Set somewhere in the Bad Batch galaxy of things.

Just because everyone else around is pairing up, doesn't mean everybody has to, does it? Wrecker certainly doesn't feel that way. Or does he? Just because he doesn't feel lonely, being the odd person out? But maybe sometimes, he does? And then along comes the very special Clone Commando they'd rescued in behest of Rex. And boom! goes Wrecker's chilly little heart!

A Wrecker/Gregor pairing

Things that go bump in the night

'During those nights, when sleep eludes just about everyone in the house, even the mouse? Well, then, there are a few, things to do, simply to pass the time supposedly meant, for sleeping.'

It had been several weeks since the 'Kamino incident' as the team now called it. It was around the time when the Batchers had rescued both Gregor but also Hunter from the Empire. But it had also been the time when Crosshair had turned his back on his family, once again.

Ever since then, Gregor had remained with the Batch on Ord Mantell. Rex having been AWOL for a long while and Hunter being worried of his partner having gotten in trouble.

There had been only a few short comms from the former Captain and Hunter was afraid of Rex getting caught in whatever secret ops he was smack in the middle of at the moment.

And besides, Hunter missed Rex. Quite a lot. There had been talks of the Bad Batch moving to Rex's base prior. But, for now it was more prudent business wise and also location wise to stay on Ord Mantell while the Batch was running ops for Cid. It was the status quo for now at least. As they needed to replenish their funds, not just for the squad's sake but for Rex's cause as well.

Tech's and Echo's relation ship was thriving as well, having become the established couple way before Hunter had found his Rex. And so, that left Wrecker. With a lot of time on his hands. Alone. Or by himself as he did not have a love interest to call his own. And besides, it wasn't like he was alone alone, rather, not having a partner to cuddle with.

There was Lula of course, but a stuffed animal hardly replaced a warm body during those long cold nights. And, there was Omega of course. But she was growing up fast enough. The shenanigans which had humoured her before, were starting to fade in interest. Besides, Omega was making friends of her own now too. Being in contact with Hera Syndulla quite often these days through the holo net, but also having gained a few friends planet side.

Luckily though, Gregor was still with the Batch on Ord Mantell as Rex had not had the time due to his secret undercover mission to retrieve the clone commando like he was supposed to.

Besides Wrecker and Gregor were spending a lot of time together. Something good for them both as they felt rather comfortable in each other's company.

Having similar views of the galaxy around them and life in general. Both of them loving to laugh, a lot and loudly so. And their interests seemed pretty similar too. Wrecker loved to blow things up and Gregor, well, he really liked big guns. Among other things.

So, with their shared interests and the fact that the others were usually out somewhere doing their own thing while the squad was on the planet, Wrecker and Gregor had levitated towards each other. It had happened rather naturally too, as they were quite alike, in many ways. And besides, they really, really liked spending time in each other's company.

The ruckus, or the rather loud laughter, had brought Hunter downstairs. He was in the bar below their living quarters as the Batch had their rooms just upstairs of Cid's Parlour, which was rather convenient too.

After having descended the stairs, Hunter was able to hear the giggles more loudly followed by a crash, followed by even more giggles. All loud and clear.

Hunter quickly reached the source of the sounds. Suspecting it could not be burglars doing all the noise, as why would they laugh while having broken into someone's place?

He soon found the source of the ruckus, with Gregor and Wrecker in a rather odd position.

Gregor having Wrecker in a headlock, on the ground, while the larger clone was struggling to get up and get the upper hand. During his, whatever it was they were doing, the duo had managed to bump over a small table lamp from one of the customer tables in the area.

"What, are you two up to?"


Wrecker drawled from somewhere under Gregor.

"Why are you wrestling? And in the middle of the night?"

Hunter wasn't that amused seeing the two clones making noise and breaking things in the bar of their hostess. When others were trying to sleep.

"Yeah. We couldn't sleep, so we decided on some…" Gregor giggled again. "Exercise." Still holding Wrecker in a tight lock.

"Cut it out!"

Hunter ordered sounding commanding and totally annoyed.

He quickly scanned the immediate area, trying to assess what the damage really was. Luckily nothing had been broken as far as he could see.

Wrecker and Gregor quickly untangled themselves and got up from the floor, Gregor half hauling Wrecker onto his feet. Then standing in front of the Sergeant, half saluting the man in the process, feeling somewhat shamed of having woken Hunter up.


Wrecker and Gregor apologised in unison.

Hunter only nodded and then really looked at the two sternly.

"As nothing was broken, there is no reason for reprimands. Next time though, figure some place else to do your, um, wrestling."

Hunter ordered then, sounding a tad more amused than angry.

Hunter let his glance roam from one clone to the other, trying to see something written there on their faces which they weren't telling him. As in the back of his mind, Hunter was wondering what the power duo had really been up to in the middle of the night. Giggling a lot, it seemed. Wrestling? Hardly!

Hunter simply shook his head to rid himself of whatever else thoughts were rattling inside of there.

"Now, both of you, back to bed!"

He ordered the duo then.

"Sir, yes sir!"

Gregor and Wrecker did the twins act again and respond in unison. Something they had clearly adapted to do, as this was not the first time they were behaving in such, unified manner. Sharing a quick glance between them before taking off and up to their room, which the two of them also shared.

Leaving Hunter behind, simply shaking his head and making sure the place was tidy enough before getting back to his own bunk and trying to get back to sleep.

If we are both alone, why not be so, together?

'Being alone might not be so bad. Then again, having someone sticking to your side, no matter what, is the best!'

