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Note: Couldn't do it. Tried writing about something else, but all roads led back to Kurt. Why? Because he's the man. Okay, so this doesn't happen in the same universe as the "Ever After"-verse. This is a completely new story, so it won't tie in with my previous four (even though I'll hit that universe up again later). Anyhow, hope you enjoy. Should turn pretty humorous in later chapters, with plenty of Kurt luvin.

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Clouds rolled over the night sky, sending lightning to the earth over and over again. The rain fell down in a torrent, flooding rivers and city streets. Thunder rumbled loudly, and shook panes of glass when lightning was close enough to buildings. It had been like this all night long, and the storm had continued into the early hours of the morning.

Kurt's eyes snapped open when the thunder pealed so loudly it shook his windowpanes. He bolted upright, jumped out of bed, and took a fighting stance. Looking around in the dark, he realized that there was no threat, and that it was just the storm outside that had woken him up. There was no intruder. Turning back to his bed, he picked up the framed picture of Amanda that sat on his nightstand. Smiling at it, he kissed her picture. He hadn't asked her out yet, but he was going to soon. He wanted to see if that particular friendship could lead into any other type of relationship.

"Scary storm, no? You'd zink zat Ororo vould put a stop to it." He said to the picture, before placing it on the nightstand again. "I'm going to try to sleep again. Goodnight, Amanda."

Kurt closed his eyes, grateful that it was just the storm that had woken him up. Lying in bed, sleep coming back over him, he laughed lightly at his belief that someone had been in his room. As sleep overtook him, a figure walked out of the shadows, being careful to be quiet. She had been sitting in the chair across from the bed, watching over Kurt as he slept. Just being near him made her feel safe, secure. She had jumped behind the chair when he had bolted out of bed. She cursed her luck. She just wished that this stupid, scary storm would blow itself out. Then she'd be able to get some sleep, too. Sitting back down in the chair, she listened to the storm outside, and to the sound of Kurt's breathing. She knew that she'd have to leave soon. She couldn't risk being found in here. People would ask questions, especially Kurt, and she certainly wasn't ready to answer those questions. Not yet, at least.

She sat there for awhile longer, pondering her feelings for Kurt. She knew that this wasn't right. He had feelings for Amanda, who he seemed to like very much. However, she couldn't help shaking the feeling that it wasn't fair. He had liked her first. She had just been too stupid to respond to him. She had just figured out that he was everything that she had wanted. She surrounded herself with others, people completely unlike Kurt. It had been her own choice. Now she hated that choice, and found it impossible to go back. Inwardly sighing, she got up out of the chair, and walked to the door. Opening it as silently as she could, she threw one last glance back at the object of her desires, frowning, wondering if it was truly too late. She couldn't help but think that it was. She left the room, and closed the door.

Walking down the stairs, she wondered just what exactly she was doing. She had been attracted to Kurt as soon as she had gotten to know him. And she wanted to get to know him even more. Biblically so, she thought and giggled. She looked around to make certain that no one had noticed her, and then walked towards the back door of the kitchen. Kurt would be hers, Amanda or no Amanda. She'd make sure of that.

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Waking up the next morning, Evan yawned and felt the light sting his eyes when he opened them. Squeezing them shut, he realized that the storm must be over, and the sky must have been clear. He threw his legs over the side of his bed, and began to get dressed. Yawning again, he opened his door and walked down the hallway, falling in step next to Kurt.

"Hey, what's up, man? Evan asked. Kurt nodded to him, and said, "Not much. Vasn't zat storm loud last night?"

"Yeah, but I guess it's all cleared up now." Evan said.

"Jah. Hey, listen, vere you in my room last night?" Kurt asked, turning to look at Evan.

"No. Why would I be in your room?"

"I don't know. I zought zat maybe you vere stealing a CD or somezing."

"Well, no, I wasn't in there last night. Why? Did you see someone in there?" Evan asked.

"Nein. It vas just more of a feeling of being vatched. Evan, if I tell you somezing, vill you promise not to tell anyone else?" Kurt asked.


"I zink zat someone has been coming into my room, and, vell, vatched me for the past veek or so."

