DC Ame-Comi Girls: Age of the Dragon

An Elder Scrolls/DC Comics crossover

Chapter 1

The College of Winterhold.

The Dragonborn sliced through another magical anomaly with his sword. The anomaly seemed to scream in pain as it was bisected in half by the blade of his sword, and it fell to the snow in a pile of steaming magical goo. The warrior panted slightly and took a moment to observe the battlefield briefly. Members of the College, both novices and masters were engaging the magical anomalies in battle, blasting out streams of fire, lightning and frost at the anomalies that flew about, slamming their eldritch bodies into the college members. This had all started when Ancano, the Thalmor advisor (read: toady), had taken control of the Eye of Magnus and was using the artefact's insurmountable power for his own ends.

The Psjic Monks had informed the Dragonborn that he was the only one who could stop what was happening. A meeting with the Augur of Dunlain had the warrior travelling to Labyrinthian, the ancient Nord city ruin nestled deep in the frozen mountains, to recover the Staff of Magnus that would have the power to close the Eye before it could potentially destroy the world.

After a long battle with legions of undead and the Dragon Priest Morokei who commanded them, the Dragonborn had recovered the Staff and immediately made his way back to the College. It had devolved into pandemonium as Ancano's reckless misuse of the Eye had caused magical ruptures to split the borders between realms, spilling forth magical anomalies that had begun attacking everything in sight.

The warrior participated in the battle, helping his fellow college members as best he could, slicing apart the anomalies with his sword and providing healing and magicka potions to anyone who was injured in the battle against the anomalies. Mirabelle Ervine urged him to end the insanity and that was what the warrior intended to do.

Tolfdir volunteered his services to aid the Dragonborn in reaching the College and the warrior gratefully accepted the offer of the elderly but powerful wizard's help. Once the anomalies in the town had been dealt with, the pair then traversed the walkway leading to the college and they soon reached the magical barrier that barred the way. Pulling the staff of Magnus from his back, the Dragonborn raised the eldritch staff in front of him and unleashed the power of the staff onto the magical barrier barring entry.

Immediately eldritch energy shot forth from the crystal head of the staff and the stream of magic collided with the barrier in a shower of magical sparks and arcs of lightning. There was a great screaming sound as though the barrier itself were in pain but that didn't stop the warrior as he focussed on bringing the barrier down. Finally, after a tense nerve-wracking moment, the barrier was brought down, and it cracked and broke like splintering glass as 'shards' of magic fell around the College like broken glass.

Putting the staff away, the Slayer of Alduin then charged into the college with his sword at the ready and Tolfdir following closely, his hands wreathed in arcane flames.

Barging through the large oak and iron bound doors, Dragonborn and the Tolfdir entered the Hall of Elements where they found Ancano standing before the Eye of Magnus, his body enveloped in arcane magic.

"Ancano! Stop this madness! You don't know what you're doing!" the Dragonborn shouted. Ancano turned around to sneer dismissively before he replied.

"Foolish whelp! I know exactly what I'm doing!" boasted the Thalmor agent. "With the Eye at my command, the Thalmor has all it needs to wipe out both the Stormcloaks and the Imperial Legion from the board!" he declared.

"Ancano, please! Listen to reason!" Tolfdir cried "There are magics we were never meant to meddle with!" he yelled.

"Pathetic old man!" Ancano sneered, "I tire of your prattle!" Ancano then waved a hand and Tolfdir fell to the ground paralysed.

"No! Damn you!" shouted the Dragonborn as he blasted out a stream of lightning at Ancano but the magical aura surrounding the Altmer easily absorbed the lightning. Ancano waved another hand and it was only lightning quick reflexes that saved the Dragonborn from being struck by a paralysis spell. The hero of Skyrim then drew the staff of Magnus from his back. Ancano's eyes flashed with recognition as he saw the staff in the warrior's gauntleted hands.

"The… Staff of Magnus? You found the Staff of Magnus?!" screeched Ancano.

