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Chapter 26 -

"Forgive me," Professor McGonagall said as she walked into the staff room where all the teachers were waiting, including Dumbledore. "I apologize, but I had to deal with Mr Clopton's attempt to transfigure his back teeth into little taps that would make rum."

"Oh, was he successful?" Dumbledore asked amusedly, a twinkle in his eye.

"Somewhat," Professor McGonagall said in a short tone as she sat down, giving the room a stare that said 'there had better not be any more questions about this topic'.

"Anyway," Dumbledore coughed. "Now that everyone is here, let's begin our meeting." He told them. It was a Hogwarts tradition to have a staff meeting a few months into every year to discuss their students. Not only did it help teachers know who was excelling, but it also gave them things to look out for and let them know which students to watch. "Shall we start with the seventh year as usual?" He asked.

The meeting quickly started, the teachers followed Dumbledore's suggestion and began discussing the seventh-year students before eventually moving on to the sixth-year students, and then the fifth, then the fourth, then the third, and after that was naturally the second years, before they finally started to discuss the first years.

"In my class, I suppose the best students are probably Neville Longbottom from Gryffindor and Susan Bones from my own house," Professor Sprout said. "The two take to herbology better than the other students. As for my house, my Hufflepuffs are doing great. There was some home-sickness at the beginning of the year, but they got over it quick enough."

"Well, that is splendid," Professor Flitwick smiled. "As for my little eagles, they're doing well enough, the older years have helped them get used to Hogwarts, and there doesn't seem to be any problems, at least not so far. As for my class, the top three I would say would be Miss Hermione Granger, then slightly better than her would be Miss Cooper. Though undoubtedly my best student is Mr Hydrus Black," Professor Flitwick smiled. "He takes to charms just like his mother,"

"Which one?" Professor Sprout couldn't help but ask.

"Both," Professor Flitwick replied.

"Minerva?" Dumbledore spoke up, gesturing for Professor McGonagall to go next.

"My Gryffindors are proving to be a bit difficult this year," She admitted with a small sigh.

"As opposed to other years?" Snape snorted but was easily ignored.

"The boys, especially Mr Longbottom and Weasley, seem to be in a constant battle with Severus's snakes for one reason or another." She continued. "Thankfully the girls are at least a bit more calmer than the boys and I have no problems with them so far. As for my class, I would have to say the same as Filius. Hermione Granger, Miss Cooper and Hydrus Black are my top three. Three incredibly talented students.

"Severus?" Dumbledore asked intrestedly.

"My Slytherins have no problems that cannot be solved within the confines of their common room, providing of course, that the Weasley twins have been severely punished enough to not invade it again."

"Were they?" Professor Flitwick asked Professor McGonagall.

"I have informed their mother which I think is a most sufficient punishment," She told him. "However, I decided to be thorough. The two have three months of detention, and I've confiscated several prank items I discovered on them. I've also made them write hand-written apologies to each and every Slytherin that they've pranked."

"I still think we should have suspended them at the very least," Snape glared at Dumbledore.

"My decision has already been made, Severus," Dumbledore said calmly. "Please continue," Snape stared at him for a moment before continuing.

"In my class, my two best students would have to be Miss Daphne Greengrass and Draco Malfoy," He answered honestly, though he did choose not to mention that Hydrus Black was a close third.

"And what of you, Professor Quirrell?" Dumbledore asked.

"The students this year are certainly talented enough," Professor Quirrell replied. "My third best student is likely to be Draco Malfoy, above him I would put Miss Cooper. Though they are all certainly not at the level of Mr Black, a duelling champion, I believe. He certainly knows his stuff."

"Oh yes, I do hope to see him on the professional circuit one day," Professor Flitwick stated.

"I have no doubt that he'll likely end up there if he continues on his current path," Professor Quirrell responded.

"Though the 'spats' involving himself and the Gryffindors are concerning," Professor McGonagall frowned.

"There wouldn't be any spats if you could simply get your Gryffindors under control," Snape replied snidely.

"That's quite enough, Severus," Dumbledore cut in. "Now, I believe that this meeting is over. I will not hold you all here any longer, thank you for your attendance." He nodded to them. As they all stood up he spoke again. "Severus, stay behind a moment please," He said gently before waiting for all the other teachers to leave, once the room was empty enough he cast a few privacy charms before turning to Snape. "Tell me, Severus, what do you think of Mr Potter?"

"You mean Black?" Snape snorted, personally he didn't care what the little brat wanted to be called. The Blacks were just as bad as the Potters as far as he was concerned. "As much as it pains me to admit, I must say that the boy is certainly a talented wizard, and certainly puts more effort into his studies than his father did at his age."

"What of his standing in Slytherin house?" Dumbledore questioned. "He is a half-blood, the son of two people who fought against Voldemort and the boy-who-lived, I don't imagine he would be the most liked person in the house."

