Tales in Star Wars Andor - Swim Dammit!

By Gun Roswell


Jump, Kino, jump!

We are so getting off of this rock!


Andor, season one, in between episodes, the missing scenes - episode ten

What happened to Kino Loy, did he jump into the soaring waters below?

Did he perhaps get re-captured while being most likely the only one left behind while his fellow inmates escaped? The no good deed goes unpunished kind of a thing happening to here?

This is the missing scene around the end of episode ten (at least how it played out in my mind).

Set in the world of Star Wars Andor space time continuum. Somehow canon compliant, perhaps? Until it is not?

Jump, Kino, jump!

'Even if you don't know how to swim, sinking into the soft lulling waves of the ocean, there will always be someone there who will pull you back to up to the surface. Trust in that fact, if nothing else!'

"One way out!"

They were all chanting the same mantra as the men poured from the inside of the whitewashed prison and towards the landing platform.

He was standing there, watching in horror while the others simply jumped into the below waiting deep dark waters. All of them. As hey simply rolled in, without any kind of hesitation.

But, Kino did not. Jump.

He was frozen in the very spot he stood in.

Even with his fellow escapes keeping on pushing through, shoving Kino in the process when hurrying past to just get out of the hell hole they had all been stuck inside of for so long, Kino hardly budged.

What seemed like the longest moment, most likely mere seconds though, the life as Kino knew it to have been, flashed by his eyes. Something of a cliché for sure. But it was happening just the same. With a certain strong memory getting his attention from somewhere deep and buried.

"Flik, please help me!"

The drowning boy cried, after having slipped into the deep roaring river while jumping on top of the slippery rocks on the bank.

"Please Flik! You know I cannot swim!"

The boy he had been all those years ago. Kino. Shouted out for his brother to come to his rescue. The whirlpool of the deep water quickly sucking him in and under. His breathing getting harder and harder as his arms flailed in trying to somehow push himself towards the surface.

"Fliiik! Please!"

With this last breath, Kino shouted out before he was engulfed inside the murky liquid for good. Only able to watch in horror as the daylight disappeared somewhere above him as he was sinking fast.

His eyes slowly closing, ready, for the inevitable. The last air escaping his lungs. Awaiting only for the cold hand of death to claim him…

Suddenly, he felt a jolt of his body being touched. The firm grip of arms around him. The motion of the water as he was being guided ever upwards and back to the light and air, to the surface.

Sputtering, trying to catch his breath, Kino was eye to eye with Flik. His brother having heard the pleads and come to his rescue.

"Don't you ever scare me like that again, Kino Loy!"

It was in that moment of clarity, when Kino's decision was made. The trust in his brother in the past, Kino knew he could trust in the others, in the here and now.

He might not have been able to swim to save his own life, but dammit, Kino was about to try in hoping someone would help him in the process.

One deep breath, then another. Closing his eyes for a mere moment. And then, as another wave of inmates rushed by him, Kino did what he was afraid to do.

He jumped.

The fall down felling like an eternity.

The waters surface looking cold and dreary.

As he hit the waters, Kino sank into it.

Without the ability to fight back the inertia of his fall drowning him. The same old panic hitting as all those years back. Arms flailing, gasping for air, even if there was none for gasp for. Kino knew, he was going to drown.

He closes his eyes. Letting the waters consume him. At least, he would die, free.

Sinking in further, his conscious mind starting to shut down. The film that of his life, no more.

And then, he felt the familiar jolt.

As familiar as it had been in the past, so was it now.

A pair, then another. Arms placed around him. Hauling Kino in a hurried pace towards the surface.

Kino was back. On the surface of the ocean. Sputtering and then managing a glance at his saviours.

He was looking into the eyes of an unfamiliar inmate, but then the other one, he knew.

Cassian Andor, as Kino now knew him as. The man finally having revealed his true identity to Kino just a little before they had made it out. With a soft smile on his face he looked at Kino.

"You didn't think we would leave you behind did you."

Kino knew right then and there, he would be saved.

We are so getting off of this rock!

'There might not be too many options for us available, but we are going to make it out of here. It's worked so far, hasn't it!'

They were all panting heavily. The three of them having reached solid ground after swimming for what seemed like an eternity. Even if it wasn't really that far to the shore.

There was no idea whether the few guards left in the facility would have the means or even motives to come after any of them. After all, five thousand men having escaped and there were only a few handfuls of guards on the prison platform in total. The odds were not good, for the guards at least. As for the rest of them, remained to be seen.

Even without looking, Kino and Cassian had realised the rest of the guards had gone into hiding. Those cowards! Then again, who could blame them! Nobody really wanted to die for the sake of the Empire. Right?

This prison escape surely proof these men having been kept as slave labour did not at least!

As they glanced around, they could see it was a barren land. Not much to look at and nothing in the means of continuing their escape of this, rock, either.

Rushing in haste through the land, they were trying to find some cover to have a respite at least.

And soon enough, they found a more cavernous area, with a hint of shrubbery around it just enough to form a makeshift hideout. At least until they had gained their bearings.

As they settled down, moving around the growth just to make sure they were all hidden, the three of them sat in silence for moment.

The unasked question hanging in the air between them.

"So, any ideas?"

It was Melshi who dared to ask the question though.

"On how to get off this, Force forsaken rock?"

Andor had to ask to be sure, even he knew what it was Melshi had meant.

"Yeah, that little thing."

Melshi let out a nervous chuckle.

"Well, we could try to find out if there is a base here. There must be something, for observation purposes if nothing else. Unmanned or not."

Kino chimed in, clearly having some idea of what they should look for.

"Sounds good."

Andor simply replied to him.

"Any idea how big this place is?"

"Judging from the several platforms crammed into the small expanse of the ocean, not too big, hypothetically speaking of course."

Kino went on, having gained his somewhat analytical mind back again, after the initial shock of water, drowning and sort of swimming had subsided. Mostly the other two had supported him remaining a float on the surface while dragging him along.

"So, guess we don't have long to walk then?"

Melshi commented, none too fond of taking a hike in his sore, wounded and now bleeding bare feet as the terrain had hardly been supportive for their fleshy soles.

"I would assume not."

Kino said as much. But he could not really be sure. It was a shot in the dark to suggest it.

"Well, whatever it takes, I am so in. Beats the hell out of being in prison, even if it means losing an appendix in the process!

Andor did not really care about the pain, as long as they were on the move, getting the hell outta Dodge!

"Alright then."

Melshi glanced from Andor to Kino, who seemed a tad worse for ware.

"How about it Kino? Ready to find a way out for us?"

Kino was quiet for a moment, then being reminded of what they were doing, he silently nodded before adding.

"I am. Only one way out. Up!"

Nodding towards the skies just then, knowing they needed to find a ship, to leave this nightmare of a moon, behind them.