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Author's Notes- I am a very big Barry and Helen fan, so thus this is a Helen & Barry fic. Julie and Ray will be featured in it as well. This fic is excatly one year later after the accident has happened , Im going by the book really, I liked it much better. Helen is the Golden Girl for South Port's local news station.As the weather girl. Helen well be called "Heller" Barry's little pet name for her. Helen's last name is Rivers like in the book.. Barry and Helen have big realtionship problems, they started dating sophmore year of highschool. Now they are not, and it is summer Helen who is oh most 19. Barry cheated on Helen when they dated. Okay I will stop talking, here is the story!

Chapter One - No more sorrys & kisses

Helen River's walked down the same ole docks of South Port. Her arms

wraped around her waist,as if she was hugging herself. In a deep thought. She thought she would of been out of this town by now, if she could'nt get anywhere with her grades her beauty sure as hell maid up for it. Helen was always beautiful and she was use to everyone noticing it to as well, and they did. I mean she is'nt channel 5's golden girl for nothing! She sighed, everyone's gone off to better things. Leaving me here alone to rot in this town.Julie, oh her dearest Julie was off to college. She smiled to herself, she always knew Julie would leave to college she was just to smart to stay here and become nothing. Who knows when she would return. Barry was back though. Just the thought of him made her tense all up.She wondered why she even cared , it's obvious he did not. Now how could she forget about fisherman Ray. She laughed softly, Ray was still here. Not as if she stopped to speak with him. She was'nt sure she could after all that happened with the "accident". She started walking again, it was already dark out and she better hurry home. Then she came to an abrupt stop, she swore she heard somthing she breathed heavily it was a cold night for the summer. Well I guess it usually is cold by any salt water. She heard it again... that's it she stated as she took off trying to run the best she could in her damn shoes.She took a glance back to see nothing but darkness and before she knew it she was flat on her back on the cold wood of the dock floor. Calming her self down realizing she ran right into a person.

" Watch it. Christ." The guy said as he bent down grabing her arm to help her up.

Helen was tooken offbeat with the rudeness that this guy was giving.

"Sorry." She replied in soft tone.

"Helen.....Heller?" The guy asked.

Helen moved her self a little bit closer to check this guy out.

"Barry". She stated knowing it was now him.

"Helen..... he started. He had her attention now, thinking something important was going to come out of his mouth. You look like shit!"

He finished pulling her to a light on the dock so he could get a better look.

Leave it only Barry to tell channel 5's golden girl that.

"Ass" She mumbled softly. She knew he had heard her by the way his eyes darted to hers with an evil glare in them.

"Why where you running?" He asked looking her up and down, thinking not much has changed.I mean yes her legs where still smooth and good looking and her breasts still perfect. The one thing about Helen that drove him crazy.

"Huh?" She choked out, being in total mishap with running into Barry and all.

He sighed rolling his eyes, dammit girl he thought you still don't have a clue on life at all do you? Or even a hold on yourself.

"Nothing" He mused.

Her violet kind eyes turned cold. " Shut up".

"Here we go , Heller don't give me shit now.Im not in the mood for it." He spat already giving me shit an we just ran into one another not even ten minutes ago.

"Im not giving you anything Barry Cox, remember I don't ever get to have an imput on anything!" She yelled , already geting heated.

He slaped his hand on his forehead. Bringing there breakup decision out in the open again. Well she was right, she had no say in it at all. She wanted to stay with him, hell he knew she wanted to marry him. He could'nt, she was nothing but his own personal trophy he could show around to everyone to be in envy.

He just gave her a look, Helen was just to different. Not anything like the girls he cheated on her with. They where smart, good looking college girls. All grown up.

Not saying Helen was'nt, he gave her a second glance, still knowing none of them could ever with hold her personal beauty.

" Sorry alright, here want a lift home. It's too cold to walk tonight in a mini skirt." He stated truthfully.

"Oh yeah, she fake smiled and then we can go back to my apartment and get it on just for good times sake right? Wrong Barry. I'm not the same girl you use to use and throw away whenever anymore."She stated confident.

He stood there in shock, she talked back to him. She never use to, well when she did she was only half serious then she would come saying her sorrys kissing him trying to make everything better.

There was no sorrys & kisses this time.

She ment it , and it sorta hurt that she did.

That she could speak to him that way, he always was the rejector. The the rejected!

That's how it went an was suppose to keep on going like that.

"Whatever." He stated walking to where he parked.

She stomped her foot turning the other direction ,taking a gulp to walk back in the same direction she was running from since she heard somthing. Just to prove to Barry she was'nt helpless? She walked fast, very fast.

He glanced over his shoulder just to make sure she was'nt comming to ask for a ride. She was'nt, she was out of sight.

He unlocked his car door, and breathed looking up into the night sky.

"Sorry Heller" . He said softly getting into his car, starting it to head home.

He rolled his eyes he wondered if the bitch was still up. ( His mother).

What a reverent joy it was to be around her presence again. His mother. How else could you describe this controlling women.She hated Helen with a passion. Maybe that's why he said with her so long, just to get on his mother's last nerve. You know what... it did too. It killed his mother really, she thought Helen was nothing but trash who leached on to him for his money. He loved to get at his mother. He knew the right buttons to push, he always knew the right buttons to push on everyone.

He thought as he started his car an took off to his home, with not a care in the world.

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