"Are you serious?"


"Maybe you should talk to the Professor about it." Evan ventured.

"Nein. It's probably just a stupid feeling. I don't know. I vouldn't vant ze Professor zinking I'm being paranoid." Kurt said, turning back to the hallway and continuing to the stairs.

"I guess. But if it doesn't go away, promise me that you'll talk to the Professor about it. Or at least Scott."

"Jah. I vill." And with that, the two rushed down the stairs to breakfast.

When they reached the kitchen, Kitty was already there, eating fruit slices out of a bowl. Kurt thought she looked tired, as if she had been up all night. A thought occurred to him, and quickly went away. Why would Kitty be watching me at night. That's about as stupid as Logan watching me, he thought.

"Good morning, Kitty." Evan said.

"Guten morgen, fraulein. Did ze storm keep you up last night?" Kurt asked.

"Oh! Um, yeah. It was thundering pretty loud last night." Kitty said. She looked flush, as if she had been up to something and didn't want anyone to know.

"Hey, has Marie come down yet?" Evan asked Kitty.

"Oh, like, yeah right! She's still sleeping. It's Saturday! What are you two doing up so early, anyway?" she asked.

"We're going into town." Evan said.

"What for?" Kitty asked.

"Vell, Katzchen, since it's apparently your business, I'm going shopping for Amanda's birzday present." Kurt teased.

"Oh. Okay." Kitty said, and quickly looked down at her food.

"Hey, speaking of which, do you know what you're buying for her?" Evan asked Kurt.

"Nein. Not yet." Kurt moped. "I figured zat maybe I'll know it as soon as I see it. Katzchen, vhat should I get for her? Vhat vould you vant for your birzday?"

"Um, I don't know. I guess anything from my boyfriend would be special." She said, continuing to look down at her food. "Girls like perfume, though."

"Ach! I don't vant to get her somezing so impersonal! Besides, I'm not her boyfriend yet. I guess I'll just figure it out later." He said, and quickly swallowed the contents of almost his entire plate of breakfast.

"That's gross, dude." Evan said, laughing at the way Kurt ate his food.

The two of them continued to joke and tease each other while Kitty just felt more and more uncomfortable. She didn't know why she was suddenly so jealous of Amanda. Why should I be, she wondered. It was great when he had thrown his attention some other girl's way. She spent more time with Lance nowadays. Only, she didn't seem to enjoy it as much. His whole "bad boy" attitude was honestly beginning to grate on her. Listening to Kurt talk about buying Amanda a birthday present, she couldn't help but remember her own birthday, just two months ago. She had heard that Kurt had apparently agonized over what to buy her. When he finally gave her the present, he blushed so hard that she could see red under his blue fur. She had unwrapped the present, and had found gift certificates to her favorite stores in the mall, a pass for a full day at the spa downtown, a certificate of adoption for a manatee in Florida, a star named after her, and a dozen long stemmed red roses. She had thanked him, trying to sound unexcited. She didn't want to lead him on. She was secretly overjoyed. It was the best present she had ever received. Then she thought about what Lance had given her for her birthday: an excuse about why he had forgotten.

And now, here she was, wondering why she was so jealous of Amanda.

"It's not as if I LIKE the guy, for crying out loud." She thought. "Or at least, not in that way. Right?"

The sinking, sick feeling in her stomach continued to grow as Kurt and Evan continued to talk.

"So anyhow, are we leaving anytime soon?" Evan asked. He was watching the door to the kitchen, and Kurt wondered if he was waiting for Marie to come through it.

"Jah. Let's go. Unless, you'd razzer vait around." He teased.

"No. Let's go." Evan said, downing the rest of his milk. "See ya later, Kitty."

"Bye Evan." She said. She still couldn't look up at Kurt.

"Bye, Katzchen." Kurt said, walking behind her and putting his hand on her shoulder as he passed.