"I did!" the Dragonborn declared "And with it, your schemes are over!" he said as he pointed the staff towards the Eye and blasted a stream of energy at the Eye. The stream of energy collided with the Eye and the Eye closed. As the Eye closed, Ancano's magical aura faded away leaving him vulnerable. Almost immediately, the warrior was upon the Thalmor agent, his sword flashing. Ancano barely dodged each strike, trying to raise his hands to cast a spell.

The Dragonborn kept to trying to get in close so that the Thalmor lackey wouldn't be able to use any magic. Ancano in an act of desperation drew his dagger and slashed at the man who blocked the strike with his sword, but this provided Ancano with enough time to hit the Dragonborn with a telekinetic pulse which forced him back. Ancano then stretched his hand towards the Eye and cast a spell on it. The Eye opened and Ancano was then covered in magic once again.

Ancano then began throwing lightning bolts and fireballs at his foe for all he was worth. It took all of the Dragonborn's agility to avoid being hit by the destructive spells and he aimed the staff at the Eye and cast the magic of the artefact into the Eye. The eldritch magic of the staff collided with the Eye, and it began to close again. Ancano screamed in rage as he cast a counter-spell at the Eye for it to remain open. But as Ancano's counter-spell hit the Eye, it began to froth with energy and arcs of energy and lightning lashed out and there was a great cracking sound as above the Eye a tear in the fabric of reality opened and began to suck everything in.

Ancano was the first to be sucked into the blackhole and the Thalmor agent screamed in desperation as he scrambled to hold onto solid ground. The Dovahkiin acted quickly; he used his Thu'um to Shout Ice Form to anchor Tolfdir to the floor ensuring he wouldn't be sucked into the blackhole. The Dragonborn then thrust the blade of his sword deep into the ground and held on tight. The warrior's body was raised into the air as the blackhole sucked everything in the room into its gaping maw.

The Slayer of Alduin held on as tightly as he could but before he could react, his sword came free of its from its anchor and the warrior was sucked into the blackhole. The Dragonborn yelled in frustration as he was sucked into the wormhole and he struggled to try and make his way back to the Hall of Elements but as he was sucked into the blackhole, the tear sealed itself. The Dragonborn roared in disbelief as he was now cut off from his own world.

Then there was nought but darkness as the Slayer of Alduin found himself floating in a near all consuming void. The darkness seemed to stretch on forever as far as the warrior's eyes could see.

"So, this is how it ends?" the warrior said dryly before giving a grunt and adding, "Had a good run at least."

Then something or rather someone walked into view and it was a familiar sight. A tall gangly looking man wearing a finely tailored outfit coloured purple with grey-white hair and near whited-out eyes and a grin that never seemed to leave his face walked into view.

"Well, now, isn't this is a coincidence?" asked the strange man with a toothy grin on his lips.

"Sheogorath. To what do I owe this pleasure?" the Dragonborn asked tiredly having dealt with the Daedric Prince of Madness before.

"Well, I was out for a stroll and saw you were in a spot of wee bother here," the Mad God replied. "Or are you not in trouble?" he asked quizzically.

"You could say I've hit a slight snag," the Dragonborn admitted dryly. "And I suppose you're here to gloat?" he asked lightly.

"Now, what kind of man do ye take for?" Sheogorath said in mock hurt. "After the time you helped me reunite with my servant, while cutting me holiday short mind you, I think I owe ya one," he added. "Unless you want to stay here that is?" the Mad God then asked blandly.

"Where is here, exactly?"

"Och, nowhere you want to be, that's for certain," Sheogorath said. "Would you like a lift?" he then asked with a friendly grin on his lips.

"Some assistance would be nice," the Dragonborn replied with a nod of his head.

"All ye had to ask was ask," Sheogorath replied as he waved his hand before the Dovahkiin could tell him where he wanted to be dropped off.

