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Chapter Nine: Fallen Angel

The ambient golden sun began to rise in the sky, bathing the city its luminous rays. It crept ever so slowly towards the window of the turtle game shop. The light seemed to have a life of its own gliding along the ground, banishing the darkness in everything it touched. Its golden arms outstretched inviting everyone to bath in its pure light. A single figure sat in the shadows, perched on the windowsill gazing at the horizon. His hair blowing gently in the wind as he watched on, a single tear rolled down his cheek as he slowly closed his eyes. He lowered his head to gaze to his hands. Small cuts and bruises marred the soft flesh.

I knew it would not last... it never does. I was a fool to believe that just because I tried to get away that it would end. that every one of my problems would magically disappear and that I would live in some fucking fairytale for the rest of my life. Life doesn't work that way. and I was a damned idiot if i thought any different.

The tears continued to roll down his cheek as he spoke softly to himself, careful not to wake his companion. The young man signed softly to himself as he looked back up at the sky. The golden light seemed cruel now. Its beautiful crimson, amethyst and burnt sienna mocking him as it bled into a clear cerulean sky. Hope was a dangerous thing. It can give you faith in the world and make you feel like your floating on air...and it can also drive a man insane.

Yami wiped the tears from his face with a look of determination. I have accepted my fate. He smiled crudely as he stood up and turned around, facing into the room one last time.

Thank you little one. thank you for trying to save me. He smiled sadly at the small figure sleeping the makeshift bed. He slowly walked to the edge of the roof.

I'm sorry... but you cannot save someone who cant be saved. Yami slowly closed his eyes and stretched out his arms, his head tilting up at the sky as the light slowly crept up to him.

Thank you... he whispered softly, the light embracing his small form making him glow with golden light as he slowly took one last step back

Yugi suddenly jumped up in bed, his eyes wide with an irrational fear. A chill ran up his spine as he blinked up at the sun shining in his open window. The golden light shone on his bed warming the blankets as he starred at the blue sky, a slight wind blowing the curtains softly.

"Whats this feeling..." Yugi whispered to himself as he surveyed the empty room around him. Something was wrong he could sense it. "Yami?" Yugi called softly as he stepped onto the carpet and out of bed. "Yami?" he called again, eyeing the freshly made bed. The freshly made empty bed.

"Yami?" Yugi called out louder as he walked over to the bathroomhis mind beginning to worry. "Yami?"he called out again his eyes beginning to sting, tears beginning to form in his eyes. "Yam-" he stopped himself as he spotted Yami's folded clothing resting comfortably in a chair in the corner. Yugi slowly walked over to the chair and picked up the clothing in his arms, burrying his face in the soft fabric. Taking in the soft sent of freshly cleaned clothes he looked up at the window. Yugi dropped the crumpled shirt onto the floor. He ran over to the open window and looked around seeing nothing but the clear sky and green grass below. "Yami!" his spoke, his voice cracking. "YAMI!" Yugi yelled, the torrent of tears began to fall from his eyes dotting the ledge with tiny droplets.

"YAMI!" he yelled again his fists clenching. "Why did you leave!" he yelled, his legs giving way as he fell to his knees against the window.

"I could have saved you! Why!" Yugi pounded his fists on the wall as he cried. "Why! Why!" he repeated.

"Why" he whispered slowly as he heard footsteps outside his door then a knock.

"Yugi?" Sugoroku called as he opened the door to Yugi's room and looked around for his grandson. "Yugi? What are you doing? Why are you yelling out the window? Why are you crying? And where's Yami?" Sugoroku looked around and spotted the empty bed, no sign of the mysterious boy they had befriended.

"He's gone" Yugi whispered, his voice broken and raspy. "I woke up, and his bed was made, his clothes were folded on the chair... he's gone..." he trailed off not taking his eyes off the wall, facing away from his grandfather. He didn't want his grandfather to see him like this, he promised he'd never hurt him like this again.

Sugoroku knew his grandson had dealt with so much pain before, the loss of his parents, the bullying at school, his lack of friends. He was seemed so happy now, he didnt want to see his beloved grandson hurt again. Not again.

"Well.. My boy.. Maybe he just taking a walk? Or he stepped out for a few, I'm sure– " He began but was cut off.

"No. No grandpa.. He's gone... I don't know how to say this.. I just..I can feel it..somehow.. He's gone grandpa he's gone" Yugi turned around to face his grandfather, his eyes were red and his cheeks stained with tears.

"Yugi..." Sugoroku whispered as he slowly walked over to his grandson and gathered him up in his arms. "I'm sorry Yugi. Maybe he will come back?" He offered, holding yugi tightly. Yugi's sobs shook his small farm as he hugged his grandfather.

