Thursday July 31st 1986 4:00 p.m.

Harry Potter, a skinny boy who has raven black hair and emerald green eyes is slowly walking back home from school with a note from the teacher. He is going so slow that it looks like he's barely moving. The reason why he is trying to take so long to get home is because he knows that when he does he is going to be badly hurt. As he is walking home he is thinking of everything that has happened so far since he was left on his aunt and uncle's doorstep when he was 15 months old. Every time anything weird or strange happened around him he would get punished. Such an event happened today. His teacher accused him of cheating on a test and he got so scared at the teacher that he accidentally turned his teacher's hair pink. The teacher was so angry at Harry that she wrote a note to his aunt and uncle to be signed notifying them of what just happened and to be returned the next day.

Harry is so lost in thought that doesn't realize that he is already at home. He walks into the house and immediately in a quiet and very scared tone of voice says " unc-unc-Uncle Vernon I have a note from the teacher for you. " As Harry hands the note to Uncle Vernon he watches his uncle take it and read it. As he is looking at his uncle he sees his uncle's face go from regular to red to purple in rage. Knowing his uncle is extremely angry he tries to run to his cupboard under the stairs. Just as he is about to enter the cupboard his Uncle Vernon grabs his wrist and yanks him into the kitchen.

Once they are in the kitchen Vernon throws Harry into a chair and tells him to stay put. 2 minutes later Uncle Vernon returns with the fire poker in his hand as he looks at Harry and says " so you think it's funny to turn your teacher's hair pink do you. Well this is the last time you will ever do that. " He grabs Harry's hands, puts them over the table and whacks them with the poker four times, breaking both his arms in two different places. As a final touch to his punishment for his nephew Vernon throws Harry onto the floor and takes the handle of the poker stabs Harry in the stomach. Vernon just smiles knowing he just missed all the vital organs but knows that if he leaves the boy he might die.

Harry knowing that he's about to die thinks as hard as he can that he needs to get away. He tries to crawl away but doesn't get more than a couple feet. Harry tries to get to his feet but realizes that he doesn't have any strength to stand up. Harry realizing that he is in grave danger thinks about help and wishing somebody could help him before he passes out. However what he doesn't realize is that right before he passes out his accidental magic kicks in the strongest it's ever been. His magic guided by his thoughts apparates him to the foyer of Potter Castle.

Messi being the head elf of the Potter's and having followed her previous master and Mistress's orders got everyone in Potter Castle trained for if anything ever happened. Messi knowing that today was Master Harry's 6th birthday still remembers her previous master and Mistresses words. She is monitoring the other house elves making sure everything in the house is clean and ready for when Master Harry returns when she feels a familiar magic apparate into the foyer. Being the head elf she immediately alerts the security elves to the foyer where she senses the magic. She also being the head elf has to be there to make sure everything goes right. However as soon as she enters the foyer she immediately stops the security elves and cries " Master Harry, hang in there Master Harry. We'll get you to the hospital wing of the castle immediately. "

Messi immediately alerts all the elves that Master Harry has appeared and is gravely injured. She picks him up with her magic being careful not to dislodge the poker that is still in him and rushes him to the hospital Wing in the back on the right. As soon as they enter Messi looks at the other elves in the hospital wing and says "healing elves this is what you've been training for for the past 5 years. Master Harry is here and is badly injured. You are to save him at all costs." After receiving nods from all the other elves in the hospital wing, Messi orders all the other elves to get back to work and that there will be more work coming soon now that Master Harry has returned. Messi being worried about master Harry, stood off to the side as she watched the healing elves do their job.

5 minutes later the head healing elf walks over to Messi and says " We have saved him. He was badly injured and the poker nicked one of his organs. He also lost a lot of blood however we were able to completely repair the organ and gave him two blood replenishers to bring his blood back up. However we need to get him to Saint Mungo's when we can. I believe he has been badly abused because he's too short and way too skinny for his age. One other thing, some of the scars on him look like they were made with knives. We need to get him to Saint Mungo's and contact the DMLE as soon as possible."