Power Girl threw an almighty punch that could shatter concrete and warp steel girders into a mechanical monstrosity. The force behind the strike crushed the outer hull of the automaton and deep cracks appeared in the metal, leaking oil and hydraulic fluid as inner workings of the machine were broken but somehow still functional as the droid tried to latch a pincer onto its foe, though its sluggish movements were like that of a drunkard.

Frowning a little, Power Girl slammed the heel of her palm into the robot and put it down for the count. Wiping her brow, although there was barely any sweat on it but the action did help Karen feel some sense of normalcy as she looked at the battlefield that had sprung up in her city.

One of the biggest foes of the Justice League, Duela Dent, had decided she would spread her brand of chaos to Metropolis with an army of droids that were a mishmash of steampunk art and advanced modern tech. To make matters worse, some of the robots were fitted with thermonuclear devices and in her typical fashion, Duela had challenged Karen into finding which of the robots had those devices fitted to them.

Even with her super-speed, Karen knew she wouldn't be able to get all the robots in time, as any of them could make their escape without her noticing and blow up some nearby building. But the beauty of the situation was that Karen didn't have to do it alone. With a quick call on the League communication links, it wasn't long before the rest of the Justice League arrived to help Power Girl with her problem.

Natasha Irons AKA Steel and Barbara Gordon AKA Batgirl had put their heads together to work on disarming the bombs while those with super-speed, namely Karen herself, Jesse Chambers AKA the Flash and Karen's cousin Kara Zor-El AKA Supergirl rounded up the rigged droids. The others of the League, Princess Diana AKA Wonder Woman, Jade Yifei AKA Green Lantern, Barbara's cousin Carrie Kelly AKA Robin and Cynthia Lance AKA White Canary handled the other robots that hadn't been fitted with atomic bombs.

"How are we doing for time, Steel?" Karen asked Natasha who gave a thumbs-up without even deigning to look at her and replied, "Just about finished the last one, and we're good to track Duela down."

"Good!" Diana exclaimed vehemently as she wiped the blade of her sword clean. "Perhaps this will be the day that insane fool faces justice for her crimes!" she declared boldly.

The others nodded sharing the feeling, but deep down they knew that Duela was as slippery as they came and was likely slinking back to whatever hole she called home, evading justice like she had all those other times.

"And… done!" Barbara exclaimed as she disarmed the last bomb and gave a sigh of relief, putting her tools back in her belt. "Now to track Duela and put an end to this!" she said firmly.

Then one of the disarmed robots facial screens buzzed with static and Duela's face emerged on the screen and spoke.

"Hellooo? …Is this thing even on?"

"Duela!" Batgirl snapped out in alarm and anger.

"Ah, so it is on. Good, good," Duela cackled in satisfaction. Her image seemed to sit back in a large comfortable chair, lounging in it like she hadn't a care in the world as she spoke. "I hope you all had fun with my little toys?" she said conversationally.

"Fiend! Come out and face our justice!" Diana demanded as she thrust the tip of her sword at the screen.

Duela seemed to grin maddeningly at this demand and replied, "Ah, still overcompensating for the lack of a man with overly large swords, are we, sweetie?" The saccharine flavour to Duela's words only seemed to inflame Diana's already hot temper and she nearly slashed at the screen in half were it not for Karen and Kara holding the Amazon Princess back. This seemed to amuse Duela saying, "Seems to be a sore spot still. Heh. You still haven't answered my question…" she said leadingly.

"What was this about, Duela?" Karen asked getting to the point of the conversation. "You've done this trick before. Your act is getting stale," she said.

A small tic appeared in Duela's left eye, but she seemed to school herself before replying, "Oh, no, little Miss Power Girl, those little toys of mine were merely bait for you."

"Bait?" Carried parroted that word, her expression confused before something clicked in her brain and she said in horrified realisation, "You sent those droids hoping that Power Girl would call us all here, to eliminate us in one move!"

"Aww, little birdie does have a brain after all," Duela cooed sinisterly. "And if you think you destroyed my toys, well think again!" She held up a small remote and pressed a button on it.

