Chronicles of a Blind Savior years 1-7

Summary: Upon reaching the Potter's home on Halloween Severus is the first to reach the house and realize that something's gone horribly wrong with the raven-haired kid. How will the girl defeat the Dark Lord when the Killing Curse has left permanent damage. Blind Heather Potter years 1 through 7.

Disclaimer: If I owned the rights to the Harry Potter series then I'd be much richer than I am now.

A/N: I always enjoy reading a disabled Harry Potter series, so I decided to write my own. Hopefully I'll be able to see this series through it's conclusion. I plan upon doing all seven years. If this seems familiar you're not wrong, I posted it under a different pairing and at a different rating on another site but decided to change things some time during pride month and post it here. Thanks for listening to my rambling.

Warning: This is going to eventually be a femslash fanfiction series somewhere around third to fourth year between Heather Potter and Hermione Granger.

Chronicles of a Blind Savior Year 1

Prologue: the Beginning


Lily's POV

Lily Potter sat at the dining room table watching as her beloved child sat in her highchair eating, or rather, smashing up some cereal. James came into the room saying, "Hello their my little tyke. Whatcha up too?"

"Dada my eat," exclaimed Heather banging her bowl of smashed and sticky cereal against the tray of her highchair.

"Yes little one, 'you eat'," said Lily.

"Isn't she a beauty," said James adoringly.

"Absolutely," gushed Lily.

"When are the other Marauder's planning on showing up? We're supposed to celebrate Halloween tonight."

"I know that we can't take her trick or treating since we're under the Fidelius Charm and everything..." said Lily. Before she could continue talking to her handsome husband, the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it," said James eager to invite his best friends into their home.

Whilst James made his way into the front room to greet his mates, Lily unfastened Heather's highchair and picked her up carrying her into the living room.

"Hi James," greeted the three remaining Marauders. They were all jostling to be the first ones into the house.

Sirius beat Peter and Remus into the position as the first to enter the cottage and in so doing he was the first to see young Heather Elizabeth Potter who Lily was holding on her hip.

"she's grown so much," said Sirius.

"Yes she has," agreed James.

"Unca Paddy," exclaimed Heather reaching out her chubby arms for Sirius.

"Come here," said Sirius reaching out for Heather. "We're going to be reading a Halloween book and telling scary stories together, can you say trick or treat," asked Remus Lupin kindly.

"Trick or treat," repeated the young toddler.

Sirius let Heather down to follow her parents and their friends into the living room. They all sat down and watched as the young girl made her way into the room.

They all had fun roasting marsh mellows, telling stories though they took care to avoid telling ones to scary as to avoid frightening Heather, reading a story and eating too much sweets. Lily noticed that Peter seemed unusually quiet throughout the night's festivities. Eventually, Peter made his excuses to leave early, saying that he had a stomach ache due to all of the sugar he had eaten. However, that did not stop everyone else from having a good time after he left. About eight thirty, Lily picked Heather up from the floor where she had been playing with some toys and lay her down on the sofa so that she could get some sleep. They all talked quietly until about ten that evening when the rest of their friends left.

Lily and James spent some time doing couple things, like holding hands, having a night cap and snogging.

James pulled away from his wife and she asked, "James, what's wrong?"

James's face turned pale.

"What is it," asked Lily insistently.

"The wards...they've fallen," said James looking terrified. He got up and peaked out the front window.

"He's here Lily, take Heather and go. I'll hold him off!"

Lily wasted no time in retreating up to Heather's nursery. She locked the bedroom door and placed Heather into her crib. "Momma loves you. Dada loves you," said Lily as she could hear her darling husband dueling with Lord Voldemort. "Always remember that." She kissed her daughter's brow for what she knew would be the last time.

Lily barricaded the door and began to draw some runes onto the floor. She and James had decided that if something like this were to ever happen, that the one of them who was the last defense against Lord Voldemort would use a blood magic ritual of protection to protect their child. She knew of course that the Ministry frowned upon magics like this, but she would be wrong if she let what the Minister thinks as Light and Dark magic get in the way of protecting their baby.

Just as Lily finished drawing the last rune, she heard the words she dreaded most, "Avada Kedavra!"

She let out a quiet sob as her husband died instantaneously at the Dark Lord's hand.

Heather began to cry sensing her mums anguish.

The bedroom door was blown in; the barricade turned to dust and Voldemort stood before Lily.

"Stand aside," said the man with red eyes and a snake-like face. "Stand aside you silly little Mudblood."

