Chapter 1 -

The day of the young five years old boy known as Harry Potter started off just like any other day for him, he was woken up from his sleep by the loud shrieking of his Aunt Petunia, followed by the loud knocking of knuckles on the door of his cupboard. Harry wasn't entirely sure why he slept under the stairs while his cousin got two entire rooms to himself, but the last time he had asked that he had gotten shouted at, loudly, by his uncle and aunt so now he knew better than to ask.

Harry opened his eyes and was greeted by darkness, with only the slimmest of light coming in through the edges of the door, he didn't get up too quickly, partly because he knew that he didn't have that much room in the cupboard, not to mention the fact that the bed he had slept in wasn't comfortable, to say the least, especially since Harry didn't really think it counted as a bed. A small and old mattress couldn't count as a bed, could it?

"Wake up!" A voice shrieked, Harry barely had time to sit up and put on his small, round glasses before the door was opened to reveal his Aunt Petunia. "Hurry up," She said impatiently, grabbing him by his shirt and pulling him to his feet and out of the cupboard. "Hurry up and go to the bathroom, you had better not spend more than five minutes in there," She warned him, staring at him with narrowed eyes as she removed her hand from his shirt and rubbed it on her apron as if she had touched something horribly dirty. "Then hurry back down and make Dudley's breakfast!" She barked.

"Yes, Aunt Petunia," Harry mumbled in an obedient voice before he walked as fast as his little legs could carry him. He climbed the stairs and barely had gotten to the second floor of the house when his Uncle Vernon walked out of his bedroom. His uncle's belly shook a little as he walked, the man stopped and stared at Harry. His beady little eyes narrowed, his walrus-like moustache twitched and an expression appeared on his face that made it look like he had smelt something horrible.

"What are you doing, boy?" Uncle Vernon sniffed.

"Going to the bathroom, Uncle Vernon," Harry answered.

"Wait your turn, boy," Uncle Vernon grunted before pushing Harry out of the way and walking towards the bathroom.

"But Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia said that..." Harry began but was quickly interrupted.

"Quiet," Uncle Vernon told him before slamming the bathroom door shut. Harry let out a groan, knowing that his uncle would take at least ten minutes, meaning he'd be late with making breakfast.

It was roughly eleven minutes later when Uncle Vernon walked out of the bathroom, Harry quickly got into the room as soon as he could. After a quick but necessary trip to the toilet, he went to the sink so he could wash his hands and start brushing his teeth. As he brushed his teeth he stared into the mirror, taking in how he looked, he couldn't help but think about how different he looked when compared to the rest of his family.

His aunt was a thin woman, though she constantly still kept eating whatever foods she thought would make her thin, her neck was really long and she always looked really angry with him for some reason. His uncle was the exact opposite, to this day he was still the fattest man that Harry had ever seen, he had a moustache like a walrus and was angry whenever Harry was near him. Then there was his cousin, Dudley, who was the fattest boy that Harry had ever seen. His hair was the same blonde colour as his mother's curly hair, though he was built like his father. Harry, on the other hand, looked a lot different.

He was shorter than the other children he had met, his hair was black as a raven and probably the messiest thing in this house. He was quite thin, a lot thinner than his relatives, even thinner than all of the other kids at school. His clothes didn't look as nice as Dudley's, he was pretty sure that Dudley had actually owned these clothes a few years ago. Harry also wore a pair of round glasses that Aunt Petunia said she had gotten from a 'charity shop', not that Harry knew what that was. The one thing that Harry liked about the way he looked was his bright green eyes, he thought that they were pretty cool, especially since nobody else he knew had the same colour eyes. Though the one thing that Harry found to be weird and cool was the lightning-shaped scar on his forehead, he didn't know anybody else who had a scar like that.

Harry quickly finished brushing his teeth and rushed out of the bathroom and downstairs to the kitchen, he had barely gotten in when he was stopped by his aunt who stood in front of him with her hands on her hips and a cross expression on her face.

"Why is it taken you so long to go to the bathroom?" She demanded, grabbing him roughly by the ear.

"Uncle Vernon went in first," He explained, tears threatening to spill out his eyes.

"Hurry up and make Dudley's breakfast," She pushed him to the kitchen counter before taking off her apron. "And try not to burn anything!" She added before she took a cup of tea and sat down with her husband at the dining table.

Harry rubbed his ear before he started making Dudley's breakfast, he had barely gotten halfway through when suddenly Dudley waddled into the room, yawning as he did so. Dudley rubbed his sleepy eyes before he spotted Harry standing on a stool so he could reach the counter and make breakfast. Dudley smirked as an idea came into his head, he tiptoed forward before kicking Harry's stool.