With an enormous surge of electricity, the destroyed and disarmed robots came to life and Jesse shouted, "Scatter!" As the Justice League scrambled to get out of the way, the ruined droids crawled together and fused with each other, growing in mass and size.

The Justice League turned around to see a great shadow looming over them. Looming over them like some grotesque mecha were the fused remains of Duela's robots and in the collective screens, Duela's enlarged face grinned sickly at them, licking her bottom lip in anticipation of what was to come.

"What do we do? That thing's enormous!" Carrie exclaimed to Barbara and Natasha who looked at each other uncertainly when Diana stepped forth, her posture proud and resolute.

"We flatten it! That's what we do!" the Amazon said to her comrades who all seemed to take heart in what she declared.

Duela's magnified voice laughed, the sound deafening before saying, "How do you like me now, Goddesses among Men? I'm the biggest baddest bitch in the bar now!"

"Keep talking! You're still gonna get smoked!" Jade stated as her power ring flared to life with cosmic energies.

"Yeah! We've beaten you before, Duela! And we'll do it again, as many times as it takes!" Kara said in agreement with Green Lantern as her eyes glowed with heat vision.

"Then come and get me, Super-Brat!"

As both sides prepared to charge at each other, a lightning bolt struck the ground between them. Arcs of electricity lashed out randomly and deep cracks spread out across the paved ground.

"Get back!" Karen ordered her friends and they all moved back as they watched the maelstrom of energy slowly began to die down. Then once the energy had dissipated, crouching low in a shallow crater was a figure unlike anything or anyone the League had seen. Even Duela seemed to stare in fascination at the figure.

The crouching figure was a black armoured man resembling a knight of some kind; his armour seemed to be made of onyx metal plates that were skilfully and at the same time simply made with little in the way of adornments of decoration, save for what looked like gold trimmings on the edges of the plate segments. The helmet covered the figure's entire head and had a narrow eye slit to allow the wearer to see. Grasped in one hand was a sword that had a dark smoky looking blade that rippled with a thousand folds and the hilt itself was magnificently wrought into the shapes of dragons and an elegantly cut diamond shaped ruby was set in the pommel of the weapon.

The figure slowly rose to their feet and everyone then got a good look at how tall the being was. He was almost as tall as Diana, perhaps taller as he turned his head to and fro, as if wondering where he was. The knight then turned around to look at the Justice League who looked back unashamedly. The knight then seemed to notice the mechanical monstrosity, his helmet tilting to the side as though he were like a dog confused by something.

Duela's face grew irritated as a large robotic fist raised itself up to squash this interruption. The knight then shouted some strange unintelligible words that made the air compress and shake.


A cone of blue tinted near invisible energy shot forth from the knight and smashed against Duela's mecha, knocking it off its feet, or at the least sending it stumbling back. The mecha struggled to maintain its balance. Then like rushing water, the knight leapt towards the giant droid, his dark sword flashing like lightning as it began to cut deep furrows into the hull of the robot.

"What are we waiting for?! Get in there!" Diana shouted to her friends as she charged forward to join their mysterious new ally in battle against Duela's mecha.

The warrior slashed away at the mecha's limbs, oil and hydraulic fluid coating his armour and staining the blade of his sword. As he focussed on what he fought in front of him, a mechanical tentacle rose up behind him, a spear-like tip aimed for his back. Then a burst of heat vision melt the offending limb into molten slag and the knight turned around to see Power Girl hovering in the air, her eyes with fading heat vision in them. With a nod of thanks and acknowledgement, the warrior resumed cutting away at the mecha.

A few minutes with the aid of the Justice League, the mecha was defeated, leaving but carved and shredded scrap metal. Steel was hacking into the systems of the mecha, hoping to trace Duela's whereabouts. It would be a near futile effort to try and track Duela's whereabouts, but Natasha and Barbara were working on a tracking algorithm, learning a little more data about Duela every time they encountered her or her minions.

While Batgirl and Steel were busy, the rest of the Justice League were talking with their newfound ally who s far hadn't removed his helmet to reveal his face.