"Maybe..." he whispered. I don't think he's coming back... I'd like to believe your right grandpa.. But...I don't think I'll ever see him again...

"Come on, I'll fix you up a nice breakfast and we can go look for him. What do you say?" Sugoroku patted Yugi on the back and smiled at him.

"Okay..." Yugi wiped the tears from his eyes as they both got up off the floor. Sugoroku walked to the door and paused when he noticed yugi was not with him. He watched Helplessly as Yugi turned back around and starred out the window sadly.

"It will be okay yugi... I promise" He spoke softly, Yugi turned back to him sadly. Sugoroku smiled back and walked out the room.

"I don't know If it will this time grandpa.." Yugi spoke to himself. Sugoroku paused in the hallway as he heard Yugi speak, but said nothing as he continued down the stairs.

It had been months since Yami disappeared, he had not heard anything from the mysterious young man since that fateful day. Yugi's life seemed so empty now, he had told his friends what had happened, none of them could believe it. But life moved on, and eventually so did he. That deep pain in his heart was still there, slowly ebbing away at his soul. But he barred it... he plastered that fake smile on his face and faced the world with a smile, even thought it pained him to do so. He had tried to forget Yami, but nothing could replace someone like him. Nothing could repair that wound in his heart.

Yugi walked down the streets of domino alone as the wind blew the leaves in the air. They seemed to dance as they were gently carried up by the wind and glided back down to the ground. He walked aimlessly, passing people as he continued on his way. He didn't even know why he walked, he just knew he had to go. Go somewhere, anywhere.. Just go. Anything to keep his mind occupied, anything to keep his thoughts away from him... His friend... his comfort... his love.

So he walked. He starred blankly at his feet when suddenly he stopped. He looked up and noticed that he'd walked so far, that he was now out of main district, and in a small residential area. He recognized this place...this place was the one many people talked about. It was one of the more poorer areas, and known for its violent past. He had stopped in front of an abandoned and condemned yellow house, its windows and shutters boarded up with cheap wood. A dead tree in the front yard, dirt and weeds in place of grass, and a metal fence. Something was odd about this house, something called to him.

Yugi slowly reached out and opened the rusted iron gate and stepped inside the yard. The wind blew the kicked up the dust into the air as he approached the house. A feeling of dread and fear began to creep up on him. Yugi hesitantly reached out for the doorknob but paused. He held his breath and touched the knob as if it was going to burn him, he slowly turned the knob and pushed. The old door creaked and groaned as he pushed it open slowly. He looked around the empty house the light creaking through the boarded up windows casting spots of light across the floor.

He walked cautiously as the floor creaked with each step he took, he entered the large room and noticed the copper stains on the floorboards. Yugi visibly shuttered at the thought and continued down a hallway noting the scratches and more stains on both sides of the hallway walls. The floor groaned on as he continued to make his way down the hallway, he turned to a door on the left with heavy locks and bolts. He reached out for the knob and quickly retracted his hand and held his head in pain. He stepped back and the pain began to subside, he slowly opened his eyes to look at the door once again.

Yugi starred at the door in determination and again reached for the door, the pain returned two-fold be he endured it as he caught hold of the doorknob and turned it. He slowly opened the door and stepped inside.

"Yami" Yugi spoke softly as he caught a glimpse of Yami's form in the corner but it quickly disappeared. The pain in his head subsided as he looked around the room. A broken bed lay in the left corner, papers and broken bottles on the floor. Stains everywhere, Yugi stood in the mess in disbelief. He looked over to an open closet and noticed something catching the light on the floor just inside. . He walked over to it. Yugi bent down and picked up a circular picture frame, the glass broken but the picture in tact. It was a picture of a woman, face smiling softly. She had brilliant red eyes, and dark black hair.

"Yami?" Yugi starred at the picture in disbelief. Who was this woman in the photograph, why did she look like Yami... and why here of all places?

"Hey, what are you doing here?" A deep voice called out from behind him, and he jumped dropping the picture on the ground and he quickly turned around to face the voice.

Yugi's eyes widened in disbelief as he starred at the man in front of him.

"Yami" Yugi gasped as he starred at the young man. His deep crimson eyes starring back him. Tears began to well up in his eyes as he starred. The young man wore a black turtleneck shirt and pants, a gray jacket and a scarf around his neck.

"YAMI!" Yugi ran and hugged the young man tears of joy streaming down his face. The young man stood there startled as Yugi hugged him tightly. The young man blinked down at the boy his arms out in hesitation.

"Who's Yami?" the man spoke confused as Yugi's breath hitched and he paused. He slowly let go of the man and stepped back and starred shocked at his expression.

The man blinked with an odd face, Yugi could not say a word.