TBB - Wrecker, our Hero!

By Gun Roswell


So many kriffing clankers, and too few explosives!

Don't you recognise a jail break when you see one!?


Set somewhere in the world of the Bad Batch space time continuum, non-canonically but of course!

Wrecker, the muscle, the big guy, the clone with too many emotions… well, call him what you will, because when the shit hits the fan, you really need to call him: Wrecker! We all need you!

Wrecker saves the day and his team too.

So many kriffing clankers, and too few explosives!

'When you are outta ammo, what do you do? Use whatever else stuff might just be handy and throw them at the enemy of course!'

The mission had been going great. Until it went all south. Hunter, Crosshair, Echo and Tech were all surrounded, the enemy closing in, and soon enough, there was nothing else for them to do, but to surrender as the clankers simply kept on pouring down their way.

"We, surrender!"

It wasn't an easy decision to make. But Hunter finally yielded, placing his blaster onto the ground and raising his hands in surrender. The others followed his exampled with heavy sighs and a few growling sounds of complaint. After all, this had not been their plan. At all.

The commanding droid gave the order to take the four into captivity. And soon enough, they were all escorted to the close by Separatist base and into a holding cell. Stripped off their armour and whatever else gear they were carrying. Then sealed behind the red ray field for safe keeping. For the time being.

"You, are our prisoners."

The commanding clanker told them in the snide monotonous metallic tone.

"There is no escaping this place."

Sounding totally assured the droids had won this round against the Republic Army.

The droids were gone, having left the four to stew in their holding area. Making sure there was no other clanker in sight, Hunter turned to his squad and started talking in a low voice.

"Did any of you see Wrecker?"

"I thought he was right behind us."

Crosshair noted.

"Yeah, he was shooting at the clankers when we tried to run back to the ship."

Echo chimed in.

"So, why did they not catch him too?"

Hunter asked the confused looking group.

"Perhaps they did. Only he is held elsewhere."

Tech deduced, but hoping this wasn't the case though.

"I don't think so."

Crosshair was sure they had not. Trusting in Wrecker to get to safety.

"He would have made much more noise if he had been caught."

The others murmured in agreement. Only hoping Wrecker would still be out there and perhaps, he would be able to spring the rest of them out.

*** Wrecker had found the perfect hiding place for the moment.

After having seen the rest of his squad getting pinned down, having been only a short distance away from them, blasting the increasing number of droids. Wrecker had known immediately, there was nothing he could have done for them at that moment, except to find cover and regroup, by himself.

Planning never having been the strong suit of Wrecker's. But, Wrecker knew he needed to not to do what he usually did. To spring in head on blasters firing and hope for the best and take out as many of the enemy as possible. No, Wrecker needed to be more subtle if he was to rescue his squad and get them all out in one piece, that much was for sure.

Wrecker made a quick inventory of what his arsenal was. He counted several explosives in his backpack and of course his trusted blasters among a few extras in the mixx and an assortment of knives.

'Always come prepared', Wrecker had thought while packing.

But he was only one against an army of droids. Wrecker did not have the benefit of Crosshair's mirrors, nor Hunter's elegant grace when he danced around the clankers, cutting them off one by one. Neither did Wrecker have Tech's devices, nor Echo's senses, the cyborg's uncanny enhanced sense of being one step ahead of the clankers in the field.

No, what Wrecker had, was brute force. But also, the overwhelming desire for survival and winning. With a body able to endure blaster shots better than any other clone. But, Wrecker knew he could not rely on those attributes alone. Not this time. Not without his team. No, Wrecker, needed a plan. And so, taking several deep breaths, before he settled into his hide out and started doing the one thing, Wrecker never thought he was any good at. Thinking.

It took a moment for his brain to settle. The calming techniques he had been listening into while Echo had been teaching Tech, Hunter and Crosshair. To relax and empty their minds. Something which usually was no problem for Wrecker. The empty mind. Well, Wrecker did have thoughts there. But he usually wasn't too keen in letting them out. Having trouble voicing them, as Wrecker rarely put his thoughts into the proper words. At least, the way the others did.

But, there were ideas there ratting around in his brain though. And right now, Wrecker needed them to come forth.

Because Wrecker, was anything if not stupid.

He knew things. And Wrecker was good in several things. Superior even. But Wrecker never saw himself like that. Guess, it was a time of firsts for him. To show the others he was much more than simply muscle and things which went - boom.

Then again, none of his squad, his family had ever really said he wasn't all that. Sure out of spite or jest, but never to hurt him. Not really. They all trusted him, believed in Wrecker no matter if he was speaking less than eloquently or if he liked to blow things up. But perhaps now, Wrecker needed to step up and prove them, he could do so much more.

Wrecker remained in his position for a while longer. Remembering what Echo had told them. And then soon enough, Wrecker felt himself calming down. His breathing becoming even and his mind, starting to clear. All the disturbing things fading into the background.