Unfortunately, Harry had also been making Uncle Vernon's coffee at the same time and it was hot, really hot. The hot cup of coffee ended up landing on not just Harry's arms, but Dudley's hand. Both screamed, with Dudley's being noticeably louder than Harry's.

"What happened?!" Shrieked Aunt Petunia as she and Uncle Vernon rushed over, both of them ignored the downed and tearful Harry in favour of looking at Dudley.

"He burnt me!" Dudley cried, tears shooting down his face. "It hurts!" He wailed.

"Oh, my darling boy!" Aunt Petunia cried loudly as she pulled Dudley into a hug.

"Get up, freak!" Uncle Vernon growled as he lifted Harry up by the back of his neck. "Burn my son, will you?!" He yelled tossing Harry out of the room, Harry cried out in pain as he landed on his burnt arm.

"I didn't do it!" He cried, tears dripping down his face as his uncle picked him up by his shirt.

"Calling my boy a liar, are you?!" Uncle Vernon roared.

"No...I..." Harry tearfully started protesting but his uncle didn't listen to a word he was saying as his attention was primarily on the burns on Harry's arms, namely how the burns were healing in front of his very eyes, healing far faster than what was natural.

"Petunia, he's doing his freakishness again!" Uncle Vernon roared before he opened Harry's cupboard door and tossed him roughly inside before slamming the door shut. "Stay in there, freak!"

Harry stayed quiet as he heard his uncle walk away, Harry had reduced himself to quiet sobs as he didn't want to keep crying out loud. He looked down at his arms, he was slightly happier when he noticed that they were no longer burnt but the pain from the burns was still there. He lay on his mattress and sobbed into his pillow, this was just another day in his life.

*Line Break*

"Get the door boy!" His Uncle Vernon shouted when the doorbell rang the next day.

Harry placed Uncle Vernon's coffee on the table, his uncle glared at him along with his Aunt Petunia, and so did Dudley who had his hand bandaged. Harry wasn't sure why Dudley was blaming him for the coffee incident, it was Dudley's fault after all. Harry nodded to his uncle before he walked to the door, sidestepping Dudley's attempt to trip him by dodging his leg.

Harry walked to the door and opened it and found a woman waiting at his doorstep.

This woman was dressed odder than anyone Harry had ever seen, she was dressed in black high-heel shoes, a long black sleeveless dress along with a black corset, and long black fingerless gloves that stretched up from her hands to just under her shoulders. She had bright red lips, pale skin and long, curly black hair. Harry had to admit to himself that she was probably one of the prettiest women that he had ever seen, even if she dressed in a weird way.

The woman blinked and stared down at him with wide violet-coloured eyes, her eyes seemed to be taking him all in, staying on his eyes and forehead for a bit longer than normal.

"Hello," Harry spoke in a quiet voice. "Can I help you?" He asked politely.

"You..." The woman spoke in a soft voice before she suddenly started smiling widely. "...Are so cute!" She squealed before she grabbed him and pulled him into a hug. Harry froze, not entirely sure what was happening. The woman pulled back a bit and kneeled down before placing her hands on either side of his face. "Look at you, so adorable," She cooed. "The ladies will be fawning all over you once you're grown up, hmm, I'm going to make you my new baby."

"What?" Harry blinked.

"Do you want me to be your new mama?" She offered, seemingly genuine as she grinned at him.

"New...mama?" Harry repeated in shock.

"You can call me Mum, or Mummy or Mother or...Mama!" She smiled brightly. "Go on, say it, call me Mama." She looked at him expectantly.

"M...Mama?" Harry repeated.

"Yay!" She smiled before pulling him into another hug. "You're going to be my little brat!" She decided happily.

"Boy, who is at the door?!" Uncle Vernon shouted from the kitchen, causing Harry to flinch.

"Excuse me," The woman said as she pulled away from Harry, a frown on her face. "I'm going to talk with your...relatives." She grinned, looking positively evil.

"Oh no, you are not!" Another voice said suddenly, Harry watched as a beautiful woman in a black dress appeared, her hair was blonde and her eyes blue.

"But Cissy," The black-haired woman whined. "They hurt my baby,"

"He's not your baby," The blonde woman sighed.

"Mine," The black-haired woman said in a possessive voice, sticking her tongue out at the other woman.

