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[Inner thoughts]

"Regular speech"

*** Flashbacks


And for those who don't know

Yami - Yami Yugi

Yugi- Yugi Motou

Jounonchi/Jou - Joey

Seto Kaiba - Kaiba

Honda - Tristin Taylor

Anzu - Tea

Ryou - Bakura

Bakura - Yami Bakura Sugoroku(or however you spell it) - Yugi's Grandpa


Chapter One: The Darkness Before the Dawn

The light shone through the bedroom window as the hot sun began to set in the darkening sky. A dark figure was lying in mid sized bed with his eyes half lidded, giving the impression that he was half way asleep.

His Dark raven hair was done in large triangle spikes that were tipped with purple, and platinum blonde bangs, which spiked up along with the 'triangles' but also framed his gentle but sad face. Although from a distance the odd hair looked stiff and unwelcoming, the spikes were natural and unusually soft.

The young teenager wore a pair of black leather pants that clung tightly to his lithe form, and a black tank top that was studded around his arms. The ensemble was complimented by the large black armbands, which rested on each arm and wrist.

The most curious piece of jewelry the young man wore was the belt he wore around his neck. He also wore a pair of large black boots with a metal band around them, which completed the outfit and made him look like some sort of depressed punk rocker.

The oddest thing he had, was the many bruises and scars that were on his arms and face. He had a large bruise on the side of his face that looked like someone had punched him none to gently.

Yami slowly turned his face to stare at his bedroom door and at the 2 heavy locks that he had installed. Yami ALWAYS locked his bedroom door. But that never stops his father. Whenever his Father, Oshima, gets home, drunk, angry, and looking for a fight he always just breaks it down.

He sighs deeply and stares at his door. It is so beaten up by the vicious kicks and slams that most of the paint is completely chipped off in some places. The locks have been broken so many times the local hard where store looks at him funny anytime he buys a new lock, each one stronger than the next. But nothing works. He always gets to him. Somehow.

Yami is depressed and believes the whole world is full of pain. He hates his life. He dresses in punk rocker/gothic clothing so no one bothers him or asks him about his bruises and black eyes.

Instead they just assume he got into a fight and leave him alone. He lets them think what they want. Anything is better than the truth. That his father beats him every chance he got.

Yami has always wished to find a place where he belonged, where he was loved but never found it

He looks back at the window and the now darkened sky; the sun is now completely gone. Another day passes, but another day awaits; each day filled with more pain and sorrow than the last. He sighs again.

[If he hates me so much why can't he just kill me and get it over with instead of this. This life of pain. I just want it all to end. Something is wrong. I can feel it. I don't like it.]

Then he realizes something. It's getting late and Oshima is not home yet. Oshima was later than usual, which meant that he went out drinking, and would come home angry and ready to fight so he got up from his spot on the bed and made sure the doors and windows were locked and prepared for the worse.

Hours passed. No Oshima. [Something is wrong. Very wrong.] Yami stared at the clock as it ticked later and later and his dad hadn't shown up yet. [Maybe he's not coming home tonight?]

Yami thought to himself. He remembered the time that he fell asleep in his car after one of the bartenders took his car keys and he refused to walk home. [One can only hope]

Yami quietly opened the first lock to his room making sure not to make a sound just in case Oshima had come home and hadn't noticed. Nothing. So he proceeded with the next lock and unlocked it like the first. Still nothing.

Thinking that it was safe, Yami slowly opened the door to his room and peered down the hall making sure no one was home. Seeing that the hallway was safe, he proceeded to walk down the hallway leaving the door to his room open and ready just in case he needed a quick escape.

He walked out of the hallway and into the living room and paused as he stared at the front door paranoid it would open any second and reveal his father. [I'm just scaring myself I'll just go back into my room and stay extra quiet just in case he does come.]

Oshima was significantly taller than Yami and had a beer belly but was thin and muscular. He worked out every day at the gym so he was definitely stronger than yami.

Just as he is about to sit down the door slammed open to reveal Oshima. He had just walked in the door, more drunk than usual, and was already in a rage. Ranting and raving about a stupid bartender telling him he'd had enough, when he spotted yami standing near the couch.

Yami stood there so fear stricken he couldn't move. His brain kept yelling at him to run but he couldn't, the fear would not let him move an inch.

Then something clicked and his eyes widened and his legs finally found out they could move and he took off.

"OH no you little shit!" Oshima took off after him. Yami reached the hallway and was inches away from his door when he felt himself being toppled down, time seemed to slow as he reached out with his hand to try and grab the doorframe, anything to try and pull away from his father.

Oshima had dove and grabbed his ankle in a tight grip and had knocked him down. Yami desperately reached for anything he could find, to try and pry him off, but couldn't find anything. Yami's dad got up from his spot on the floor and pulled yami on the floor closer to him and flipped him over onto his back.