"Uh. . .bye. . .Kurt." she said. She felt a warmth spread throughout her body at Kurt's touch. She used to flinch from it, and her body's response to his touch now was confusing her even more. She watched them leave, and went back to her room. Maybe all she needed was a good nap.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------

Evan and Kurt walked out to the garage. They had arranged with Professor Xavier to borrow one of the Institutes vehicles. They both had a driver's license, but Kurt still wanted someone to keep him company.

"Hey, did you notice that Kitty was acting a little weird around you?" Evan asked.

Kurt's head snapped up. "Vhat are you talking about?" he asked.

"I don't know, but she wasn't acting like herself." Evan said.

Kurt thought about it for a moment before answering.

"It's true! She vas nice to me, and actually seemed interested in vhat I vas saying!" he said.

"Yeah. Weird, huh?" Evan said. He smiled and then turned back to Kurt. "Maybe she's jealous."

"Of vhat?"

"Of you and Amanda."

The two stopped in their tracks, and turned to face one another. Suddenly, they were both doubled up, laughing. Kurt slapped Evan on the back, barely able to control his laughing.

"Hey, stranger things have happened." Evan said, regaining his composure and standing up straight.

"Vell, it'll be a cold day in hell before she ever pays attention to me. I've given up on zat, and her. Vell, as much as I can." He said, thinking about Amanda. She wasn't everything that Kitty was, but he did like her all the same.

The two continued their walk towards the garage, and ran into Amara and Jubilee. The two were whispering on the couch in the rec room. As Kurt and Evan passed by, the two giggled and looked over their shoulders.

"Hiiiiiiiiiiiii Kurt!" Amara yelled, and then she was slapped on the arm by a giggling Jubilee.

"Um, hi Amara. How are you?" Kurt asked, popping his head into the room.

"I'm fine!" Amara said, turning around and sitting on her legs in order to look at Kurt. "How're you?"

"Good, good. And hello Jubilee." Kurt said.

"Call me Jubes, fuzzy!" Jubilee said, turning around like Amara, and sitting on her legs.

"Um, okay, Jubes." Kurt said, sending Amara and Jubilee into another fit of giggles. "Okay, vell, I haff to go. See you around."

Evan stood there, his jaw almost literally hitting the floor. Kurt gave him a look as if to say "What in the hell is going on today?" Evan just shook his head, and grabbed Kurt's wrist, heading towards the door to the garage. Flinging it open, he threw a confused Kurt out, and quickly closed the door behind them.

"What was that?!?" Evan asked.

"I haff no idea! I mean, vhat?" Kurt said, bewildered.

"That was. . .I don't know."

"Jah! I mean. . .vhat in ze hell vas zat? Zey vere flirting, nein?" Kurt asked.

"I'd have to say yes." Evan said, turning back to stare at the door they had just entered through. Giggling could still be heard through the door.

"Let's just get out of here." Kurt said. "Ze sooner I buy zis present, ze better. And ze sooner ve get avay from here, ze better."

"I'd have to agree. That was just too weird."

The two walked to an S.U.V. and jumped into it, Evan behind the steering wheel and Kurt in the passenger seat. As the two pulled out of the garage, Jean ran up to the jeep, waving her hands in the air.

"Hey! Stop! Hold up for a minute!" She yelled.

Evan stopped the jeep and she ran up to the passenger side. Kurt rolled down the window, and she smiled at him thankfully.

"Hey, I just heard that you're going to the mall. Can you do me a favor and pick up some chocolate for me?" she asked.

Kurt nodded his head as he answered. "Jah. No problem Jean."

"Thanks." Jean said, and then looked him over. "Hey, Kurt, you look really nice today."

Kurt turned to Evan and shot him another look.

"Sorry, Jean, but we gotta get going." Evan said, and then pulled out as quickly as he could without causing harm to Jean. Jean waved them off, and walked backwards back toward the mansion, never taking her eyes off of the passenger side of the jeep.

"Dude, vhat is going on today?" Kurt asked.

"I don't know, but will you do me a favor as a friend?" Evan asked.


"Stay away from Rogue today."

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Okay, so there's the first chapter. Sorry if it sucked. Promise to make it better. So who was sitting in Kurt's room last night? Hm. . .which one of the ladies was it? I know who it was.