Messi nods to the Head healing elf and says " thank you healing elf Curing. Once he wakes I will give him the letters that his parents gave me to give to him on his birthday today. After he has read it and he understands what must be done I will create a port key for him to Saint Mungo's. I will disguise myself with my magic so that I can keep an eye on him and keep him secret until the DMLE can talk to him in private. Thank you for your advice. Once the mess is cleaned up you can take the rest of the day off."

Messi pulled up a chair next to master Harry and waited for him to wake. 30 minutes later she notices him stirring and starting to wake. Once she sees him open his eyes she looks at him and says " Master Harry, you are safe now. You are at Potter Castle. I know you have not had the best life as your parents had hoped you would. However they did write some letters for you on what needs to be done. Your mother Lily Rae Potter could on very very few occasions see the future. In fact to my knowledge she had only ever seen the future twice. However the future is not set in stone. It was always flowing, always changing. Just one change or mistake can change the entire future. Your mother and father both left you letters to be opened on your birthday today when you showed up at Potter Castle. These are their letters. I am what's known as a house elf. Your family owns hundreds of us. I know you are probably thinking that we are slaves because we have to do whatever we're told. However I can assure you that we are not. Our relationship with those we are bonded to is what's known as a symbiotic relationship. Witches and wizards benefit from having us serve them yet we cannot survive without the magic of the family or in the case of Potter Castle the power of the Leylines that protect it. I know this doesn't make sense yet but as you advance in your education in the wizarding world you will come to understand all this. I was originally the messenger elf of the Potter family. However when your mom saw the future of what was coming she decided that her final orders were for me to become the head House elf and to protect the house of Potter. She gave me specific orders on what to do."

Harry, shocked that this creature is talking to him, gently takes the parchment from the elf as it called itself and, noticing that there is a Crest on it, puts his hand over the crest. As soon as his hand was over the crest the seal broke allowing the parchment to be read.

Harry unrolls the parchment and reads it.

To my dearest and most precious baby boy Harry James Potter my name is Lily Rae Potter and I am your mother. I am sorry I cannot be there to raise you myself. However I have instructed Messi to give you letters from me and your father at certain times as you grow up. She cannot give them to you any sooner or later than we told her because it is very important that you have them at those times. You see you're famous in the wizarding world for destroying the dark wizard known as Lord Voldemort. However his true name is Tom Marvolo Riddle. You see there was a prophecy about you before you were born. The one and only wizard known as Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore was one of the ones to overhear the prophecy. However he got distracted by one of my old ex-friends who was on the other side of the war that we were having at the time. However because Albus was trying to stop my old ex friend he missed the complete prophecy. However the Evans family have even though we were squibs for many many generations more than I can count the ability to on rare occasions see the future. My ability in it was stronger than the rest that we've had for a long while and I could see prophecies being made every once in a blue moon. In fact I've only ever seen one prophecy being made in a vision and that was the prophecy about you. I will tell you about the prophecy in a later letter, however right now what's important is for you to know that we love you and we have never given up on you. Your father and I wish we could have raised you ourselves yet we couldn't change the prophecy even if we tried. After you read your father's letter, tell Messi that you need to set the wards for Potter Castle immediately. She will lead you to the Lord's study and follow what she says. My advice to you, my son , do not trust Albus Dumbledore even though he is the leader of the light he tries to get rid of anything that is dark just like Voldemort is trying to get rid of everything that is light. What they don't know is that magic needs to be in balance. There is always a balance without balance there is chaos and where there's chaos there's death. I know this is a lot to take in but know that you can always talk to me and your father. We have portraits of ourselves from our last day of life that can talk to you hidden in this castle in the portrait room Messi knows where it is.

