softened as soon as Gregor corrected his statement. Clearly, the two having become close after working together for a while now, this particular mission having been in the planning for some time too.

Hunter turned to look at Crosshair, waiting for any counter argument from him.

"What he said."

Was all Hunter got from Cross though, somewhat of a surprise for sure.

"Fine, fine! I yield to the majority's decision!"

Hunter raised his hands in mock surrender.

There were a few chuckles from the floor as clearly, even if sounding serious, Hunter had only brought up his concerns just because. And he too, had to laugh a bit in the end.

"Good, then we are in agreement. The four of us will leave first light tomorrow morning."

Rex had completed the recapping of their agreement to all. Not that he really needed to, as all of them there, working with him, were talented and trained people. All of them. And so, the meeting was adjourned.

Playing the designated part of the "spy"

'Trying to be someone else, even if just for a moment and for the sake of the mission? Well, it can be hard, or then, it's too easy!' The tavern was low lit. The current patrons scattered around the place, as it was hardly crowded. Must have been that time of the day, where those with work were yet to join their drinking buddies while those without much anything else to do, were slowly but surely getting their buzz on.

Rex and Echo had found a perfect spot for their meeting with their contact. In the farthest, darkest corner of the establishment, with none too many curious ears or eyes close by. Having gotten in and visually scanning the room for anything suspicious, they had chosen the table and ordered drinks while waiting for their contact to arrive. Several moments later, the two of them were still waiting for their contact to show. And it was Echo, who was getting impatient.

Rex glanced around rather inconspicuously. Seeing Gregor and Crosshair in their places, each having taken a seat on either end of the place, keeping an eye on the two of them. Rex being only too glad they were there as back up. Echo's worry starting to catch on with Rex as well, the longer they were waiting.

"They're late."

"Is okay, they will be here."

Rex tried to assure Echo even if he too had his suspicions in the back of his mind.

"Do you know them? Can you trust them?"

Echo was asking the same questions once again. Already knowing the answer to them having asked the exact same ones during their meetings. But Echo hated people who were not on time and punctual.

"Gregs knows them and I trust Gregor's judgment."

Rex told Echo as much. Not that it was the first time he had mentioned it to Echo.

"Well, let's just hope so."

Echo was starting to get really antsy, as being exposed in this place was not a good thing, despite their supposed disguises. The hoods of their cloaks covering most of their faces and the newly grown beards hiding a multitude of sins.

"They will be here. Trust me hon. Gregor's never wrong."

Rex stated somewhat annoyed. Even if he did not want to be. But he was well aware of Echo's somewhat stiff rules. One of them never being late for anything. Rex was about to comment more but then… … As if per cue, a tall and distinct looking Twi'lek matching Gregor's description walked into the bar and scanned the vicinity. Spotting the duo, as having been given instructions on what to look for, the Twi'lek quickly strode over to Rex's and Echo's table without any hesitation.

"See. Told you they would come through for us, didn't I."

Rex sounded rather proud at the moment of having been right. Seeing Gregor giving the agreed sign, that it was indeed the one he knew, whom was approaching them.

"We're in businesses!"

Rex said under his breath as the arrival approached them, confirming to Echo Gregor's recognition of the contact.

And, as it turned out, Echo's doubts of their contact were soon thrown out of the airlock. As Echo the tall and rather gorgeous Twi'lek hit it off almost at the moment their contact sat down at the table.

After the initial pleasantries had been exchanged and both parties having verified they were indeed on the same side, Rex had started asking the Twi'lek several questions before even considering an exchange. Credits for the intel.

Despite having been an acquaintance of Gregory's, Rex still wanted to be absolutely sure of the contact's intentions. And so, placing the right questions to them, was in order.

Only, when Rex asked the questions, the Twi'lek seemed more keen on giving the responses to Echo. It seemed rather odd at first in Rex's mind. But after a few had passed between them, Rex relented to the situation and let the contact talk with Echo instead. After all, he knew what to ask as well as Rex did.

Soon enough, Echo and the Twi'lek were talking like old friends. Laughing even as the contact had thrown in there a joke or two too to the mix.

Rex glared at the two for a moment. And if he did not know any better, it was almost as the Twi'lek was flirting with Echo. The lingering glances and the sexy chuckles they both let out when a supposed joke was told.

Rex did not necessarily appreciate this, sudden turn of events. But as long as they were getting what they needed, Rex again, took to the side lines. Letting Echo handle the whole exchange as clearly, the Twi'lek liked him. And Echo did not seem to mind either. Rather the contrary, Echo was on the job like he had done this kind of thing his whole life.

So, Rex decided to observe the situation and was only too happy to let Echo complete the transaction.

That was all fine, until the deal was sealed and they were supposed to leave. It was then when the Twi'lek ordered another bottle to the table and insisted the two of them to stay, to celebrate their deal.

