Legolas muses about change

Change is inevitable
Especially if you live for all eternity
Afraid of changes
Don't want to change

But what if everything you know
Slowly changes
The people you love have changed
Just not the same anymore
The world is changing all around you
No longer the same place
You once loved
And there is nothing you can do about it

Don't want to accept it
Because changing is overwhelming
But you can't help but change
Love changes
Life changes

Trees lose their leaves
And they start new every spring
And that change is beautiful

Why can't we think of all change as beautiful?

Because not all of it is

It makes me sad
The moon changes
The clouds change
And the stars for all their magnificence
They change also

But if everything you loved
Just changes while you are away
And you come back and it is not the same

And everything that has changed
Will never be the same again

It was all a misunderstanding
A misunderstanding
That changed my whole life

New friends
New loved ones
New leaves
New stars

And with all the new stars that come
The old ones cease to exist
But I remember them
And all their beauty
Even if no one else does
And will always remember
For all the eternity I will live in this forsaken world

And I will always remember hope
For hope is what drives people on
But even hope changes
And it grows less
Because you soon have nothing to hope for

But that is wrong
There is always something to hope for
And there is always something to love
Even if you do not see it
It is there

And that is what drives me on

Estel henio na thinno
Nae minuial firith
Rost danto dad sui nirs
Nienor galo uireb fuin
A anand galo
Ha ceri al nuitho
Hin nirs im nallo
Danto an in elenath to bello


Hope begins to fade
Alas! morning twilight is fading
Rain falls down as tears
Sorrow grows eternal shadow
And time grows
It does not stop short
These tears I cry
Fall for the stars that die)