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---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------

Evan pulled into the entrance of the Institute. Speeding up the drive, the skid to a halt in front of the mansion's doors. Xavier leaned forward and looked into the sky. Clouds were swirling over the building, as if the mansion was suffering it's from it's own private hurricane. Xavier closed his eyes, and felt for his children, both the younger students, and the adults. He located Ororo and Marie over the forest. Jean was on the ground in the garden, regaining consciousness. Kitty was slumped on the floor of his office. Jubilee and Amara were in Amara's room. Tabby was poking around in the pool house. He cut off there, knowing that these were the people that he needed to deal with immediately.

"Storm. Ororo, please stop this insanity, and come to meet me in front of the Institute." He thought. "Marie, follow her."

Evan stepped out of the car and came around to let Xavier out. Xavier nodded his head in thanks, and wheeled around to the entrance of the school.

"Kitty, Jubilee, Amara, Tabby, Jean, please meet me at the front of the school." He thought, knowing that each one heard him.

Ororo landed on the ground next to him, looking at the sky and glaring at Marie. Marie landed, thankful that the fight was over, as her grasp on Jean's power had all but deteriorated. Jean came next, followed by Amara and Jubilee. Kitty was still nowhere in sight. Xavier knew he'd have to reach out to her, and Amanda.

"Very well, this will do for now." Xavier said.

"Jean, you and I will have to talk later." He thought, and Jean bowed her head in shame.

"Now, I have asked one more guest to join this party. Kurt, please join us now." Xavier said aloud. Kurt appeared at the Professor's side in a puff of smoke.

Ororo immediately moved forward, half jumping at Kurt. Kurt edged away from her, and the Professor stopped her with a motion from his hand.

"Please step away, Ororo." Xavier said. "Jean, if you'll help me?"

Jean nodded, and added her concentration to the Professor's. Scanning the women's minds, Xavier found the problem in each one of them. Each of the women's eyes suddenly went unfocused, and they looked forward, as if they were asleep with their eyes open. Wiping their minds free of any memory of the events of the past week, Xavier closed his eyes and concentrated. They wouldn't remember anything having to do with the turn of events that led to this point.

Tabby was the first to shake her head and look around.

"What am I doing here?" she asked, and then ran towards the front gate to leave.

The others slowly walked back into the mansion, having believed that they were on the front lawn as some part of a training session. Each went back to bed. Marie shook her head at the departing women.

"So, things should go back to normal now, raght?" she asked Xavier.

"Yes. Kurt, they won't be chasing after you anymore." He said, turning to face Kurt.

"Mein Gott, zank you." Kurt said. His eyes widened suddenly. "But vhat about Kitty? She vasn't here!"

"They didn't need to be here for the reversal to work. Kitty's mind has been wiped free as well."

"Oh. Um, good. Good." Kurt said, hanging his head.

"Kurt, if it means anything, Jean is very sorry." Xavier said.

"I know. I know. Okay, vell, I'm going to bed." Kurt said, trying his best to force a smile.

"Goodnight, Kurt. I should like to see you in the morning."

"Goodnight." Kurt said. He turned to walk inside, and Marie put her hand on his shoulder.

"I know how you feel, Kurt. I know you feel alone. You're not though." Marie said.

"I'm not vhat?" Kurt asked.


Kurt smiled weakly and gave Marie a small hug. Then he turned back inside at walked towards the stairs. It seemed as if the mansion were empty. Kurt knew that the others were probably all in bed by now.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------

Ororo was in her bed, staring at the ceiling. She didn't know how the mansion had gotten to be such a mess, but she intended to make certain that it was clean. And her room was a disaster area. How did this happen, she wondered. She turned over in bed, grasping her pillow. She missed Logan. She fell asleep, wondering when he would get home.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------

Tabby got home about twenty minutes later. She drove the jeep slowly, wondering where she had been. She figured that she must have been downtown, raising hell as usual. She didn't think that it was strange that she couldn't remember where she was that evening, or whom she had been with. That had happened many times before. What she did think was strange was the amount of blue fur on her person.

"Was I out with Blue tonight?" she wondered, and smiled. "That boy was probably trying to break me down again. I love ya, Blue, but just as a friend. Well, I may LIKE you a little more, but you're just gonna have to give me some time."

She smiled and picked some hair off of her before entering the house. She had to find Lance. She owed him for her borrowing the jeep. Smiling, she made her way upstairs.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------

Amara and Jubilee stared at the television screen in Amara's room. Both sighed.

"Orlando Bloom is SO HOT!" Jubilee swooned.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------

Jean laid in bed, thinking about the events of the past week. She had retained the knowledge of what had happened, because the Professor wanted her to remember what the consequences of her actions had been. He knew that just the knowledge of her power out of control would be punishment enough. She knew that she still had a "talking to" coming from Xavier, but she didn't worry about it that much. She made a mental note to apologize to Kurt again, and to apologize to Scott.