Rex glanced at Echo who too looked surprised, but made no move to leave despite his earlier anticipation of the whole ordeal.

"I really think we should go."

Rex let his gaze linger on Echo, trying to convey the urgency of them needing to leave to his partner.

But, apparently the Twi'lek had other ideas.

"If you need to leave, go. But your friend can stay for a few drinks, no?"

It wasn't really a question at all. Rather turning back to Echo and placing their hand on top of Echo's on the table.

"You will stay with me? For drinks, no?"

The Twi'lek had their eyes on Echo. A lewd smirk on their face rather telling too. Of what they really had in mind. The flirting gotten more open too with Echo.

It was at that moment when the alarm bells went off for Echo as well. Not that they did not do so for Rex. As clearly, their contact had the more personal intentions towards Echo. Asking Echo to remain behind for drinks and whatever else they just might have in mind to do with him.

The exchange was done and there was nothing more to do for Rex and Echo but to leave. Then again, neither of them did want to cause a scene either. Not really sure how the Twi'lek would react if they were to tell Echo wasn't available and whatever. So, after a few nervous but inquisitive glanced exchanged between Rex and Echo, Rex decided they should stay.

"Guess I will take up on your offer, since we are in no hurry."

Rex politely stated and took the seat right next to Echo this time around.

Jealous? Moi? Not bloody likely!

'Jealousy, is such an ugly colour, not really looking good on anyone.'

"How about you," Pointing at Echo, "and me go somewhere, how do you say, more private to celebrate our success?"

It was a surprise suggestion coming from the Twi'lek for sure. The rather lewd smirk plastered on their lips, their intention made pretty clear if they were by now. After all, the three of them had mostly been discussing about the purchased intel and what the contact knew about it themselves. Even if there had been a hint of small talk here and there and some flirting in the mix. The suggesting caused Echo to sputter slightly having had a sip from his beverage moments before. With a few droplets falling from his mouth, wiping the spill away quickly.

Rex's eye blew wide however hearing what their contact had suggested. After all, their deal had been concluded. The data having been exchanged for credits. Making Rex wonder why he had agreed for them to stay longer than needed in the first place. Rex could not help glaring at the Twi'lek either. His jealousy and anger seething inside of him.

Rex glared at the Twi'lek and then glanced at Echo, who seemed to have been stunned of the suggestion too. Rex had not felt Echo really none too bothered of the constant flirting and suggestive glances the Twi'lek had been giving him so far. Something of a surprise to Rex that too. Making his jealous streak grow even stronger. A sensation Rex did not really like to have. At all. But, apparently, Echo being the one stirring all kinds of sensations inside of Rex, even the bad ones. Well, how could he not be jealous? Echo was his partner after all, right?

Rex quickly looked at the direction of Gregor and Crosshair and could see them chatting with each other at the moment. Them having moved to sit at the same table. But neither of them were showing any signs of concerns of the delay in the their departure. Rex turned his focus back to the eagerly awaiting Twi'lek for Echo's response. Them clearly being sure of their advances, that they were welcomed and that Echo would go with them. As Rex glanced back at Echo, there seemed to be, some hesitation in him. At least, that was what Rex's jealous addled mind saw. The suggestion, that Echo seemed to even be contemplating on the Twi'lek's offer was enough to rile Rex up in a bad way.

It seemed like time stopped for a moment, the response lingering in the space between the trio. Rex's doubts growing ever more stronger, thinking the worst case scenarios in his mind. That his and Echo's relationship perhaps wasn't as strong as he had thought it was. And maybe, just maybe, Echo wanted something more.

After all, this tall Twi'lek was a vision and Rex could not really blame Echo for wanting to go with them, now could he? Another moment passed, even if it was mere seconds in reality. The response pending, but it seemed like an eternity to Rex, before Echo was ready to respond to the Twi'lek. Something which perhaps would cause a rift between the two lovers. Rex and Echo.

Echo took another sip from his cup before he looked up and at their contact. He wasn't totally sure where this was all coming from, the Twi'lek being interested in him rather than Rex. After all, Rex was gorgeous in Echo's eyes and Echo was a mere shadow of what he had once been. At least sometimes he thought so. But, Echo mostly being at ease with the fact of him having become a cyborg. Feeling, and knowing, that the enhancements were giving him more than he had had before. Being even more than he had been.

But, there were lingering doubts every now and again in Echo just the same.

And, Rex had always made Echo feel special. Right now, the clear emotional hurt was written all over Rex's face. And just from simply flirting with someone else to seal their deal. Echo knew he should have toned it all down a before now. Starting to regret his behaviour as it had clearly been hurting Rex. So, not wanting to offend their contact either, Echo decided to tell the simple truth.