I love you my son Lily Potter nee Evans

As Harry finishes reading the letter from his mother he grabs the other letter from his father and does the same thing to unseal it. Once it is unsealed he unrolls it and once again reads.

To Harry James Potter my son. My little tiger. I want you to know that I love you no matter what happens to us. There are some things I need to warn you about and there are some things that you are going to need to do. Your mother has told me that you haven't exactly had the best of lives. For that I am truly sorry the first thing I need to warn you about is one of our old friends called Peter Pettigrew. He is a rat animagus. An animagus is a witch or wizard who after following a specific ritual can turn into an animal at will. He was our secret keeper for our house, not Sirius Black. But I'll tell you more about that in a later letter. I just wanted you to be aware of him. Second, be warned that Albus Dumbledore knows the art of occlumency so when you start Hogwarts be careful not to meet his eyes because he will be able to read your mind. Now that all the warnings are out of the way, here are some things that you'll need to do as soon as possible. First, since I know you are probably malnourished and were badly abused by Petunia, you need to go to Saint Mungo's hospital for magical maladies and injuries to undo everything that has been done to you. Second while you're there talk to Amelia Bones head of the DMLE and tell her about what happened to you. I know it'll be difficult but I know you can do it my little tiger. Lastly the third thing you need to do is when you get your Hogwarts letter immediately go to Gringotts wizarding Bank in London and ask for Ax Killer. He is the account keeper of the Potter accounts when you meet him tell him these words the tiger protects his family and shall forever keep the balance. Once you do that he will know what to do next. I love you, my son, take care of the castle and be careful, goodbye.

Your loving father and Marauder James Charles Potter AKA Prongs.

Harry, hurries up finishing his father's letter, looks at Messi and says "Messi, I need you to take me to Saint Mungo's so I can fully recover from everything that has been done to me. However I would like you to stay with me in disguise as long as you can. Can you do that for me?"

Messi nods and says " I can do that, nothing to worry about at all. Your parents warned me about what might happen to you. Your mother actually told me to make sure that we had the best healing we could here at Potter Castle to save you. I have a portkey ready for you and I can put my disguise up in the blink of an eye just let me know as soon as you are ready."

Harry nods and says " I'm ready whenever you are. By the way, what's a portkey?"

Messi says "a portkey is a way for witches and wizards to travel from one place to another. It's a little uncomfortable but the quickest way. This gold coin is the portkey to Saint Mungo's that I made as soon as I knew it was you to appear in the foyer. All you have to do is touch the gold coin and I'll say the word and it'll activate. As soon as it activates you will feel a jerk behind your navel pulling us forward but just as quickly as you feel it you'll be landing in the entrance of Saint Mungo's. Give me a sec to put up my disguise magic and then we can go. "

Harry watched as Messi snapped her fingers and where she was standing was now a 27-year-old average looking woman. Harry put his hand on the gold coin that she was holding out and the moment he touched it he heard her say activate and felt the jerk behind his navel like she said. Also just like she said, as soon as he felt it he landed on the floor of Saint Mungo's hospital. He held Messi's hand as they walked up to the receptionist.

Once they are in front of the receptionist Messi says "hello I need an emergency health exam on my ward here. His parents left me specific instructions on what was to happen if he appeared at the castle when he was six and that's exactly what happened. I also need Amelia Bones of the department of magical law enforcement contacted immediately. Tell her that the tiger returns to restore balance and she will know what is to be done. "

The receptionist nods and says "floor 2, speak to healer Greengrass she will be able to help you there."

Messi and Harry walk hand in hand up to the second floor. As soon as they walk in, Messi and Harry see a healer with long blonde hair and ice blue eyes that look like sapphires looking after the patients. Messi recognizes Miss Greengrass from a previous party that mistress Lily threw, walks over and says in a very quiet voice in her ear that Harry can't hear "the tiger arrives at midnight." seeing the recognition of the phrase passed on to her by Lily for notifying Miss Greengrass about Harry nods.

