TBB - TCW - Ten times Echo complained and one time he did not, complain

By Gun Roswell


We're soldiers, not… whatever else…


Echo is being a complete and total shebs. Figuratively speaking of course. Well, at least some of the time he is. Especially when Echo gets all grumpy and starts complaining about things, about the Bad Batch doing things they really have no business doing?

A list of times, some then times or more(?) where Echo reminded them all being soldiers rather than something else, no matter how imaginable some other prospect just might be. And the one time Echo really had no complaints to give. To anyone. Especially not Tech and Fives. His loving partners.

Tech/Echo/Fives ship

Set somewhere in the galaxy of the Clone Wars and the Bad Batch space time continuum.

We're soldiers, not… whatever else…

'Being a good soldier does not necessarily exclude all the other things to be pursued. Good, or bad?'

"We're soldiers, not undercover operatives!"

Yeah, Echo wasn't too thrilled about their upon coming gig. The one where he and Hunter were supposed to be acting as… well, call boys was mostly like the proper word for what they were going to go undercover as… Literally, with their pretty asses, on display!

This, was certainly the most degrading task Echo had ever pulled! Well, not taking to account the fact that he had been held captive by the Techno Union, while presumed dead and helped the Seppies to gain victories over the Republic… a sore point for sure, but not really Echo's own doing.

So, there was that.

"Well, you and I are the best suited for the mission. So if you feel you need to back up from it and…"

Hunter wasn't too fond of the gig either. But if it meant getting the intel they needed from some shady otherwise unapproachable characters, then so be it.

"No, no, is fine. I will do it."

Echo was not about to do one worse for the team either. If Hunter thought he was the best to choice to pull this job off, then Echo would do whatever it took. Even if he did not like it.

"We're soldiers, not weapons smugglers, Hunter!"

"Yeah, well, this haul will keep the cause a float for a long while."

Wrecker and Hunter were packing up the crates from the salvaged ship the team had spotted during another rescue op and then deciding to come back to check out the content, hitting the jackpot in the process.

"I would understand if we kept this stuff for ourselves, but selling some of it…"

Echo was not liking the idea at all.

"We don't need all of this, not now. We can get more at a later point, I am sure of it. Right now, Rex agrees we need the credits more than new weapons for the cause."

Hunter told Echo the same thing Rex had already told to them all before.

"Yeah, well, I still don't like it."

Yeah, Echo really did not like the idea of becoming whatever Hunter and Rex had in mind. But what could he do? Nothing. The deed was to be done just the same. And Echo, did believe in their cause and was willing to sacrifice his sleep for it too. No matter what his opinions were.

"We're soldiers, not freedom fighters!"

"We are and well, being a soldier for a good cause is pretty much the same thing. Right?"

Tech tried to assure his partner. Because this, complaint of Echo's right now, in the context of things, was hardly sound. At all.

Echo simply glared at Tech. Not surprised Tech wasn't taking his side though, as they often had opposite views, well sometimes. These days. Mostly they tried to agree.

"I still don't like it."

"I guess you would not."

Tech simply rolled his eyes and turned his eyes back towards the viewport. Piloting the ship towards their destination, letting Echo simmer for a moment. Knowing he would come around soon enough. Echo always did.

"We're soldiers, not nannies!"

Echo scrunched his nose, his whole face turning sour.

The reason? A rather large size mass of beings, squirming right in front of him.


The children from the settlement they had just rescued, were all cooped up in the small cargo hold of the vessel. With Echo, Omega, Fives and Wrecker trying to keep them entertained before they could get them all to safety. It surely was a difficult task, the kids being somewhat frightened and confused. But, slowly warming up to the, entertainment just the same.

"Yeah, but this is so much fun!"

Omega chimed having been acting like the jester with Wrecker and Fives for the past thirty minutes or so. Eliciting a few giggles and claps from their captive audience.

"Yeah Echo, at least the kids aren't crying any more."

Fives chuckled finding the whole situation rather amusing. Fives' partner clearly not the most fatherly type of the lot, even he had managed to guide Omega quite well. Then again, these were not quick and easily adaptive clone kids. So guess Echo was out of his element, just a tad.

"Fun? You call this… Fun?"

Echo motioned towards the now roaring crowd of small snot faced people, as Wrecker was doing his impression of some animal Echo did not even recognise, but clearly the kids were loving it while laughing really hard.

"They're most likely peeing their pants too!"

Echo placed his fingers on top of his nose, pinching it as if he could already smell the urine filling the area. Somewhat of an exaggerated notion for sure.

Fives simply laughed and nudged his partner gently. Even if he loved Echo dearly, Fives loved to tease the man when he could.

"Oh come on Eyayah! I know you like kids and jokes. So come on, turn that frown upside down and join us!"

Echo glared at Fives for a moment longer and then, a soft smile emerged onto his face.

"Yeah, guess… if you can't beat 'em…"

"We're soldiers, not drones. Well, despite current appearances."

Echo was on the defensive now as having been mistaken for a droid once again! And even if he was dressed up as one, while going undercover. The one comment of some random passer by wasn't sitting well with Echo, at all. The whole mission having been a ridiculous attempt in Echo's mind in the first place!

"Oh, Echo, don't take it too hard. They don't know ya like we do. And we all love ya!"

Wrecker tried to cheer Echo up. In the worst possible way it seemed. As despite his current outlook, that of the fake droid by choice, Echo was still somewhat sensitive of his differences from the rest of the group. Even if the others really could not care any less. And loved him just the same. Even more so.