Echo let out a nervous chuckle, grasping the back of his neck before he continued.

"As flattered as I am, the truth is, I am not available."

The Twi'lek seemed surprised and visibly disappointed as well. But, making the mistake of glancing at Rex's direction just then, seeing the myriad of feelings on Rex's face passing quickly as Echo had spoken the words. Well, it was becoming rather obvious for them then.

Echo had seen those passing feelings too. A hint of a smile emerging on his lips, directed to Rex just then. But Rex was still reeling inside of his dark thoughts and he did not respond in kind.

"I see."

The Twi'lek finally retorted and then, all the bravado was gone and them simply standing up from the table, giving a curtsy bow towards them both as they stated.

"Our deal is complete. I wish you both well."

And with that, the Twi'lek was gone, leaving a silent couple sitting at the table, avoiding eye contact from each other. The hurt feelings palpable for them both.

Misunderstandings, distrust… all that relationship jazz

'Relationships are hard. Working on them never easy. But wanting them to work, you need to put all the effort in just the same.' The ride back to their base had been a silent one.

With the deal done and the intel received, the four of them had managed to get away unnoticed from the meeting and headed back to home base without incident. Gregor and Crosshair had noticed the subtle change in Rex and Echo, but neither of them had mentioned it. Simply leaving the two to sort out whatever was going on. As clearly, something had happened and shifted between the two.

- Echo and Rex were back in their quarters, preparing for the evening in total silence as it was already late in the day and there was nothing more for them to accomplish for said day. Their mission having been a success and whatever needed to be done, would wait until the next day. Rex had already turned in when Echo made his way to their bed.

Before getting into it though, Echo hesitated for a moment, standing by the bed and looking at nothing in particular. Not sure if he even should get in there, with Rex.

Rex noticed the hesitation though and knew, that they needed to talk about what had happened. Or rather, nothing really had. But, Rex had let his jealousy take over in the worst kind of way. Something which Rex had not enjoyed at all. And it was kind of a first for Rex as well, being that jealous of someone. Then again, Echo had fallen into the part of flirting with their contact a little too easily in Rex's mind. So perhaps, his unwanted thoughts had not been wrong after all?

"We should talk."

Echo offered then, his eyes finding Rex's.


Was all Rex managed, not sure how to continue as this was all new territory. For both f them.

Echo got into the bed, under covers, but kept his distance from Rex just in case. Sensing Rex was still mad at him. And on some level, Echo could understand it. Even appreciate the fact, that Rex was actually jealous, of him. Echo. Still, it wasn't good, and he knew they needed to fix this before it all got out of hand. The silence hung in the room, something of a trend for the two of them it seemed on this day.

But, then, it was Echo who broke it. Him wanting to clear the air as quickly as possible. Because if there was one thing Echo hated to see, was Rex angry or sad. And he did not want to loose Rex over something so stupid as jealousy either.

"Rex, I am sorry. For all of it."

Echo's voice was a low whisper, but the words were spoken in earnest.

"I hope you can forgive me?"

Rex looked up and at him. Totally surprised to hear Echo's apology and simply staring at Echo for a long moment before he managed to respond.


Rex felt the sting of tears behind his eyes.

"I, I am the one who should be apologising."

Rex knew now, he should have known better. And that he should have trusted Echo. It had all been an act. After all, they were undercover, obtaining intel. Nothing more nothing less. They had agreed to behave in a certain way after all. Not being themselves for the duration of the mission, right?

Echo stared into the sincere gaze of Rex's, his own eyes watering too.

"Guess we both were in the wrong and should forgive each other?" Rex let out a relieved chuckle and nodded.

"I guess we do."

It was as simple as that though, wasn't it? To simply ask and receive forgiveness? From the one they loved. Placing his hand around Echo, Rex pulled him in, holding Echo close to himself and burying his face into Echo's neck.

"I love you so much, and guess I overreacted."

It wasn't much of an excuse, but it was something to defend his own actions, his thoughts, hid doubts about them. Maybe?

"I love you too, Rex."

Echo assured him.

"And even if it felt, well, okay for having someone else interested in me… my heart and all that I am belong to you, Rex."

It was all he needed to say to Rex just then. Echo being pulled in for a lingering kiss. All the doubt, the fears, even the jealousy slowly melting away as the two of them continued making up for what had happened between them.

After they broke off from their kiss, Rex let out a small chuckle.

"Guess, this was our first fight, as an official couple?"

"Guess so."

Echo did not really like to fight with Rex, but the making up part was nice enough.

"Let's agree to not do that again. Not any time soon anyway."

Rex did not like the feelings of jealous he had been so easily submerged into. At all.

"Well, I cannot promise we won't have fights, but, I can promise you one thing though."

Echo had Rex's eyes on his.

"What is that love?"

"That I only have eyes for you, sweetheart."