I decided to do this one after I saw how close Mia and Elk are, so for those who like those two, here you go! Oh, and as for my two cents on the whole Aromatic Grass thing, I don't think it's weed at all... I think it's catnip!

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Despairing Redemption

Elk looked around Delta, Theta and Lamda servers, searching for some sign of Mia. He searched field after field, went back to all three Root Towns time and time again, even e-mailed Kite and Moonstone for any sign of her. He got ahold of the former because he always took himself and Mia along together and Elk contacted the latter because he knew if anyone would be discreet in investigating, it would be the red and black-clad ninja Twin Blade. The pair e-mailed him back, both with no sign of her.

As the days, then weeks passed, Elk grew more despondent and reclusive, losing himself in his depression. Finally, Elk collapsed in the corner where he and Mia hung out in Mac Anu, crying hysterically.

"I want Mia back! I want to see her, touch her fur, smell her scent, watch her face light up when I give her Aromatic Grass... ... I.. I want to see my Mia again!!" Elk sobbed out, then curled up in a small ball, crying.

"You really feel that way about me Elk?" said a quiet, shocked voice. Elk's head shot up as Mia came around the corner, wearing a surprised look on her face.

"M-Mia!" Elk said, scrambling to his feet and rushing at her, hugging her tightly, "Mia, I missed you so much.."

"My poor Elk... I'm sorry to have worried you kitten... A lot of crap came up in RL all at once and I couldn't get away to even tell anyone what was going on... please kitten, forgive me" Mia purred, stroking Elk's hair.

"I forgive you Mia... I forgive you... Please don't leave me again" Elk whispered.

"I won't ever leave you again, my kitten... do you know how that's possible?" she asked and Elk shook his head in reply. Mia took a piece of paper out of a hip pocket in her outfit and passed it to him. "My address in real life... I'm logging out in a few minutes, because I'm going to wait for you at home" she said by way of explanation.

Elk examined the address and his eyes widened. "Mia, I only live about 10 minutes from you!" he choked out.

"Well well... how's that for convience?" Mia replied with a smile, "I'm logging out now, see you soon kitten..."

Amd with that, Mia gated out. Elk shook like a leaf, then let out a whoop of joy, cheering until he was hoarse, then looked down at the address one more time, committing it to memory, then raced to Elf's Haven, put it in storage and gated out as well.

- - - - - - - - - -

At the same time in a shadowed corner, Kite and Moonstone shook hands, knowing that the real life relationship between those two was long overdue.

- - - - - - - - - -

Ten minutes later...

There came a knock at the door, and the 26-year-old hazel-eyed brunette got off the couch, stretching cat-like, a habit she'd subconsciouly picked up from playing her character, and went to the door, opening it to reveal a shy black-haired, brown-eyed 14-year-old.

"Mia?" he asked timidly. The woman smiled, opening the door wider.

"C'mon in here Elk, we have a lot to talk about, kitten..." she replied. Elk came inside and Mia shut the door...

Where things went from there, only Mia and Elk know for certain, and they certainly aren't telling!

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