"I probably hurt his feelings with my comments about how he should be more like Kurt earlier today." She thought, and then promptly fell asleep.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------

Miles away, Amanda woke up suddenly, thinking that maybe if she wore a more revealing top, that the boy in her math class would notice her. Then she thought guiltily about Kurt Wagner. She knew that he liked her, and he was cute, but she wasn't ready to look at him like that yet.

"Maybe if I just give it time. . ." she thought, and drifted off to sleep.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------

All over the mansion, things went back to normal. Time went on as it normally did, and Kurt was lying in bed, thinking about loneliness. He turned over on his side, thinking about Amanda. He shook her out of his head, knowing that even though she hadn't been there earlier when the Professor got home, that the "virus" that Jean sent out had been killed by the Professor. And that meant that Amanda was probably thinking about that kid in her math class. The one that wasn't named Kurt Wagner. Kurt sighed, looking at her picture on his nightstand. Squinting his eyes, he looked closer. That wasn't Amanda. That was Kitty!

Kurt sat up and picked up the picture frame. He smiled, looking down at the picture of Kitty that he had taken when he had thought she wouldn't notice. He remembered the day perfectly. Kitty had been hiding in the library, reading a book while sitting on the floor. She had leaned back against the wall for support, and the sun was shining through from the window behind her. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail, and that's how Kurt had found her. He had been all over the mansion, taking pictures of his friends with his new camera to send home to his parents. He had gotten pictures of everyone but Kitty, and since he talked about her to his mom so much, he really needed to get a picture of her. So he had tiptoed into the library and found her engrossed in a book. With the light coming from behind her, her head was shining in the light, as if she was wearing a halo. He held his breath at the sight of her, thinking that she had never been so beautiful. He smiled, put the camera up, and snapped a picture. She had chased him all over the mansion for the next ten minutes, until he promised her that she would get the picture. After the pictures had been developed, he kept the doubles without her knowing, and gave the others to her.

Now he was looking at what he knew must have been her copy of the picture. He opened the frame, and found a note written on the back of the picture.



To my friend who makes me believe that I can do anything, be anything, and that there are no limits to what can happen. . .

. . .I just want to say that I love you, and I'm so glad that my eyes are now open.




A tear fell down Kurt's cheek, and he put the picture aside. He fell down onto his pillow, hoping sleep would take him soon. Now he knew what true loneliness felt like.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------

The next day, Kurt woke up and walked down to breakfast. He was awake early, and no one else was to be found in the kitchen. Sighing heavily, he made his breakfast as silently as he could, hoping not to awake anyone. His efforts were in vain, however, as Kitty walked into the kitchen yawning. He froze for a moment as he remembered the events from the day before, but he knew that she couldn't remember anything.

"Weirdest thing happened. I woke up on the couch in the rec room, but I can't remember how I got there or what I did yesterday." Kitty said.

"Jah? Zat's veird." Kurt replied.

"Isn't it? Well, I figure I must have been working out all day. I'm, like, really sore."

"I'm sorry, Katzchen. Vell, you can at least have a fun day today. Jah? Looks like Lance called on ze caller I.D. Called you yesterday."

"Oh, I don't care. I'm, like, totally over that jerk. You know, he's been cheating on me."

"He has?" Kurt asked

"Yeah. He's a piece of trash. I don't know what I ever saw in him."

"Vell, love can be blind." Kurt said.

"I guess so. It's just. . .he's, like, the total opposite of what I'd want in a boyfriend."

"And vhat is zat?"

"What is what?" she asked.

"Vhat do you vant in a boyfriend." Kurt asked.

"Why do you ask?" she teased.

"Just making conversation." Kurt said, smiling sadly.

"I don't know. Someone kind. Someone who'll hold my hand in public. A guy who's romantic, and thoughtful. A guy who remembers my birthday. Someone who doesn't just try to get into my pants. I want a boyfriend who's kind, charming, funny, smart, cute. . ." Kitty said, slowing her speech with each word.

"Jah?" he asked, turning to face her. He found himself almost touching her nose with his. She had been right behind him.

"Yeah." She said softly, looking into Kurt's eyes.

"Kitty, are you okay?" Kurt asked.

"I'm great." She said, never breaking the stare, but moving back to sit down. A strange thought had just occurred to her.

"Okay, vell, do you vant some breakfast?"

"What are you making?" she asked, her eyes still on him.

"Pancakes. Viz "light" syrup. Even zough you could stand to gain some veight." He teased, turning away from her.

"Yeah. I'll have some."

Kurt cooked in silence, thrown off by Kitty's strange behavior. He knew that Professor X had taken care of everything. So why was Kitty suddenly acting strange? Then a thought occurred to him. Jean had said something about someone liking him beforehand.

"Kurt, what are you doing today?" Kitty asked behind him.

Kurt poured some batter onto the frying pan.

"Um, nozzing. Vhy?" he asked.

"Want to go see a movie, or something?" she asked, biting her lip.

Unseen by Kitty, Kurt smiled.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------

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