"Those are reasons for him to be disliked but not quite enough," Snape said bluntly. He knew that many people thought that all Slytherins hated all people that are not pureblood, but that wasn't the case as a great many students in the house were in fact half-bloods. Only the most extreme members had problems with them. "As a half-blood, he was still the heir to one of the oldest wizarding families, and then he was adopted into the Black family, another old wizarding family, for that alone he is treated with respect, grudgingly in most cases. As for being the boy-who-lived, well, that supposedly would make him extremely powerful, or at the very least someone that could be a useful ally in the future. Not to mention his duelling achievements and the fact that he is able to speak to snakes. Top that with all the points the boy is bringing in. The Slytherins enjoy him too much to make an enemy out of him. Though I imagine at some point someone will try when his blasted stardom dies down a little."

"Hmm," Dumbledore hummed thoughtfully. "I must admit Severus, I am concerned about young Harry. He was always going to be a powerful wizard, I had hoped for him to be raised with his muggle family. I didn't want the fame of being the boy-who-lived to get to him, I had hoped for him to grow up as normal as a child could be."

"Hmm," Snape did not comment, though he couldn't help but agree on limiting the amount of fame the brat needed. The last thing he needed was for him to be strutting around the castle like his dratted father used to do. Petunia was a bitch through and through, if Black had been raised by her then maybe his head would have been a little smaller.

"Though I hadn't planned on Petunia abusing him," Dumbledore said, sounding severely disappointed. "I most certainly did not plan on Bellatrix of all people showing up and taking him in. I am not sure what she has been teaching him these past few years. I am aware that he has no problems with young Nymphadora so he at the very least does not hate half-bloods. The fact that he is one himself will probably help with matters, though it didn't seem to matter much to Voldemort."

"Headmaster, why must I waste my time discussing this brat? I am not sure about yourself, but I assure you that I have better things to do," Snape huffed.

"Oh yes, I'm sure," Dumbledore scoffed. "Yes, I can imagine you'll probably go spend your night going out and meeting young ladies as opposed to marking homework and making potions like you've been doing every night since you started working here. You know full well why Harry Potter is important, he is the child of prophecy, I am sure of it. And right now he is under the influence and command of Voldemort's best lieutenant. If we are not careful then Harry Potter may very well end up being as big of a threat as Voldemort, perhaps even worse."

"Alright," Ron said as he and Neville walked down into the common room. "We'll do the duel and then we get back in time before anyone notices."

"Yeah, um...are you sure this is a good idea?" Neville asked, starting to have his doubts since he was not currently his usual angry. "I mean I'm not that good at spells, you know that," He said, something they both knew to be an understatement.

"It's fine," Ron waved him off. "I'll just fight Malfoy and beat him. It'll be easy, rich ponce has probably never been in a fight in his life."

"That's what we thought about Black," Neville pointed out.

"Yeah, but this is Malfoy! I can handle Malfoy," Ron said confidently.

"What if Black gets involved?"

"I'll think of something," Ron said, slightly less confident.

"Ron, he's a duelling champion,"

"Look, worse comes to worst, then I'll just deck them both."

"And how on Earth do you think that'll work out for you?" A voice said. The two spun around to see Liv coming down the stairs from her dorm. "Ron, you and all the Gryffindor boys got beat in a fight by Hydrus in a four on one, how do you plan on beating him when he has backup?"

"It'll be fine," Ron said stubbornly. "I've learnt a few spells that I plan to use on him."

"Really?" Liv raised an eyebrow. "You learnt a few spells and suddenly you're able to stand up against a duelling champion? Ron, he'll eat the two of you for breakfast how you normally eat breakfast."


"She means he's going to demolish us," Neville explained.

"Liv's right," Another voice piped up and Hermione appeared as she stood up from a chair, being previously hidden from view.

"Hermione?" Liv blinked. "I thought you were sleeping,"

"I wanted to stop these two," Hermione explained before turning to Ron. "I nearly told your brother, Percy, I still think I should, to be honest."

"Well, don't," Ron told her. "I'm going to go over and I'm going to kick some Slytherin butt."

"Or get thrashed trying," Liv commented. "Either way, let's go."

"What?!" Hermione blurted out. "You're going with them."

"Of course," Liv said as if that was obvious. "I want to see what a duel looks like. Besides, it's obvious these two idiots aren't going to change their minds so I'm going to make sure that Black doesn't kill them and I'll probably take them to the hospital wing after the duel is done."

"We'll be fine," Ron said through gritted teeth. "Honestly, am I the only brave Gryffindor here?"

"If you were half as smart as you were brave then you'd be on par with Hermione here," Liv told him. Ron stared at her for a moment, unsure what to think before nodding his head, and deciding to take it as a compliment. He walked out of the common room in a determined fashion with the others following after him.

