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Chapter 5: Ending of Second Blinddate

Of all places to eat, why did we have to eat at a sushi restaurant? I'm allergic to most of the food in there! I thought as I looked disapprovingly at the restaurant. The giant fish on top of the restaurant seemed to laughing at me.

"Can we please eat at another restaurant?" I whined.

Just one bite of any of the food, I'm going to swell up like a balloon. He just looked down at me and sighed,"I didn't make reservations here. Your friend did, complain to her, not me."

At this moment, I was going to 'unexpectantly' ask him what's the dirt Miiko's got on him but he walked into the restaurant. He was simply ignoring me and that's not right! If we actually banned together, we could've came up with a plan to overthrow Miiko. Meaning that she wouldn't be able to force me into anymore blinddates. My cellphone vibrating in my pocket forced me to come back into reality.

While he went up to the greeter, I glanced at my date to see if he was paying attention to me. Luckily, he wasn't so I answered it and discovered that it was Miiko.

"Hello?" I said quietly.

"Anything wrong, my best buddy?" she said cheerfully.

"I'll tell you what's wrong!" I snapped. "I'm in a restaurant in which they serve FISH! That's what's wrong! You know that I'm highly allergic to any fish!"

"Oops...Guess I wasn't thinking when I was planning it!" she said, sounding like she was eating something.

"Are you eating something right now?" I asked.

"Uh-huh! Yummy sushi! Yummy sushi with the miracle sauce known as wasabi!" she said, cheerfully.

The realization hit me. "Are you in the same restaurant as we are right now?" I asked, looking around for her.

"Up here!" she said loudly. I looked up at the top floor and saw that she was sitting at a table with Mokuba. They both had a huge smile on their faces and were waving to me. In her hand, Miiko held a pair of chopsticks pinching a piece of sushi. She dipped it into the hot wasabi sauce and munched happily on it. She waved a piece of jelly-like squid clinched in a pair of chopsticks.

Why did we have to eat here of all places? And why did Miiko have to follow us here?

"Guess what?" she said.

"What?" I cautiously asked.

"I made you and Kaiba-kun something!" she said, throwing something down at me.

I caught it and saw that it was a fortune cookie. I thought it was weird since they usually have these in Chinese restaurants, but I opened it anyway. I popped the cookie into my mouth and chewed as I read my fortune. It said, "Miiko says: Ruri and Kaiba sitting on a tree..." You know how the rest of it goes.

"You are such a weird girl," I said into the cellphone.

"Better being weird than being boring!" she said, throwing another fortune cookie down at me. I caught that one, but crushed it under my shoe when Kaiba came over to me. He looked suspiciously at me and asked,"What do you have under your shoe?"

"Nothing!" I quickly said. Out of anger, I hung up on Miiko, followed him and the waiter to our seats.

Once we were seated at the table, the waiter asked us what we wanted to drink. Soda was my answer and my date just wanted to drink tea. He handed us our menus and went to get our drinks. I pretended to pay attention to the menu when I was really looking up at Miiko. She wasn't directing her attention at anybody but her food.

"So...what are you going to order?" I heard him say.

I lowered my menu and put it on the table while looking at him, "Are you trying to make conversation with me?"

"It's obvious, isn't it?" he asked in a frustrated tone.

"Kaiba, why don't you just tell me what she has on you? That way if she threatens to tell me the secret, it won't work because I'd already know it if you tell me. Then we can just stop her from forcing us from doing stuff we don't want to," I said.

"Waitress, I'd like to order..." he said to the waitress, who just came over to our table. Apparently, the waiter that we had before had to leave because of some family emergency.

"Hey! Answer me!" I said, throwing the menu at him.

Instead, he just caught it, handed it to the waitress and continued to order. He turned to me and asked what's my request.

"Yes, I'd like to order a plate of sushi for my friend up there," I said, pointing up to where Miiko is. "I'd also like to order some sake."

"Very well, Miss. What would you like to eat yourself then?" the waitress asked.

"Nothing. I already ate," I said. She bowed to us, informing us that our food would be ready in ten minutes.

"Why did you order something as strong as sake? Do you have a drinking problem?" he asked me.

"Nope," I said, looking up as the waitress gave Miiko a jug of sake and a plate of more sushi.

"Then what...?" he said.

I just blew a raspberry at him,"Not gonna tell you!"

He followed my gaze, stopping at the sight of Mokuba waving at both of us. He smiled then showed us a picture of an umbrella with our names under it. (A/N: In Japan, that's like drawing a heart and putting two people's initials in them.)

"Ow!" Kaiba said, catching a fortune cookie as it fell from his head. Miiko just threw it down on his head when Mokuba caught our attention. She mouthed 'thankyou' for the sushi and the sake. I panicked at the sight of the fortune cookie. I knew what that fortune cookie said. I couldn't let him see it!

"Give me that!" I yelled at him.

He looked at it in his hand and smirked,"Soo...this seems to be important to you." Uh-oh...

I nodded slowly, then extended my open hand toward him. "Come on, just give it to me," I said, getting up from my seat.

"Not until YOU tell me what you're planning," he said, raising his hand over his head so I couldn't reach it.

"Don't...Just give it to me or just crush it," I said.

I was up from my seat now, walking towards his seat and possibly snatch it from him and run up to where Miiko is. Then I'm going to make her choke with it.

"Open it, ni-sama!" Mokuba yelled.

"NO!" I yelled, jumping up to snatch the cursed fortune cookie. I can't let him see it!

"Ruri-chan! Watch out! You're going to fall!" Miiko cried.

She was right. When I jumped up to try to get it, he and I lost our balance. He fell backwards on his chair, while I fell to the floor and a scream sounded. As we were about to fall, the waitress was coming back with our food. Now she was screaming because he had landed on his back. He could see under the waitress'...

"PERVERT!" the waitress shrieked.

He was shocked himself, looking up at the waitress' skirt. I guess he didn't expect to see anything. He was blushing wildly now, getting up from the floor. I couldn't help myself because I started to laugh at the sight of the blushing Kaiba and the angry waitress. She looked like she wanted to punch his lights out.

"Kaiba-kun is a big pervert!" Miiko yelled from the balcony. Mokuba was trying to hide his giggles behind his hands.

"Here's your food, JERK!" the waitress said, shoving a plate of sushi in his face. She also poured the wasabi on his head, then left in a huff.

After he used a napkin to wipe his face, he angrily told me that the date was off, which was fine with me. Unfortunately, he left without Miiko and I. Mokuba thanked me for giving him something to laugh about tonight before leaving. By now, Miiko was swaying whenever she tried to stand on her own two feet. The sake had done its toll on her after just two glasses. She was trying to kiss every waitress in the restaurant because she thought that they were bishounens.

I had to call my mom so she would come to pick us up. She was disappointed when I told her what happened on my date.

"Aww! I'm such a huge fan of his games. If you had married him, I could've played every one of his games!" my mom said.

"Why do I have such weird family and friends?" I asked.

"hehe Kaiba-kun likes to lip sync and dance to Britney Spears...hehe," Miiko muttered incoherently. She was now vomiting in the backseat of the car; we had to open a window to let the smell out. I let my head hang out of the window, while laughing my butt off.

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