"He looked worried."

Gregor was already in bed, as was Wrecker. But sleep, was still elusive as before. For both men.

"Yeah, it's Rex. They're, well the two of them are together. Ya know."

Wrecker said, but he suspected Gregor already figured it out by now.

"Yeah, I kinda sensed that. From Hunter and well, before from Rex too. He was always talking of Hunter in a different tone."

Wrecker glanced at Gregor, not sure what the tone was, but nodded just the same.

"Well, he is worried 'cause Rex hasn't called back in a while."

Wrecker knew how much Hunter missed Rex and worried for his safety too.

Gregor was quiet for a moment, thinking back, some of the missions playing in fast speed through his mind. And then, Gregor decided to assure his companion of Rex's prowess out in the field.

"I've known Rex a long time. And if there is anyone better to be able to survive the wilderness out there, it's Rex."

Gregor was referring to the galaxy and the imperials of course. But he also trusted in Rex, that he would survive no matter the ordeal. He always had.


Wrecker asked then. Still, he too knew Rex too as did the rest of his Batch mates, so guess Gregor was right after all.

"Yeah, trust me Wrecker, Rex is alright."

Gregor repeated the sentiment, sensing it had some kind of impact on Wrecker. As for Hunter, well, Gregor wasn't too sure he could convince the man of Rex being alright though. Being in love with someone usually had a more profound effect when someone was missing.

There had been a moment of silence hanging in the air of the bunk room. Still, neither Wrecker nor Gregor had managed to catch their sleep. Both of their thoughts playing havoc in their brains, rattling around there, preventing that blissful state of nothingness before falling to sleep from happening.

Gregor was the one, breaking it though. Having had enough of his hurting brain. Those wishful thoughts pending. The least of them not being those of Wrecker. After all, Gregor really liked the man. Having had the chance to spend so much time with Wrecker and getting to know the burly clone.

The topics the two of them usually talked about were mostly of ammo and such. But also other things had been touched, as clearly, Wrecker was so much more than what he let on in front of most people. And Gregor was really, really liking what he was seeing.

There was also something else Gregor had noticed. The brief glances Wrecker let slip whenever Tech and Echo were especially loving towards each other. And what Gregor had seen wasn't as much of jealousy, because Wrecker really wasn't the jealous type. But rather it was more of, well, guess the best word to describe it was, longing.

Gregor had seen his fair share of clones in love, relationships formed and broken. Love and loss and all that jazz, as he liked to call it. Not that Gregor had not had his fair share of lovers in the past. But, the being utterly in love with someone special had kind of eluded him. So far.

Having never really found the one perfect mate. The one to share all things with? Well, guess it really had not entered Gregor's mind he needed that. Until now.

Picking up on that subject, Gregor was feeling totally bold and all. And so, he decided to do a little probing of his own.

"So, it seems your Batchers have all found their significant others."

Gregor paused waiting for any objections but as none were forthcoming, he continued.

"Echo and Tech seem to be quite in love. Hunter has Rex of course. And well, guess it's a tad early for Omega, but well, she will be a teenager soon enough…"

Gregor chuckled a little, getting Wrecker's attention on that note.

"… so I guess that only leaves you."

"What about me?"

Wrecker looked over to Gregor's bunk on the opposite side of the room, not sure what the other man was on about. Or then he was. But he wasn't willing to admit or discuss it?

"Well, haven't you ever considered…you know, finding someone special?"

Gregor had Wrecker's eyes on him, as clearly, the other clone had become rattled over this particular question.

A moment passed between them before Wrecker gave Gregor a response.

"Nah, I'm fine."

Wrecker clearly waved the mere thought of a partner off. Even if Gregor now knew differently. After all, Wrecker was an open book as far as emotions and feelings were concerned. Never the one to really hide how he felt. Even if he sometimes did try to do so.

Another moment of silence passed. But Gregor did not press the subject matter either. Not yet anyway. Waiting for Wrecker to pick up on it, if he wanted to. Wrecker looked everywhere else except at Gregor, the matter clearly a touchy one. Now that those dark waters had been stirred.

Gregor realising Wrecker was really upset now. The words having had a profound effect on the man. So, wanting to make things right, Gregor took the few steps between them and reached Wrecker's bunk. Sitting on it without asking for permission.

Gregor sat there for a moment looking at Wrecker, who still did not look at Gregor. Knowing now, that something was up, as Wrecker usually responded to whatever they talked about. But there was no response forthcoming. Gregor's hand reached for Wrecker's face, tenderly touching his chin, turning Wrecker's face towards himself to have his attention.

"Wrecker, it's alright to want to be loved."

Gregor's tone was soft, a caressing whisper.

Wrecker had his eyes on Gregor's now. The connection between them palpable for both. It wasn't just some words, some idle talk Gregor had uttered just for the sake of discussion. No. Wrecker could see it in Gregor's eyes as they kept on staring at each other for what seemed like long spell.

Wrecker gulped audibly, his mouth having gone completely dry, with Gregor's fingers still gracing his skin. It felt so good, so right, and Wrecker could not help the thoughts reappearing, the ones he had pushed aside ever since meeting Gregor.

Whatever Wrecker was feeling now, Gregor felt it too. The none spoken words hanging between them.

Gregor decided to be even bolder, tilting his head down, being face to face with Wrecker, their noses almost touching, sharing the same air for breathing.

And as naturally and fast as their friendship had formed, Gregor leaned in all the way, his lips reaching Wrecker's, in a most light but loving kiss.