Lily stood her ground as the wizard before her stared her full in the face. She wasn't going to give in to this monster before her.

"It doesn't have to end this way," said Lord Voldemort. "I'll spare your life if you just stand aside!"

"Never," said Lily passionately. "If you're going to kill my child then you have to go through me first!"

"Very well then," hissed the monster before her. "Avada Kedavra," cast the man. Lily crumpled to the ground, dead before she hit the floor.


Heather's POV

"Momma," sobbed Heather reaching out her chubby arms for Lily to hold her. "Momma up!"

"Avada Kedavra," cast the Dark Lord once more.

Heather wailed as she saw a green light speeding towards her. This would be the last concrete thing that the raven-haired child would ever see, as her whole world turned black and her head hurt fiercely.

Unseen by the toddler, the man who had killed her parents had lost his body and existed only in spirit form. The girl had done it, defeated the Dark Lord surviving a deadly curse that until this evening had been one hundred percent fatal to it's victims.


Severus's POV

Severus made his way to Godric's Hollow after attending a death eater meeting earlier that evening where someone had privately tipped the Dark Lord off to the Potter's whereabouts He knew when the wards had fallen because he could now remember where the Potters lived.

This was not good.

Severus had a strong suspicion that Black had been the one to betray the Potters earlier this evening. After that prank that Sirius had played upon Severus where he had almost been bitten by Lupin while he was transformed, Severus hadn't trusted the man at all. No one had believed Severus that Sirius would betray his supposed best friend and her husband to the Dark Lord when the Potters had been talking about making arrangements for their protection but the potions master knew he was right.

Severus apparated to the property line and stared at the cottage. A section of the upper floor had been blown away and the house was on fire. The front door had also been blown off of it's hinges.

Severus looked around his surroundings and seeing no one he made his way to what had been Lily and James sanctuary.

Potter lay in the front room. It looked as if a duel had taken place in the living room and James was prone on the floor and it looked like the Killing Curse had been the cause of death.

Severus floated the body out of the burning house and went back inside. He heard crying. The man ran up the stairs after conjuring some cloth to stop the smoke from affecting his airway. When he finally reached the room with the wall blown out he saw her, his beloved Lily Potter also appeared to have died from a Killing Curse. However, their young child was laying in her crib crying and screaming.

Severus floated Lily's body outside also so that the flames couldn't get to her. Potter-no Heather-, deserved to have her parents buried properly.

The baby didn't react to Severus until he spoke aloud.

"Come here little one," said Severus in a gentle tone of voice.

Severus took a closer look at the girl's eyes. They weren't focusing on anything.

He scooped up the toddler and took her outside.

He wiped the blood from the child's forehead and saw a jagged place that looked like it would turn into a scar in the shape of a lightning bolt on her forehead.

The potions master cast a dim Lumos Charm and pointed his wand in the girl's direction.

When the orphan failed to react to the light, Severus knew that something was wrong.

He waved his hand in front of the baby.

Still nothing.

He heard a loud noise in the distance and saw Sirius's bike flying in their direction.

Sirius apparated in front of the property and said, "What brings you here Severus? Did the Dark Lord send you here to do his bidding?"

"No, the Fidelius Charm has been broken," said Severus. "Do you know if the Potter child was born blind?"

"No, I saw her earlier this evening and her eyes worked fine then," said Sirius who looked like he was panicking. "Take her to Hogwarts and have Madame Pomfrey take a look at her. I've got to go, I've got a rat to take care of."

And with that, Sirius apparated away.

The bike landed and Hagrid got off of the bike. "Han' her over," said the large man kindly. "Professor Dumbledore sen' me ter fetch the girl."

"Yes, but there's a problem."

"The Headmaster was quite clear on his orders. He wants me ter take her ter her Muggle relatives."

"No I don't think that you understand," insisted Severus. "The Killing Curse has blinded the girl. And besides, Petunia's hardly a proper person to entrust a young child too. She needs medical attention to check out her sudden vision loss."

"Okay, let's use our emergency portkeys to get to the gates of the castle then walk up to see the healer and following that the Headmaster," said Severus.

Hagrid just nodded and used a Shrinking Charm with his umbrella to shrink the bike down and then he put it in one of his many coat pockets.

Severus took the girl's hand and placed it on the portkey that he had retrieved from his robes and he squeezed the portkey which activated it and with a countdown of three later they had reached Hogwarts.


A/N: I know that the name Heather Elizabeth Potter is hardly original, but it's the one I decided to use during this series. I hope you folks enjoy the read.