Miss Greengrass nods and pulls Messi into a hug and says "it's been too long my old friend. If you and the young sir will follow me I will take you to a private screening room to take care of whatever you need. " After speaking and a nod from Messi she leads them through the door to her private office for high quality patients. Once the doors are closed the soundproofing charm is activated along with anti-eavesdropping hexes she turns to Messi and says "so it's finally time to enact stage one is it. " After receiving a nod she indicates for Harry to hop up on the table.

Harry knowing that Messi trusts this lady does as indicated. He sees her pull out what looks like a stick and wave it in a very funny pattern. After a few minutes he sees that she is frowning and that she has a look of pure fury on her face. Knowing that it's not directed at him he just waits for her to say something.

Healer Greengrass after receiving the diagnostics from the diagnostic spell that she cast on Harry immediately grabs a malnutrition reversal potion, eye healing potion, a nerve healing potion and skelegro. She handed them to harry to drink, which he did one by one. After the last one is done she feels that there's somebody else on the other side of her door and upon recognizing the magical signature she unlocks the door and lets in Amelia bones.

Harry watched as in walks a stern looking witch with blonde hair and a no nonsense type of feel to her. Harry watches as she walks over to him and says to him "hello Harry my name is Amelia Susan Bones I was very close friends with your mother and father. Your mother a month before she died gave me a passphrase for if you ever showed up here. When the receptionist alerted me with the passphrase I knew that you were here. Now I need you to tell me where you've been and what has happened to you. Do you think you can do that?"

warning gets dark from this point for a little bit

Harry nods and says "yes Mrs Bones I can do that. However I need you to be warned that no matter what I say you cannot arrest the Dursley's for what happened to me. Because from what I got from my mother and father's letters, sometime in the future I'm going to need to go back to them and I can't go back to them if they're in prison. " Harry after receiving a nod from Amelia says " well I was dropped off at the Dursley's on Sunday November 1st 1981 at 11:00 at night with nothing but a note in my basket with me. I don't know what was in the note because Petunia burned it before I could read but I've spent the rest of my life till now being beaten, starved, chased by my cousin and punched in the ribs so I'd get broken bones, I was even cut with knives by Vernon whenever accidental magic kicked in. Today was the last straw for Vernon and he used a fire poker from the fireplace, broke the bones on both my arms and then stabbed me in the chest. He nicked one of my organs. I don't know which one you'd have to talk to Messi about that later. I was thinking I need to get away or I'll die and wishing for help as I was trying to get out and that he was smiling watching me. Right before I passed out I somehow apparated I think the word is to the foyer of Potter castle with accidental magic. There the healing house elves that my family has saved me. After that Messi gave me a letter from my mother and father and each one told me something different and what needed to be done. As soon as I get back to Potter Castle I'm going to activate the wards so that nobody can get in or detect me. However I will allow you and Miss Greengrass to come visit. But for the most part for the next 5 years I'm going to be in hiding. Be aware that Dumbledore is going to keep it quiet from The Wizengamot that I am missing. The only reason I remember all this stuff about the wizarding world and all that is because I have a perfect recall of my memory or as the muggles say an eidetic memory. I can remember everything from the day I was born. It's actually quite terrifying sometimes. That is about it now that I've had my potions and everything is good to go. Can I leave?"

Messi and Harry after receiving a nod leave, Messi grabs Harry's hand and immediately apparates them to Potter Castle. As soon as they get there Messi walks Harry to the Lord's study and indicates the crest of the Potter family and says " Master Harry all you have to do is put your hand on the crest and it will see if you are the Lord or heir of the castle once it determines that you are it will read your mind to determine what you want done. All you gotta do is think about putting up the words and the full wards will go up. That's all you have to do."

Harry does what she said to do and sure enough he feels that the castle is now protected from any and all threats. With that done Harry passes out in Messi's arms realizing that he is finally home where he belongs.