Joseph wasn't sure whether he could call the telepathic purple-furred creature more like a cat or a kangaroo. One thing was clear, though; it could put away as much liquor as a mutant clone of German extraction.

//So I then decided not to try to conquer the world//, it was confiding, //and I retreated with my clones to a remote location to try to be left alone. Of course, my creator came after me then and tried to force me to work for him, and after I got out of *that* situation I decided it wasn't enough to simply live on my own. My people are *still* oppressed. So I've decided to take a more active role in helping them.//

It turned to the mutant. //And you?//

"Nothing so interesting," Joseph said. "I'm the good clone, remember."

//That must suck.//

"Tell me about it."