"So, do you have a name, friend?" Diana asked the warrior, feeling a little disconcerted that she could not see the man's expression without his helmet blocking it.

"I am called the Dragonborn," was all the enigmatic warrior said in response. His voice was deep and rough, yet sounded more than male to confirm his gender and hinted at the sound of being well-educated or well-read.

"Dragonborn," Karen said letting the name roll of her tongue. "Is that your name, or a title of nobility?" she asked.

The warrior shook his helmeted head and replied, "I have no birth name of my own. I was never given one. And my title grants me little sway in politics, other than with dragons."

"Dragons? Dragon exist where you come from?!" Carried almost squealed in excitement, looking eager at the thought of seeing a dragon in person.

"They do," the unnamed as of yet warrior save for his title of Dragonborn confirmed. "It was only in the last couples they returned to Tamriel," he said.

"Tamriel. Is that where you come from?" Jade asked him.

"Aye. Tamriel, although I call the province of Skyrim home," the warrior replied.

The members of the League looked each other; they couldn't detect any deception from the nameless warrior, so he was either a really good liar or there was truth in what he had told them, what little he did anyway.

"So, you're from another universe," Diana said to the warrior slowly who looked at her and said, "Of course I am from another realm. That is as clear as day."

"We know," Diana said a little terse at the interruption. "As I was about to say, if you're from another universe, it may be difficult to return you back to your universe," she explained.

"Then I'd best start searching for a way back then," the knight replied. "Where is the nearest mages college?" he asked bluntly.

"Mages college?" White Canary asked.

"Aye. I will need the help of mages to help me return home," the Dragonborn clarified.

"Well, we know one or two mages who might be able to help, but that's no guarantee," Karen told the warrior. "Listen; we're the Justice League, We created this group to help those who needed help or to protect those who cannot defend themselves against threats like what you fought beside us. You could do some good here, and we could help you find a way back home," she offered.

The Dragonborn looked at Karen for a long moment. Karen smiled and nodded at him encouragingly. The warrior then nodded and stuck a gauntleted hand out in offer to shake. Karen clasped her hand around the metal clad hand and shook it firmly.

As Power Girl opened her mouth to say something, the sound of wheels squealing against rubber interrupted her and she and everyone looked to see news vans fast approaching.

"More foes?" the Dragonborn asked as he released his grip on Karen's hand and prepared to draw his sword.

"No. At least, we hope not," Karen muttered as the news vans stopped just a few feet and surging out from the vehicles were numerous reporters who all wanted to get the exclusive. Among those reporters was Jimmy Olsen, star photojournalist for the Daily Planet. Cameras flashed in a dazzling salvo and the Dragonborn tensed and his hand twitched as if going to his sword sheathed by his side, but to the League's relief he must've realised those cameras weren't actively dangerous, but he still seemed to be watching them carefully.

Then came the cacophony of rapid fire questions, all of them asking the Dragonborn who he was. The Dragonborn stood there looking at the reporters with an air of annoyance until he shouted a single powerful word.


Almost immediately, the mob of reporters and photographers became more docile and much quieter. The Dragonborn then looked at the Justice League and asked, "Shall we go elsewhere? Somewhere quieter and less interruptions?"

"Um, yeah, sure. Let's do that," Karen said in agreement as Steel and Batgirl joined them while police arrived and began cordoning off the area.

"Any luck tracing Duela's location?" Diana asked Natasha who shook her head in response and said, "She's covered her tracks. But we're learning a little more data to add to the algorithm and with each piece of data we add, we're that much closer to finding and tracking Duela down."

"Who is this Duela you speak of?" the Dragonborn asked.

"An foe of ours, but that can wait for the moment," Karen told him. "Stand close to us, please. First timers tend to hurl," she warned him.

"Hurl what?" the Dragonborn chirped innocently as he was suddenly enveloped in bright white light along with the Justice and disappeared from view in the blink of an eye.


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