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Chapter 5 : Paint The Silence

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Author's Notes- I am a very big Barry and Helen fan, so thus this is a Helen & Barry fic. Julie and Ray will be featured in it as well. This fic is exactly one year later after the accident has happened, I'm going by the book really, I liked it much better. Helen is the Golden Girl for South Port's local news station. As the weather girl. Helen well be called "Heller" Barry's little pet name for her. Helen's last name is Rivers like in the book.. Barry and Helen have big relationship problems, they started dating sophomore year of high school. Now they are not, and it is summer Helen who is oh most 19. Barry cheated on Helen when they dated. I am using " Max" in this story from the movie. Okay I will stop talking, here is the story!

Note- I BlondieSunKisses [ Brooke] Wrote this fan fic, my best friend Dani is being so kind to put it on here for me!!


Helen gave Barry a death glare as she put her keys in the ignition and started up her car.

" Okay rule one, Helen began in a harsh tone. You have to wear your seatbelt. Rule two no sticking your head out the window or any other dog like behaviors you like to do."

" Ouch. Are you done now? Or is there anymore prudish rules you feel the need to say aloud." Barry replied putting on his seatbelt. Giving her a smirk, yes he was drunk but not to far gone to play the game Helen was starting.

"Yes, the most important rule. No touching. Anything." Helen said starting to back out of the beach's parking lot.

" Does that include you?" He asked finishing his last beer he kept hidden, he rolled down the window and tossed it out without a care.

"Do I have to answer that question? "

Barry shrugged. " I guess not."

Helen sighed as she pulled out of the parking lot making her way towards Barry's home.

The Cox's where blessed with all the money they had and they didn't see no reason why not to flaunt it . You could tell by the way there house looked, it was utterly beautiful.

Helen always loathed going to Barry's house, his parents despised her. That was most of the reason why Helen thought Barry stayed with her for so long. To get back at his parents, plus Barry had no shame in telling her all the time she was a perfect trophy for his arm.

"Hey. What are you thinking about?" Asked Barry leaning over towards her. She could smell the beer on his breathe again. God I'm going to vomit she thought to herself.

" Nothing that concerns you if your wondering. Barry silence is a virtue you know."

She stated forcing herself not to look at him and keep her eyes upon the road.

" Yes it is and a wonderful quality to have, which you should know already by now I do not ." He smirked to himself he was making her blush, he could always read her like a book. He knew infact that she wouldn't look at him because if she did she'd be giving in.

Which that was usually her lead role to play.

He moved back away from her, this was starting to annoy him now. He wanted her, she wanted him so why the hell was she trying to act all holy now like a virgin. She was not one and he knew that because he was the first one to take her and all the times after as well. He would even bet money on that she hadn't been with any one else either, and that thought excited him. To know that his Helen only knew his touch and no one else's. He was not quite sure what he was feeling anymore towards her, I mean they dated for awhile which was not at all the intention he had when he first asked her out. The countless thoughts filled his head as he re-called each time he planned to break it off with her , but he never could until finally the whole "accident" happened.

He shifted his gaze to look at her. He couldn't of hurt her that much last year by giving her the boot .Could he? Sure Helen was a sight to see, and you could always catch a guy staring at her as she waked by. Though you could also say the same thing for Barry , girls where always flaunting their smiles in his direction and to say the least he didn't mind it.

But Helen wasn't the weak one , that was him. If she only knew the countless times he cheated on her with others , especially from college it would kill her . All the girls he was with where lookers as well but none could measure up to her . Hell he would always catch his roommates looking at the picture of Helen he had from her junior year [ I think that's right?] it was signed so simply. To Barry, love Heller. It was cute, but he grew out of cute a long time ago. I suppose you could call the feeling that was turning in his stomache right was regret. He regretted every horrible thing he did to Helen , which there was many. He was well aware of the numberous times he hurt her feelings and blamed things on her that she had nothing to do with. He regretted every emotion he took out on her , love, hate, anger. The one thing he regretted most was that she fell in love with him and he knew she did. The only thing he could offer her then and now still is disappointment and she probably couldn't manage anymore of it.

" Why are you staring at me? " Helen questioned interrupting his thoughts.

" You are just to beautiful not to." He replied honestly.

" Wow, I forgot how nice you get when your drunk." She pulled up halfway to his driveway.

He gave her a look. " Whatever you say." He replied un buckling his seatbelt.

" You can walk the rest of the way, some fresh air might help sober you up."

He opened the door stepping out of it. " Your to kind Helen. " He retorted shutting her car door watching her pull out of his drive way and on her way.

He stuffed his hands in his pockets and began walking up the driveway. He just didn't know how to act around her anymore. He was so use to being cold to her and having her take it all and still kiss his ass. She was different now though and he didn't know how to handle her.

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