"Yeah, well it was a stupid idea to put this disguise on for this mission."

Echo was grumpy as Sith, not in the mood of being judged or even coddled, by any one.

"Next time, I'll wear it. Deal?"

Fives had actually tried to suggest it earlier. For both of them being dressed up as droids. But Echo had shot the idea down before Fives had even managed to explain his point. But now, it was starting to look like a good idea after all. As feeling like the odd duckling out of the group, even if the rest of them had all kinds of funky outfits on.

"We good?"

Fives placed his arm around Echo, for a quick smooch.

This time around, Echo's chilly little heart did warm up. Seeing the doting eyes of his partner looking at him all gooey and loving. How could anyone refuse that?

"I will hold you up to that suggestion! For the next time."

Echo then warned Fives and soon enough, any kind of random comments were all but forgotten.

"We're soldiers, not engineers."

"Um, Echo… you and I have both taken the Havoc Marauder apart and put it back together, without issue I might add. Several times among other devices and gadgets. And in the process, made them all better too."

Tech reminded Echo, just in case his partner had forgotten their many, exploits in the field of engineering.

"Well, that is beside the point."

Echo quipped back.

"Aha! Whatever you say."

Tech could not resist the smirk on his lips though, as they continued manoeuvring the Marauder towards their next destination. Echo sitting beside him, with his hands crossed over his chest and a sulking glare on his face.

"We're soldiers, and our behaviour should reflect that fact."

Echo was tired of the shenanigans the rest of the squad had been pulling all they long. Sure they were all bored of the waiting. But they were on a mission. And they needed to concentrate. They could be called out to do their job at any moment. Fooling around wasn't soldier like behaviour in Echo's mind. At all.

"Echo, nothing has happened for several hours and what would you have us do? I mean, this is pretty boring."

Fives asked him then.

Fives having been the instigator of most of the tomfoolery the others had been doing. Wrecker and Omega being easily convinced though to join in. And then soon enough, Hunter, Tech and Crosshair were in on it too.

"Don't blame me when the call comes in and we need to jump at a moments notice!"

Echo fumed as for some reason, the jokes weren't hitting him today. His mood fowl for whatever reason and thus being the grumpy one of the lot all day long. Crosshair even made a crude remark Fives and Tech weren't taking good care of their lover in the bedroom.

Well, he could not have been more wrong on that note. As Fives and Tech always took good care of their Echo, and visa versa.

Guess it was a cyborg thing then, having a moody day?

"Oh come on Echo, tell us a joke."

Wrecker challenged him then.

And out of the blue, Echo's face lit up.

As he then started telling them the dirtiest PG rated joke imaginable. The lot of them laughing really hard. Even Omega, even if it might have been a tad too much for the more younger ears of hers to understand.

It seemed, that Echo had kind of felt left out initially of the others shenanigans. The others having started fooling around and all. But after being included in the whole situation? Well, the fowl mood all but forgotten as were Echo's many rules too. Apparently?

"We're soldiers, not puppets!"

Echo had heard the snide comments from a few nat-borns at the location they were currently at. Stating, that the clones had been nothing but puppets of the Empire. Several more rude remarks having followed about the clones too. This all happening while the team was taking a break in a bar after one of their missions on a planet for some trade.

"Um, Echo, I would keep it down if I were you."

Crosshair tried to calm down his team mate, not wanting to instigate anything with the locals.

"They said, we are puppets of the Empire."

"Yeah, well, we better not let them know the truth now do we. That we are actually on the run and on the blacklist of the imps?"

Hunter was worried they had elicited some unwanted attention while entering this specific establishments simply for refreshments.

Echo glanced at Hunter and Crosshair and realising this was not the time to pick a fight after all.

"Well, guess I can let it slide. This time."

Echo sounded calm enough, even if on the inside, he was fuming.

"We're soldiers, and that is not going to change any time soon."

Echo reminded them all, even if his default comment was usually not taken seriously by the rest of his team. Usually not.

"Um, yeah, you're right. I keep forgetting that now, we are no longer slaves for anyone. Not the Republic nor the Empire. Well, except maybe for Rex!"

Fives snorted, getting a giggle from Tech and Wrecker. But funnily enough, neither of them were wrong?

"We'er soldiers! Not… oh, yeah, we are, soldiers!"

"Right on the credits Echo!"

Wrecker let out a hardy laugh.

"Couldn't have said it better myself!"

Crosshair piped in, both of them laughing, having finally gotten Echo to stumble over his own grouchy statement!

And all the other times Echo objected with the exact same comment:

"We're soldiers, not sheep!"

"We're soldiers, not farmers!"

"We're soldiers, not accountants!"

"We're soldiers, not gods!"

"I wouldn't mind being a god!"

"Shut up Wrecker!"

Well, you get the gist of it!

Echo was lying on the bed, in all his naked glory, with his hands and feet tied to the bed posts.

"Are you still going to argue with us?"

Tech's tone was serious, even if they were far from playing that game now. Being serious. This was the time for fun, and sex games, naturally.

"Yeah, are you done complainin'?"

Fives half snorted, trying to keep on a straight face.

"Yes sir! For I'm a, good soldier and ready for anything you two have to offer!" Echo was eagerly awaiting the reward of him stopping complaining for once.

Tech and Fives already on the bed with him, having several things in mind for their lover. As a reward for playing it nice for once.