"Merlin, give me strength," The blonde sighed before looking down at Harry. "Now, are you Harry Potter?" She asked in a slightly warmer voice.

"Um...yes, Miss." Harry nodded.

"I am Narcissa, and this lunatic with me is Bellatrix," The blonde began explaining.

"I'm your Mum now!" Bellatrix said excitedly.

"No, you are not," Narcissa said in an annoyed voice just as Uncle Vernon stormed into the hallway.

"Boy, what are you doing out here?!" He demanded angrily before he spotted Narcissa and Bellatrix. "Who the bloody hell are you?"

Suddenly, a thin piece of wood slid into Narcissa's hand, she flicked her wrist in the direction of the door and the door swung shut before locking itself, causing Harry and his uncle to stare at her with widened eyes, she then flicked her stick in the direction of Uncle Vernon. Harry watched as the man's arms snapped to his side as his legs crashed together, his uncle went as stiff as a plank of wood before he toppled over and landed face first, though his face did land after his belly.

"What a disgusting muggle," Bellatrix looked at him with disgust in her eyes. "Looks like he ate another muggle," She sniffed before she looked at Harry and her eyes widened. "What is that?" She asked in a dangerous voice.

"What is happening?!" Aunt Petunia rushed in, having heard Vernon fall. She saw her husband on the floor before she spotted the two women, women who were much better looking than her, but she didn't have time to feel jealous as she quickly noticed the stick in Narcissa's hand. "Freak!" She shrieked fearfully. "Get out of my house! Get out! I..." She quickly became quiet as she experienced the same thing that happened to Uncle Vernon and ended up falling face-first, her nose breaking upon landing.

"Vile creature," Narcissa sniffed before she looked at Bellatrix who had narrowed her eyes at the shirt that Harry was wearing. "Bella, what's wrong?" She asked.

"Whose blood is this?" Bellatrix asked in a slow but very dangerous voice, pointing to the blood stain on the shoulder of Harry's shirt.

"It's...mine," Harry gulped, looking frightened, between the angry-looking woman and the woman who could freeze people, he felt like he had every right to be scared.

"Who made you bleed?" Hissed Bellatrix.

" was Uncle Vernon," Harry cringed, expecting a beating to come soon.

"You mean that fat lard over there?!" Demanded Bellatrix as she pointed to Uncle Vernon's downed body, Harry hesitantly nodded. "Nobody's allowed to hurt you, nobody!" She growled as she stood up and pulled out her own stick before she started moving towards Vernon's body with murderous intent.

"Bella, no," Narcissa said calmly as she stepped in front of her.

"Bella, yes. Move, Cissy," Bellatrix said impatiently.

"No, Bella, you can attack the muggles or you can take Harry, you can't do both."

"Hmm," Bellatrix paused and thought about it for several seconds. "No, I'm pretty sure I can do both." She said in a confident voice.

"Damn it, Bella, will you please just use your occlumency skills until we've got custody of Harry?" Narcissa said in a tired voice. "I will deal with the muggles and call the DMLE, now, Harry is quite clearly not in the best of conditions, especially for a boy that's only five years old, don't you think it's better for you to take him to Andi as soon as possible?" She asked, she watched as a war between vengeance and the desire to look after Harry was fought behind Bellatrix's eyes.

"Fine," She said through gritted teeth before taking a calm breath, she'd leave the muggles alone, for now at least, there was always later. She turned around and looked towards Harry. "Now, come here, darling," She said in a kind voice as she held a hand out for Harry. She watched as the boy looked between her and everyone else in the hallway before he slowly walked over to her and placed his hand in hers, causing Bellatrix to beam. 'He's chosen me over these filthy muggles!' She internally cheered. 'Not that I'm surprised, I'd have chosen a rabid dog over these zoo animals, but still...he chose me!' "Now, let's get you to your new home, maybe later we can get you a wand like mine," She said before the two of them dissapeared from sight with a pop.

Narcissa let out a small breath before she turned around to look at the two frozen adults, she was about to speak when the fattest boy she had ever seen (at least amongst boys of this age) waddled into the hallway, his face and mouth covered in chocolate.

"Mum, I'm still hungry!" He complained, kicking at his mother's leg.

"Honestly, years from now when I am old and on my deathbed, my biggest regret and disappointment is likely going to be the fact that it's illegal to kill you." She told the adult muggles before flicking her wand and sending the child into a deep sleep. "Though then again, I'm sure a lady of my standing and skill can get away with a few things." She smirked evilly as the tip of her wand started glowing.

*Line Break*

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