Chapter 1

Argus sighed everything was finally finished for when the students who would be returning this evening. He was especially excited to get to see Hermione again. Dumbledore had told him she was safe but he still worried.

Unfortunately it wasn't until a week after term started that Argus finally got to talk to Hermione. The Gryffindor knocked on his office door. "Come in!" He barked, "Hello Argus." He looked up and saw who it was, Hermione! The young Gryffindor walked around his desk so she could hug him properly. "I've missed you so much Argus." He signed, "I've been so worried about you. How do you like being a prefect?" Hermione sighed, "I like it but it's a lot of responsibility." "I bet, if I can help in anyway let me know." "I will thank you." "How are your classes?" "I don't like Umbridge." "I take it defense against the dark arts is your least favorite class this year."

Hermione realized she had been hugging him the whole time "I'm sorry Argus." She said while pulling away from him. He surprised the young witch by pulling her back into his arms "Don't ever apologize for hugging me. I wish I could hug everyday, especially on the really trying ones. Which I have them quite often." Hermione smiled "I guess I need to give a hug everyday then." Argus laughed and smiled back, "I wouldn't complain if you did."

Argus reluctantly let go, "you best be running along." Hermione let go as well she then put her hand on his cheek and started rubbing it with her thumb which caused him to close his eyes. "I have something for you before I go" she then handed him a notebook she then explained, "I have one to. We can message each other I charmed them. When one of sends a message the reciever book will glow. So ever need me or your having a bad day let me know I wanna be there for you Argus."

Hermione was startled to see tears in the older man's eyes. "Argus what's the matter?" "I've been alone for so long. I've never had anyone to talk to or rely on." This time Hermione pulled him into a hug. "I'm here your not alone I got you." She wiped a few remaining tears from his cheeks. "Hermione please be careful this year and for the love of Merlin stay out of trouble."

"I will be busy studying for my OWLS." "I have no doubt about that. I know how you study and I know how important this test is, but please take care of yourself." "I will try my best." Hermione finally let go of him and headed out the door.

Author's Note

I'm back guys hope you all enjoy this story and thank you all for your support.