Chapter I.


"I wasn't ready for this, I wasn't." Bella thought, swallowing her own tears. She lay alone in a dark and dangerously silent forest, on soft moss, soaked and cold. But it wasn't the cold that wasn't the reason why not a single bitter tear could leak out of her eyes. She couldn't remember how far she was from home, from Charlie. She couldn't remember HIS name anymore, he left her and walked away just like that. She didn't want to remember it, the pain in her chest gradually radiated through her entire body. She had no strength to go, no more strength to cry. Her body paralyzed with fear refused to obey, the last force leaned against the tree trunk to catch her breath, then her eyes spontaneously chose darkness.

"It will be as if we never met" ...

"Something must have happened!" Charlie snapped. "If I catch that Cullen next time, he'll pay me a lot for it!." "My little Bella ..." his voice broke.

Charlie, the Cullens left Forks as soon as Bella disappeared, "Bill exclaimed, clearly pleased with the severity of the matter. "Don't worry, our boys are reviving her, Sam knows what to do. He knows the forests here better than any other man." He added patting his friend on the back.

"Great, this city will do well without them now". Harry snapped.

The three of them stood beside the police car while the others searched the surrounding area for Bella.

"Bella!, Bella!" "Are you alright?"exclaimed an unfamiliar voice."Let me help you get up, your dad must be worried. The whole city is looking for you, come on ..." She heard as she opened and a pair of hazel eyes looked at her with concern. The boy seemed familiar,but she couldn't remember where she had seen him before. His jet black hair and dark brown skin reminded her of Jake, the boy on the reserve who was once a close childhood friend of hers. The felt someone pick her up from the damp earth, she was found ...

The bright light blinded her eyes, but Bella was too exhausted to close them. Her hand gently lifted, obscuring her face. The concerned Charlie could be heard not far away.

"Thank you Sam, thank you for finding my daughter!"

"It's nothing like that, Commander."

"She's visibly weakened, but she'll get out of it. She should have a good rest now."

Charlie couldn't contain his tears as he held his daughter in his arms. He was so worried that something might have happened, that he would never see her again ... He couldn't lose her so quickly!

"Harry!" "Billie!" "Sam found Bella!" he exclaimed. You can go home now."

"Thanks for your help."

"You are surely very tired."


"Never do this to me, do you hear? Never again!'. Charlie muttered as he carried his daughter to the bed. "I would never forgive myself if something happened to you ..."

Bella didn't have the strength to argue with her father. "Sorry Charlie; I lost my way back home, it was so dark everywhere .."

"Shh ... It's okay, you need to rest, Dr. Claire will check you when you feel better; he'll be back tomorrow morning." Charlie replied, setting her gently on the bed.

What she felt now was a void, a pain that was slowly becoming her friend, something that reminded her that "he" once existed. So if this was what her life was going to be like without him, she was ready to feel it for as long as it took. Even if she had to live with him for the rest of her mortal life.

Raindrops gently bounced off the glass surface of the window, tapping out a melody like a lullaby to which she slowly fell asleep.