"Is this really necessary?" Hermione said. "You don't need to duel, I mean, I know Draco can be annoying but Hydrus seems like a perfectly nice person."

"Fancy him, do you?" Ron snarked, causing Hermione to turn red.

"No, I do not!" She said hotly. "But he's been nice enough to Liv and me, maybe because we aren't constantly trying to pick fights with him."

"He's not nice at all!" Neville cut in, feeling his previous fire reigniting. "He attacked me!"

"To be fair, you did attack him first apparently," Liv couldn't help but comment.

"Whose side are you on?!"

"Yours, mostly because of house pride," Liv answered honestly. "But still, you did attack him first, he got you back later. When I talked to him, he said he's perfectly happy to keep things peaceful between the both of you as long as you both would keep out of his way."

"I'm not scared of him!" Neville glared at her.

"Neither am I!" Ron clapped Neville on the shoulder. "Because we're proper Gryffindors! We're going to go in, beat those slimy snakes and then go back to Gryffindor as heroes!"

"Or go to the hospital in wheelchairs," Liv muttered before turning to Hermione. "Bet you a galleon Black and Malfoy wipe the floor with them."

"No bet," Hermione shook her head.

"I can't believe you're making me do this," Draco complained once more as they stood waiting in the trophy room. "We're going to get caught!" He hissed to Hydrus and Daphne, both of whom were leaning against nearby trophy cases.

"Not likely," Hydrus shrugged. "Tonks is on patrol today, she's doing me a favour and making sure nobody comes our way, at least for the next hour or so."

"What? Why?" Draco blinked.

"She is also under the belief that you need to stop starting things you can't finish," Daphne answered bluntly. "Remember all the times you would annoy her and then hide behind Hydrus or your mother? Sometimes even Tonks's mother,"

"I did not hide," Draco said indignantly.

"Point is, we're trying to teach you a lesson, don't start fights that you can't finish," Hydrus said.

"You start fights all the time!"

"And I finish every single one of them," Hydrus shrugged. "Besides, we're now representing our families. You are representing House Malfoy, you can't challenge people to duels and then back out. You'd be a laughing stock if that happens. Can you imagine what your life in the Slytherin common room would be like if people knew you ran from a fight involving Weasley and Longbottom?" He asked Malfoy who soured at the thought, knowing that if he had backed out like he originally planned and word got out then that could have been used against him later. The Slytherins might have thought it funny but could have also claimed that he ran from Longbottom and Weasley.

'Damn it,' Draco thought.

"Look, I can see the little gears in his head working," Daphne said amusedly.

"He's so adorable, isn't he?" Hydrus smiled like a proud parent.

"Alright, alright, I get it," Draco sighed.

"We'll consider that lesson learnt then," Hydrus added just as they heard the sound of footsteps. "Looks like your opponent is here. Remember, don't fuck it up."

"That's your advice?"

"That's what Mother tells me before I duel," Hydrus shrugged just as Neville, Ron, Liv and Hermione walked in. "Ah, and here comes the pride. Evening all."

"Surprised you showed up," Ron said with plenty of bravado, poking his chest out as he stared at them. "Would thought that you would've run away." The Gryffindors were surprised when Hydrus and Daphne snorted before staring at Draco who blushed slightly and refused to look at them.

"If you really thought that we would've run away then you wouldn't have come," Hydrus said, looking rather unimpressed with Ron. "Anyways let's get this over with, shall we? We should discuss the rules, I propose the two of you engage in a one-spell duel, it'd keep things simple and would be relatively quick."

"Um...excuse me," Hermione cut in. "What's a one-spell duel?"

"It's an amateur form of duelling where each person can only use one offensive spell and stick with that," Hydrus explained easily. "Basically Weasley chooses one spell and Draco chooses one spell, they can use any shields they want but can't use any spells besides the one they've chosen. Is that acceptable to you all?" Hydrus asked.

"Why not just have a proper duel?" Ron demanded. "Scared?"

"This is simpler and hopefully quicker than a regular duel," Hydrus cut in. "I assure you that none of us here are scared in the slightest bit by a boy who still has a bit of his dinner on his face." Ron blushed somewhat and wiped at his face. "Ha!" Hydrus laughed. "You actually believed it."

"Let's just get this over with, Weasley," Draco cut in. "I have better things to do than waste time with you. A one-spell duel, unless that's too complicated for you?" He asked mockingly.

"Fine!" Ron said through gritted teeth before pulling his wand out of his robe pocket. Draco did the same, though took his out of his wand holster.

"Alright, here are the rules," Hydrus said. "One spell and the winner is the first to land a hit, don't hit anyone apart from your opponent."

"What if we do?" Ron asked.

