Andor, season one, set between episodes five and seven

The supposedly "missing scenes" as written in this very ficlet, moments in the life of the loving couple the two rebels, Cinta and Vel certainly are.

Set somewhere in the world of Star Wars Andor space time continuum. Somehow canon compliant, just maybe? Cinta/Vel pairing

"The Axe Forgets"

'Sharing something, a goal, a meal, perhaps even a blanket, might just lead to sharing a kiss too.'

"She is already sharing her blanket with someone… just so you know."

Vel had picked up on the words spoken between Skeen and Clem. Those about Cinta. It wasn't a secret after all, that she and Cinta were close. Really close. And why would it be. Love was love after all. In these times they were living in, under the yoke of the Empire, it was more important than even to have someone at your side you cared for. Well, as far as Vel was concerned anyway, as they had yet to speak about the two of them in those exact words. The l-word, the one specific word people seemed to shun away from during these times of change. Love. And so, no matter what their status was, the two did share more than a hammock and a blanket.

"Cinta, we need more water. Will you join me for a trip to the river?"

Vel's suggestion thrown up in the air, the water run a good as excuse as any to spend some time alone with Cinta.

Cinta, having just returned from feeding the livestock they had at their camp. The animals kept for the cover for sure. But the group also made good use of them just the same, getting the milk which was plentiful for drinking.

"Sure, I've nothing else planned."

A rare smile appeared onto Cinta's face, her making a small joke of it. Even if the idea behind it was far from a joke. After all, here was always something to do in the camp. Whether it was planning, training for the job ahead or simply doing daily chores.

Then again, getting water was a chore. And Cinta was only too happy to join Vel for the short trip over.

Cinta and Vel had made the trip to the river, the waters clear and cold. It was a source of survival for the small group of rebels. For their drinking water, for washing themselves and their clothing. And sometimes, a place of peace in the midst of it all. As they reached the water's edge, the duo placed the buckets they had been carrying for the water back on ground and quickly shed their clothing. Even if the water wasn't as warm and inviting as on some paradise planet, the two of them had made a habit of dipping into it. Together. The skinny dipping being a part of their ritual. The need to feel the other, in private, without prying eyes. As there really never was any privacy at the camp. Sometimes they simply held onto each other. Wanting to feel the other's skin against their own. Other times, if the mood was right, they would make love.

And today, was one of those days.

The lingering touches, the kisses, despite the calming cool waters heated the simmering flames within the pair. It wasn't the ideal setting for their love making, far from it. But neither of them seemed to care. The hunger for the other growing each passing touch.

They did not have much time on them. With the others soon to be wondering how long it took for them to fetch water. Then again, both of them suspected their partners in crime knew what they were doing at the river. Not that it mattered, not really.

Their love making brief, but satisfying, leaving them both in a state of bliss. This, stolen moment of happiness in their small bubble away from it all. Before it was time to return to the real world once again.

But, they had both chosen this life. To fight, the good fight, for them and others like them. Neither complaining about it, much.

"The Eye"

'The skies have opened up and we all, are going to fly right into the colourful void, becoming one with the stars.'

"Promise me, you will be alright."

The words still echoing in Vel's mind. The promise she had made Cinta to give her. Even if there was always the possibility none of them would survive this, job. This cause of theirs, the rebellion, could just be all of their undoing. But they all needed to try at least. To save what and those they could.

The heist had been a success. From the point of view of the rebellion at least. The credits gained and would now to be put into good use. At least, that was what Vel had been told, by Luthen.

But the casualties mounting up. All of them, except Vel and Clem dead. Too many in Vel's opinion. Perhaps even Cinta… No, Vel was not going to go there. Not now. After all, she was still waiting for the news from her. Because Cinta had made a promised. To survive. And so for now, in Vel's mind, Cinta was still alive.

Vel was waiting for word of Cinta's survival. The communication supposed to have been happening within the hour. They had agreed on the date and time beforehand. Because the rebels needed to be careful, with even the smallest details needing to be planned ahead. Cinta having remained behind in her home world. Her job to take care of the loose ends after the others had escaped with the credits. It was a gamble for sure. But Vel knew Cinta was tough and she would come through for them. For her sake. For Vel's sake.