The force of Oshima flipping him over knocked the wind out of him and Yami coughed. Oshima got on top of him and straddled Yami's waist and started to hit him in the side. Hard.

"Stop!" Yami cried out in pain. Oshima just laughed an evil cackle and continued his assault on the young man.

Oshima landed punch after punch in Yami's side, ignoring the writhing boy's yells of pain. Finally cracks were head. Broken ribs. [Please stop.. Ah! It hurts] all yami could think of the pain. The immense pain coursed throughout his whole body flooding his brain.

His screams of pain only fueled Oshima to hit harder and faster. Tears spilled from Yami's eyes, as the pain became too much to bare. It became harder to breathe with each blow he took. The beating continued Oshima variating from hitting Yami's side to his stomach, face, and arms.

Oshima got up from his position on top of Yami while yami felt the weight lift off of him. A small part in the back of his mind hoped it was over, but he knew better than that.

Oshima grabbed Yami by the collar of his shirt and leaned his head over to Yami's ear. "Are you in pain? Does it hurt?" Oshima asked in mock sympathy.

Yami began to whimper at the thought of what was to come. Oshima got an evil glint in his eye and slammed Yami into the wall. The force of the hit caused more pain than the punches. Yami began to taste a coppery liquid in his mouth, he coughed and the liquidity substance dripped onto the floor. Blood.

Oshima just grinned evilly and slammed him against the other wall and then threw him onto the floor. Yami lay on the floor motionless. All he saw and all he tasted, was blood. Blood everywhere. Then lightheadedness, and finally, darkness. It was too hard and too painful to move. Then he felt himself being lifted from the floor and carried somewhere.

The sounds were blurred and he could not tell where he was but it seemed cooler. Then he was thrown onto the cold hard ground. And Oshima began to kick him repeatedly. The grunts of pain and anguish were all Yami could do, as the beating continued.

Then darkness began to surround him, he vaguely felt the pain, and it felt far away now. He knew it wasn't over but was glad to be free of consciousness. He thought it would be best if he just died now.

Then suddenly, he felt something cold, pierce the side of his body. It was a sharp pain, but he had never felt anything like it. The object was taken out but was replaced with something that soaked his shirt and dripped onto the floor and began to pool it around.

The pain finally became too much and He let the darkness overtake him.

~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~++++~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Yugi Motou walked down the lonely sidewalk, it was already night and there was no one in the streets. Yugi was a freshman in high school even though you wouldn't know it because of his height. He was shorter than normal, and didn't have many friends except his 3 close friends.

They didn't know about the bullies and he just made excuses for the bruises like he tripped, or fell. [Grandpa's going to be furious with me! I just hope he understands although I'm probably not going to be able to hide these from him this time]

He sighs as he feels the large bruises and welts on his arms. He subconsciously shivers as he remembers what happened when he had been walking home.


"Hey you! Pip-squeak! Yea I'm talkin' to you!" Yugi heard a deep burly voice calling after him. It was Sano. The school bully. He always terrorized Yugi he had gotten out of class ten minutes early since his teacher decided to be nice.

He figured it was enough time to get away. Guess not. "Yea Motou! Get your ass over here!!" Sano yelled again. Thinking maybe he had a head start, Yugi ran as fast as his legs could carry him.

"Hey! You can't run! I'm gunna kick your Ass!" Sano Yelled as he chased after the little freshman in high school. Yugi ran through the park hoping to lose Sano with no luck.

Sano caught up to Yugi by jumping a hedge and toppled him over. "See." Sano grinned and began to beat Yugi up.

"Please don't!" Yugi cried as Sano punched him in the stomach and socked him in the face. Sano looked around and spotted Yugi's school bag on the floor he picked it up and dropped all of its contents onto the floor while Yugi writhed in pain on the floor. He spotted some money and pocketed it.

"Ahh! See I knew you had money. Trying to weltch on me where you? That will teach you." Sano got up from the floor and kicked Yugi in the side then hopped the hedge and walked away.

Yugi lay in pain on the floor unable to move. Then passed out from the pain. When he awoke it was already dark. He cursed at himself for being caught but proceeded to limp home.


Yugi sighed. [At least I tried to run this time. It didn't work. But at least I tried.] He shrugged his shoulders and continued to walk home. As Yugi rounded the corner and began to walk the last stretch of sidewalk to his home, he noticed something, or someone lying on the sidewalk.

As he got nearer he noticed that that someone was unconscious on the floor and was bleeding heavily.

"Oh My God! Hey!" Yugi got down on his knees and noticed that this man was actually a teenager and oddly looked like. himself.

"Hey are you okay? Oh my god." Yugi whispered grabbing the young man's wrist checking for a pulse. He had had experience in critical first aid from taking an extra circular class that the hospital offered.

"Thank god your alive, barely I have to get grandpa just hold on!" Yugi took off his school jacket and covered up the boy. He then took one last glance at the boy. [He's pretty cute..what the heck? Where did that come from? What am I thinking! I got to help him!] Yugi took off running for his house.

