Andor - Keep your head down (Cinta/Vel EP 10)

By Gun Roswell


Keep your head down while all the time being vigilant


Andor, season one, during episode ten, missing scene on Ferrix.

Everyone is watching. They, are always watching. And nobody is safe. Not while the Empire has a tight grip on their throats.

Cinta/Vel pairing

Set in the world of Star Wars Andor space time continuum. Somehow canon compliant, maybe?

Keep your head down while all the time being vigilant

'The cause always comes first, we agreed to that when we signed on, right?'

The imperials were everywhere. All corners of the small town, on each and every street, their homes, their places of business, everyone was being watched. Constantly. The evil big brother, always and forever present in their daily lives now.

Cinta was on the street, half hiding in between the many houses. Having taken the turn this time around to keep an eye on the overall situation, but also standing close to the homestead of Cassian Andor's mother, Maarva. Just in case. It had been some time now and there was still no sign of Andor. The two of them, Vel and Cinta. getting more and more frustrated for being on the planet without getting the results needed.

Cinta could see a doctor with two of the villagers looking worried while entering Maarva's home. Clearly, there was something wrong with her. The latest intel being, that Maarva Andor was indeed quite sick and there might not just be too much time left for her on this plane of existence.

And so, if Cassian Andor was a no show for long, it might just be he would miss his mother's last days on the planet, in this galaxy. If he really wanted to see his mother, before it was too late, which they all assumed he would, time was running out. For all of them. As catching Cassian Andor was the reason for Cinta and Vel to be there.

Cinta was going to make her way closer to the house to see if there was anything she could pick up on. Meanwhile, trying to be as inconspicuous as possible. After all, fitting in with the indigenous people of any world was a must. Especially for a person in her kind of business. Being a rebel spy and all.

The stormtroopers were around each every corner and trying to avoid them was not an option.

So, taking a deep breath, Cinta stepped out of the shadows and into the street. As soon as Cinta stepped out into plain view, she heard the familiar unmistakable sounds of the communication device crackling to life real close by. As Cinta turned towards the sound, two stormtroopers were standing close enough to her. In her face, literally.

"Citizen, your chain code!"

The first trooper ordered her then.

Cinta looked baffled, but only for a fleeting moment.

She managed to get the fake id from her pocket where she kept it and handed it over to the trooper.

The trooper ran a scan of it. All the while keeping an eye on Cinta. Well, it looked like it, as the dark visor was blocking any real human contact from being established.

It seemed to be a general consensus of all the imperial soldiers, that those whom were not serving the Empire, directly at least, were all suspicious wrong doers by default.

The whole scanning took a moment too long. At least in Cinta's mind, getting worried she was going to be exposed, that the chain code wasn't working any more.

Internally, she was starting to panic. But having become the very professional she was these days, there was hardly anything visible on her face. Not one flicker of an emotion. Deciding to act all casual, she asked.


The trooper, clearly not accustomed of people asking them for anything. As most citizens were quiet around them. Only keeping their heads down and trying to act as invisible as possible.

Just then, the scanner beeped and the intel of Cinta presented itself on the screen.

"No problem."

The trooper simply responded and then, with a long look, handed the id back to Cinta.

And without further pleasantries, the interaction was over.

Cinta nodded her thanks and got back to her task at hand, heading towards Maarva Andor's home.

The troopers moved along, doing their own thing, which was mostly hanging on the streets watching everyone around them.

Cinta made her way to the house. But when she got there, the three people having been headed towards Maarva's home were already inside and the door was closed. So there was little if nothing Cinta could do now short of rising suspicion. The only option to get back to her room and wait for another opportunity.

"Did you managed to get in?"

Vel asked as soon as Cinta was back. Looking up from her datapad, being seated at the table reading the holonet news. After all, Luthen was pressing the two to get some results. Even if it wasn't as possible as he or the two of them would have liked it to be. Especially now with the Empire there on Ferrix.

"No, I could not get close soon enough. The stormtroopers stopped me."

Cinta was still shaken of the fact even if she tried to not let it show. Having been spotted, right there on the street? Well, it was never a pleasant experience, even if she had done noting wrong. Still, the chills were running down her spine just thinking about how easily she could have been caught. Then again, the Empire hardly cared whether any of they arrested was a rebel or not. Having heard the rumours of the two captured friends of Andor, whom had supposedly been tortured for information. Perhaps even killed by now. Although so far, there was no other evidence the two of them had managed to gather of said friends and their status.

Vel's surprise was visible on her face and she immediately stepped over to Cinta, still standing by the door. Vel taking the shook woman in her arms.

"Are you alright? Did they hurt you."

Vel looked Cinta over in a few glances, trying to find any visible wounds there. Her worry present and blood boiling all at the same time. Being only too worried of her girlfriend in the hands of the imperials.

"No, no. I am fine. Physically at least."

Vel only nodded only in response and drew Cinta in, squeezing her hard in her arms.

"I could not get close enough to the house. Maarva Andor is very sick and I could see the doctor with her friends getting to her."

"Next time then. We'll get something tomorrow."

Vel assured Cinta then.

Vel was more worried of the fact that the stormtroopers had hassled with Cinta than them getting any real intel on Andor. Not that getting to listen into a conversation between Maarva and her friends would have most likely revealed much more of the whereabouts of Cassian either. Still, they needed to try as long as the possibility was there. Or then, try to convince Luthen to pack things up on Ferrix.

Just the same, today had been a bust. And for now, it was time for Vel to make sure Cinta was alright. Her own personal priority, even if the cause, always came first. For all of them.