Vel was pacing in her room. Her gaze wandering to the holo pad setup onto the table. She was willing it to come to life. But so far, there has been no channel opened. It was still within the allotted time frame Cinta was supposed to call. But Vel could not help being anxious and it was not the good kind of anxiety either.

But, no matter how hard she might have wished it, the holo com did not crackle to life.

As Vel kept on pacing away in the small size room she was renting, the clock too kept on ticking. The time slipping away, with the agreed slot to make the connection soon having passed too.

Vel's mind was going into the darker places of her mind, finding the fears in there. Those of perhaps Cinta being in trouble. Or worse. Vel's thoughts running a parsec a minute now, the horrid scenes flashing into the front of her mind.

Cinta lying dead in some ditch after the imperial soldiers had figured out who she really was and then having killed her. The torture of Cinta, for information of the heist and the rebellion. All of her doubts and fears so totally vivid flashing through her eyes. It was almost as Vel having witnessed it all herself.

Vel felt her heart beating loudly in her chest. Squeezing to the cavity where it lay tightly. As if wanting to burst out. Vel's breathing laboured now, the panic attack upon…

… and then, the holo pad chimed to life.

The familiar face of Cinta's filling the air inside of the blue glow, looking right at her.

Vel blinked, once, twice. And then, in a blink of an eye, all her previous thoughts, the sensations, the fear… All of it. Dropped in an instance as the familiar voice spoke to her. Calling out her name.

"Vel? Are you there dear? It's Cinta."


'Playing the part of a good rebel, is never easy. Keeping secrets, less so. But, it's all for the good of the cause, if you believe it to be so.'

"You will need to take care of him. He is a treat to all of us. Cassian Andor must be dealt with."

Vel had promised to do just that.

She had told Kleya as much. That Cassian Andor, as they now knew Clem to be, would be dealt with. Killed as the order was. Coming from the top level. Luthen.

But, killing someone who had helped them, no matter the circumstances. And Andor even having helped with the, well, issue of Skeen… how could she do that? Kill someone?

Still, it might not come to that. After all, they still had no idea where Andor was at this time having escaped from the moon. But the assumption was he would most likely go back to Ferrix. His home world and where his mother was. And so, Cinta had already been ordered to go there.

Vel was having some unfinished business back on Coruscant. And they had agreed for Vel to join her comrade in arms. Well, girlfriend really, as soon as possible.

But before that could happen, the two lovers to be reunited, Vel had things, or rather people to catch up with. A few friends of the family to see. And she was going to personally check up with Luthen too. Even if he had already sent Kleya to do his bidding.

Vel knew quite well it would mean nothing even if she would throw her two credits to Luthen's face. After all, this was the rebellion. Vel had chosen to join it out of her own free will. And it wasn't a democracy, no matter what anyone liked to think. They were all soldiers. And there was a command structure to follow. Fighting for a cause to better the lives of people having been wronged by the Empire.

Still, being the stubborn one Vel was, she would still want to have her say, even if it meant nothing to anyone but herself.

But, that would all have to wait. There were much more urgent matters pending. Personal ones for Vel at the moment to take care of. And the most important one being the holo call to Cinta. Something which they had agreed to do. Even if it might just have been dangerous with Ferrix being under imperial control at the very moment.

No matter the danger, it had already been a week since they two lovers had seen each other. And this, holo call, would keep them both sustained for a few more days before it was time for Vel to take the transport ship to Ferrix.

The blue glow appeared, indicating the communications channel had been opened. Vel was already in position, ready and waiting. Almost jumping when Vel heard the voice of Cinta's, being totally exited to hearing her voice again.

"Hey, sweetheart. Good to see your face again."

Vel greeted her partner.

"I have missed you. A lot."

"And I you. It won't be long now before we are together again."

Cinta's smile was all Vel needed to feel good again.

As even if the cause might have been the reason the two of them were together now. Still, during times like this, Vel only had eyes for Cinta. And then, as they continued catching up with each other, the whole galaxy faded away. The safe and special bubble around them becoming whole again. For just the two of them.