Yugi arrived at the game shop and ran to his house's front door, which was located in the back of the game shop. Yugi slammed open the door and startled his grandpa and surprisingly his friend Jou who was sitting at the kitchen table as well.

"Grandpa! I need your help! I found this guy lying in the street bleeding I think he's dying you've got to help him!" Yugi had tears in his eyes; he didn't know why he was crying for a stranger. Yet he felt connected to the mysterious handsome young man since he saw him.

"What!" Grandpa and Jounonchi yelled at the same time. Jou got up from his seat at the kitchen table and walked up to Yugi.

"Where?" Jou asked Yugi. "Jou? What are you doing here?" Yugi asked surprised his friend was at his house this late.

"I gots worried when I called your house and your Grandpa said that you weren't home yet. Man yug what happened to you, you've got bruises all over you." Jou grabbed Yugi's arm examining it.

"Not now Jou! We've got to help that guy NOW!" Yugi shouted determination laced his every word.

"Lets go." Grandpa stated and they all ran out the door following Yugi whose tears continued to fall down his cheeks. [Please don't die. Please] Yugi prayed as he ran to the place where he had found the young man.

When they finally arrived, Grandpa and Jou gasped in horror as they witnessed the young man lying in a pool of blood with his eyes closed. His body was lying, on his back, on the sidewalk, while one of his hands was lying partially on the street. The other arm lay on his chest, with purple and green bruises all over it.

The boy's hair was caked in blood too and he had a large dark mark on his face. Jou stood speechless while Yugi sat next to the boy and softly caressed the boy's face.

"Don't just stand there, help him!" Yugi cried from where he sat next to the fallen teen.

Grandpa knelt down and felt his pulse. "You are right. He is still alive. But barely we need to take him home now and get him some help. We need to call the ambulance." Grandpa went to get up when the fallen young boy's hand gripped his hand.

"Please. Don't. Don't take me to a hospital. PLEASE" Yami stated with his eyes closed then his grip loosened and his arm fell back onto the floor. Yugi looked up startled that he had had enough strength to say that.

Yugi looked back at the young mans face then back to his grandpa. "Do you think you could treat him yourself?" Yugi asked quietly.

"I can try. Jou can you carry him?" Grandpa asked quietly. "Yea." Jou slowly snaked his arms around the young man and pulled him up. Jou instantly felt something liquid, begin to soak through his shirt and knew it wasn't a good sign.

"Um.. Gramps.. I think he's bleeding again. I can feel it soaking through my shirt." Jou stated. Looking at Yugi's grandpa with fear in his eyes.

"Lets just get him home as fast as he can." Grandpa stated, as they all made their way back to Yugi's House.


Yugi sat quietly in a chair next to his bed as Grandpa tended to the young man's wounds. Yugi had suggested that Grandpa let him lay on his bed since the couch would be too uncomfortable.

Yugi watched as Grandpa finished stitching the gash that the teen had on his side. Yugi began to look over the young man's body. Grandpa had taken the teenager's clothing except his boxers to wash them since they were soaked in blood. They were currently in the sink of Yugi's bathroom that was attached to his bedroom.

[Wow. He has a great body. . What the heck. Why did I just say that!. and he is so cute. did I just say cute?] Yugi turned bright red. Sugoroku turned just in time to see Yugi staring at the floor his face bright red. He wasn't a fool.

He knew Yugi too well to deny it. His son just didn't notice it yet. O well. He would someday.

Yugi looked up after he felt the redness in his face begin to fade and looked at the young man's face. He looked so peaceful but there was also this sadness that seemed to emanate from the young man.

"Well I'm all finished. I think he will be okay now." Sugoroku got up from his chair and turned to look at his grandson.

"Yugi you need to get some rest." Sugoroku looked at his Grandson gravely he know the boy wouldn't sleep until his new friend was better.

"Don't worry Grandpa I'll go to sleep. I'll just get some extra blankets from my closet." Yugi got up from his chair and went over to his closet and got out some blankets.

Satisfied that his grandson would at least get some sleep he looked over at the clock, it read, 11:30 PM. [Thank god it's only Friday]

"Good night Yugi I'll come see how he's doing in the morning." Sugoroku closed the door and went to his own room down the hall.

Yugi set up his makeshift bed on the floor and sat down. Only he kept looking up and seeing if the young man had awoken yet. He couldn't sleep. [Forget it. I'm not going to sleep and I know it.] He got up from his makeshift bed and sat back down on the chair next to this beautiful stranger.

"Who are you. Where did you come from? And how could someone do this to you." Yugi reached out and held one of the sleeping teens hands. He continued to watch after his new charge until sleep overtook him. He fell asleep still sitting in the chair with his upper body lying on the side of the bed, holding the young man's hand.