"Then you're an idiot who can't aim," Hydrus said bluntly. "Now get ready," Ron simply raised his wand and aimed it at Draco who took a classic duelling stance. "On!"

"Papilla torquent!" Ron yelled, firing a spell at Draco who stepped to the side to avoid it.

"What does that spell do?" Hermione whispered to Neville and Liv.

"It's a nipple twister," Neville revealed as Ron repeatedly shot the spell at Draco who continued to dodge it. "Ron's brothers taught him it when they found out he was going for a duel."

"Crescere capillus!" Draco yelled, firing a spell straight at Ron who tried to jump out of the way but was clipped in the arm. Ron paused for a moment before staring at Draco who was looking quite pleased with himself.

"Your spell did nothing," Ron laughed.

"You still lost the duel," Draco pointed out, smiling widely. "And think again, Weasley, what I just hit you with was a spell that causes your hair to grow, rapidly."

"Huh?" Ron blinked just before he felt his vision get blocked, his head shook as he felt his red hair grow and grow, covering his entire face and continuing to grow down until it had reached down to his knees. "Hey!" He yelled.

"That concludes our duel, would have liked a bit more blood and excitement but that'll do." Hydrus cut in, pushing himself off the trophy case with Daphne following after him. "If you'll excuse us, we're going to go and have a victory celebration."

"Wait, what about Ron?!" Neville demanded.

"What about him?" Hydrus snorted as he offered Daphne his arm and she slid her own into his. "The spell should wear off soon, until then he's your mess." He said before walking out of the room with Daphne, Draco gave the Gryffindors a mocking wave as he followed after them.

"Loving the new look, Weasley," He called out before leaving.

"Come on, let's get him back to the common room," Liv sighed, gesturing to Ron.

"What about my hair?!" Ron protested.

"Well, I suppose we can cut it," Hermione said thoughtfully.

"In the common room," Liv said firmly. "I'd rather not leave Ron's hair all over the room so that someone could find it. Let's go,"

"She's right," Neville nodded, grabbing Ron through his hair and by his arm. "Follow us, Ron."

The four Gryffindors quickly made their way back to their dorms, hoping and praying, not to be caught. Unfortunately for them, Filch had been walking around the school, the old caretaker had almost spotted them when the four of them ducked behind the nearest door and closed it.

"Whoa, that was close," Neville gasped before turning around and seeing the darkened corridor in front of him. "Why does it feel like we're not supposed to be here?"

"We're not supposed to be here!" Hermione hissed. "This is the forbidden room, the one that Dumbledore mentioned at the start of the year."

"Oh," Neville gulped deeply, remembering the headmaster's warnings about dying. He was now hoping dearly that the old man had been joking about that part.

"Alright," Liv took a deep breath. "It's fine, we'll just wait a second for Filch to go and then we quickly head out and back to the common room. Done deal,"

"Deal not done," Hermione said before pointing past Liv and pointing to Ron who was walking blindly up the corridors, his arms trying to grab onto something whilst also trying to push the hair out of his face.

"Guys?" Ron whisper-shouted. "Guys? Where are we?"

"Quick! Shut him up before Filch hears!" Liv hissed, she rushed towards Ron along with the other two and they quickly grabbed him. "Quiet!" Liv told him in a harsh whisper. "You'll get us caught!" She added just as the door opened behind them and Filch's cat walked in. "Fuck!" Liv hissed before turning to the others. "Run!" She told the three and they quickly ran up the corridor, helping Ron keep up with them.

"There's a door!" Neville gestured up ahead, they rushed up to the door and Neville quickly tried to open it. "Drat! It's locked!"

"Why do I have to be the useful one?" Liv complained as she took out her wand and cast the unlocking charm on the door. "You're welcome!" She told the others before pushing them inside the door, quickly getting in after them and shutting the door behind her. "Alright, we should be..." Liv paused as she stared at what was in front of them.

Standing in front of them was a giant three-headed dog, looking easily capable of eating them in one bite. Hermione and Neville had frozen with fear, as had Ron once he was able to get hair out of his eyes long enough to see. Liv quickly stepped past them.

"Hey boy," Liv said quickly as she pulled out her wand. "Look over here," She aimed her wand up, and the dog glared at her, growling dangerously. "Watch this, lumos," Liv cast a low-powered lighting charm, creating a small ball of light, attracting the dog's attention. She slowly pushed with her wand and the the ball flew up into the air, causing all three heads to look in its direction as she discreetly gestured for the other three to go. She caused the ball to fly around for several moments as she slowly backed away until she was out of the room, at which point she quickly slammed the door shut and locked it. "Whoa!" She let out a heavy breath before turning around and seeing the other three staring at them (including Ron who was actively pushing his hair out of his way).

"That was amazing!" Neville said in an awed voice.

"Just a bit," Liv nodded. "Now, come on, we got to get back, and quickly."