Clone Haven's Ship-of-the-month weekly prompt "weapon" Bacara/Neyo. Set somewhere in the space time continuum of the Clone Wars

When one is engineered to become a weapon, one usually acts like said weapon. Cold, fearless, cold hearted, the shoot to kill kind of drone.

But, what happens when that chilly little heart finds another just like them and love enters that picture perfect frame of being a good soldier? Part of the Bacara/Neyo series

Being called a human weapon, is one thing…

'Love can live embedded inside even the coldest of hearts… And letting that feeling out, even for a spell, can be good for the soul.'

The horrors of war, will grow stone cold even the most loving of hearts. The bloodshed, friends and loved ones lost, the enemy always one step ahead, or so it seems when desperation takes over in the heat of the battle. Nothing else remaining in the solemn soldier's head, except that feeling, of hate.

The same old tune being played each passing day. Never really knowing whether your own number will be on display. That very moment, when death is entering the game and dying is inevitable, no matter how much and how hard the soldier have been taught to slay.

But then once again, as if by some divine miracle, the soldier manages to survive, because being among the selected few. Manufactured simply to be, the ultimate weapon. The very best killing machine, who cannot possibly die. Well, at least not during this fight.

And so, the soldier will go on. Staying as broken as before but none the less, still quite strong. The perfect soldier for the war. The weapon, the opponent did not anticipate to go against. And so, the ego and boldness for them becoming their undoing, as the super human weapon, keeps pressing on.

Thawing of the coldest of hearts

'Love is overrated, love is an inconvenience, love will never last… the quite strong sentiments stated, until it hits one like a ton of bricks. Love, unnecessary or not, there is no resistance towards it.'

When the super human weapon meets its kind, what is the one thing they will find? A battle? A squeamish? Even a war? Just because the two of them are too much alike and that is why. Because by default or perhaps ego, they cannot possibly see eye to eye?

But, then a surprise comes along as even if the two meeting for the very first time, seemed to be at the opposite ends of it all. Both of them standing relentlessly strong and oh so very tall. But then, something unexpected expires. Just like a spark of a roaring fire, the electrical current between the two, the pull towards the other way too strong to resist. Even if that feeling did exist?

And so, no matter how bold the super soldiers might just try to act, the mere fact exists. There is no way to resist, the pull of the other. The kindling now inside of them heating up each passing moment. The hold of the other growing more and more permanent.

Now, what remains, is the decision to be made. Whether trying to break the ever growing bond? As never trusting the universe, simply stating it got things totally wrong. Or, then. Simply trust in the fate, in the galactic force of it all. While bringing these two human weapons together, the act never wrong. As together they are more strong than each of them on their own. And the need to be only one thing from now on, remains no longer so.

Taking the weapon apart for maintenance

'Sometimes, even the toughest ones, need some downtime.'

The decision made, having really been the only viable option to make, it is time to take a break.

Call it maintenance, a complete overhaul, whatever the wording of it might just be, the deed now done, which is to take the weapon apart. Something perhaps none too smart, at least, from a certain point of view.

But still, quite the necessary thing to do just the same. And the human weapon really cannot be blamed. For wanting something more?

Because sometimes breaking down, even for a short while, is a good thing. Especially when the experience is shared, with someone similar yet special just like them.

As only during this time, when all the broken parts have been put on display, even if it is only in private for a chosen one, can the healing of each and every part, really start.

And perhaps during this process, shared with the other, the human part of the weapon can be released. And then finally letting that special spark out. Letting it fully grow, into the roaring fire it was inspiring to be. Even if it was never shown.

And who can tell, where to this can all lead?

The human arises from the weapon it once was

'There is always hope in becoming more than your original design indicated to.'

After the reveal of sorts, both outward and internally so, the hunger growing ever stronger. The manufactured design of being a hardcore weapon losing its appeal. As the human within, realises it too, and then, wants do much more.

The more being, that of a life. More importantly, being alive.

And the realisation staring right back with the exact same eyes. The fire within present and visible to the other. The flame at its fullest with no way for it to simmer down. Not that the two of a kind, the human weapons would even want to try.

For to have become so much more than the total sum of their broken down parts, the two of them are now becoming whole. Human, not a simple weapon any longer.

Reaching for the other, the delicate touch lingering longer than anticipated.

But neither of them wanting to break free from the touch. Because they are already free, having broken the mould, together while exposed, with all their broken down parts.

The weapon having become fully human, with the two halves of the same whole, sharing the newly found love. For the other similar, broken half.

And together they will be the total blast, of any and all battle or war might have in store. As their original purpose still remains. Only from now on end, together they will everything outlast till the very end. The no longer broken weapons they once were, put back together, with the human parts this time around the more stronger.