And it was when Wrecker started seeing it. The plan. It was forming inside of his mind. The plan of saving his squad.

Don't you recognise a jail break when you see one!?

'There is nothing to it, taking on a battalion of enemy fighters, just by yourself! Simply concentrate on the task at hand and push on!' Wrecker was prepped and ready to move and to set his rescue plan in motion. It wasn't the greatest of plans by far and most likely not the smartest either. But with Wrecker's concentration having meditated upon it, he was pretty sure… well, fifty percent sure he could achieve this, plan of his.

Taking another quick inventory of his resources, Wrecker was ready to pounce.

He placed all his gear back into his backpack. Checked his knives and the weapons. And then, taking a deep breath, Wrecker stepped out from his hiding place. And as per calculated from the holo map of the terrain, Wrecker had chosen the best path to the holding area of his squad.

The bushes were thick where Wrecker was hiding, waiting for the perfect moment to storm in. He had already placed several explosives in the immediate area, making stealth of his movement undercover of the darkness now that the night had fallen and knowing the droids would not see too well, despite their supposed superior senses.

But they were made rather cheaply and there were several features none too good in them and Wrecker being familiar of this fact, used it to his advantage.

Wrecker kept on his watch, seeing the droid patrols, two plus two in either direction doing their rounds around the base. He timed it carefully, having now the interval of the clankers passing by the entrance to the structure Wrecker was headed into.

He was going in right after the next round, after creating the diversion of course. To hide his intentions and also, to cover up the fact that Wrecker, was alone on this mission.

And then it was time.

Wrecker pressed the button. Soon enough, several explosives detonated at the other end of the building. Wrecker the pressed the button again and soon enough, a similar volley blasted on the second location.

"We are under attack!"

Wrecker heard the clankers shouting out in panic. Then hauling their slim metallic shebs towards the blaster sites, drawing them all away from Wrecker and the entrance to the base building. Wrecker was pretty sure his team mates were being held in said structure. As it was the only viable option having ran his scans for human life signs in the immediate area. Seeing at least the four he was looking for inside there. Assuming they were his team mates.

Just after most of the droids had disappeared from sight, Wrecker did another scan, seeing only a few of them remaining close by, holding the fort so to speak.

Wrecker decided it was safe to move and with this blaster drawn, he started running towards the building. Shooting every tin can which made the mistake of stepping in Wrecker's sight of aim.

Soon enough, Wrecker reached the door, using another explosive to hack the lock as he did not have the patience or the know-how of Tech's to try to really hack inside the door system.

The small size bomb made a hissing noise only as it started smoking and soon enough, the lock on the door gave away and melted in the process. Wrecker pushed the door open and made his way in.

Checking his scanner, Wrecker knew he was on the right track. Seeing the stationary life signs, which he assumed to be his squad, hoping only they were all conscious. As carrying out the four of them in one go was a stretch, even for Wrecker.

Wrecker ran all the way to the cell. Blasting away the few remaining clankers on his way and soon enough, there were no more left for him to destroy. Hoping the rest of them would keep away until he had managed to get his team out.

Wrecker reached the cell block and there was only one with the ray shield down.


Hunter's voice sounded happy and cheerful at the same time.

"Hold on!"

Wrecker told him then. Carefully placing two small size explosives on the cell key pad.

"Stand back!"

He then ordered.

"Wrecker you can't…"

Was all Tech managed when the blast went off with a huff, leaving only smoke behind as before.

They all glared at Wrecker when the ray shield gave in and was down. But none of them were moving.

"Whatcha y'all standing round there for? Don't you know a jail break when you see one?"

Wrecker shouted getting his team mates finally moving and out of the cell.

"Come one, it's safe now."

Wrecker told them then.

"Did you bring extra blasters?"

As their weapons had been confiscated but the droids, naturally.

"Sure did."

Wrecker pulled his backpack out and took the extra blasters from there, handing them over to each of the others.

"Good job Wrecker!"

Both Crosshair and Echo commended their brother then.

Wrecker was positively beaming, but they were not out of the woods just yet.

"I have another round of explosives set. To cover our escape."

Wrecker then revealed, much to the others surprise. As clearly, Wrecker really had planned ahead. And greatly so too!

Hunter patted him on the back and they started running out of the base. Making good time too without further incident or clankers in sight.

As they reached the outside, Wrecker checking they were all a good way out from the base before he stopped himself.

Pulling out detonator, the final blasts about to go up.


And then it happened, the building starting to buckle as clearly, Wrecker had used a good amount of explosives to bring it all down.

"Wrecker, you really are our hero!"

Crosshair told him, eliciting a huge grin from the burly man.

"Well, I do try."

"You do indeed."

Hunter told him as much as they all chuckled, before getting into the Marauder, safely flying off the planet with another successful mission under their belts.