Despairing Redemption chapter 3

Elk yawned as he awoke, turning over to watch Mia's chest rise and fall, reveling in the feeling of love he held for his new guardian. After discussing it thoroughly with his parents and talking it over with the courts of Japan (who didn't see any reason to deny the request), Mia was declared Elk's legal guardian. Elk moved slightly so as not to wake her, laying gently on top of her. The catgirl of The World, beloved by her friends and her 'son' Elk, slowly opened her eyes and looked down at her little love, kissing the top of his head and relishing the feel of his skin against hers, the two of them having been sleeping in the nude with each other since about three weeks after they had become 'mother' and 'son'.
Elk purred, a habit he'd picked up from Mia, as he took a nipple into his mouth, suckling fondly as she stroked his hair and purred back. Mia didn't lactate for real, but Elk didn't mind too much, the simple action being enough to keep him calm. Of course, those scientists that Mia had told him about had been working on remedying that and she'd signed up to get the first hormone treatments.
Mia had informed him that she had some money stockpiled away in mutual funds, totaling about 20 million in yen (a little over US$188,000), so she had more than enough to pay for a high spot on the treatment list. Truth be told, she had already gotten her first treatment and the doctors had told her it would kick in right about... now.
Elk squealed in surprise and pulled off Mia's nip, watching a stream of white breast milk trickle out of where he nursed, before he smiled and returned to suckling even harder now, causing Mia to moan, watching Elk sport a half a stick and a smile. Finally, he finished his meal and looked up at his love, who kissed him gently, rubbing his length.
"Good morning kitten" she murmured, enjoying watching Elk squirm as he leaked pre. Elk sighed happily, yelping as she swatted his bare ass playfully and moved his head to her other nip, already dribbling milk. Elk latched on readily and nursed for all he was worth, Mia moaning in response as she grew wet. She squeezed his rear before starting to pump his maleness. Elk moaned loudly, nibbling on her nip, panting. "Yes kitten. . . cum for me. . . cum for your Mama" she growled into his ears. Elk cried out and spurted his seed onto her thigh, his body shuddering in escasty. "Good kitten. . . so good for your Mama" she murmured, picking up a bit of his cream and offering it to him. Elk sucked it off her finger readily, sighing happily as Mia took the rest up and swallowed it. Elk kissed his guardian gently, and got a hug in return, the pair purring in unison.
"Good morning Mama" Elk responded finally. Mia smiled and squeezed his rump before giving him another playful swat.
"C'mon kitten, time to get up" Mia said after stroking his hair again.
"Do I have to get dressed?" he asked with a smirk.
"Brat!" Mia answered, tickling him. Elk giggled and tried to shield himself, before yielding and rolling off of his love.
"Today's the day, isn't it?" he asked once he was dressed in street clothes.
"It is indeed... when are Kite and the others coming over so we can show them our place?" Mia returned, similarly attired.
"In about. . ." Elk began, then looked at the clock, "a half-hour."
"Is the stuff packed up well enough, do you think?" she asked, examining their new restauant equipment with a critical eye.
"I think a better question would be can we fit it all into the van?" Elk laughed. Mia snickered and stretched, the two of the them settled down and watched TV until a knock was heard at the door. "Come on in!" Elk called. They heard the door open and a girl yell in surprise as she tripped over a box. Mia and Elk winced and got up as Kite helped BlackRose to her feet.
"Ya should have warned us!" the 15-year-old Heavy Blade fumed.
"You should have watched where you were stepping" a tall blonde 29- year-old woman answered.
"Shut it Gardenia" BlackRose retorted. The muscled Long Arm smirked in answer. Mia cleared her throat pointedly to get the two to stop bickering as Kite and Elk began lifting boxes and carrying them out the door to the open van.
"You're not here to fight, you're here because we trust you and like you enough to let you and everyone else have a part in this, as it's important to Elk and I. Do you think you could stop sniping at each other long enough to help?" Mia requested.
"Yes" Gardenia said simply, picked up one of the largest boxes with Kite's help and packed it out the door after a little maneuvering, as Elk and BlackRose took the other large box of the pile. Mia herself heaved up a box of her own, and in another few minutes, they had managed to stuff and fit all 14 boxes in the van and still have room for the quintet of friends. It was a short 20 minute drive to the restaurant, which already had a lovingly hand-painted sign above it, proclaiming it "The Mac Anu Alleyway Restaurant".
"Who did the sign?" Gardenia queried. Elk raised his hand timidly and Gardenia cracked a rare smile, tousling his hair.
"Nice. . . lends a very. . . homey touch to the place" Kite commented. Elk grinned and led the way to the backdoor, everyone carrying boxes.
"Hey. . . who's gonna open the door? we've all got our hands full here" BlackRose said.
"Way ahead of you, hon" Mia answered, giving the back door a swift kick with her foot. It was pulled open seconds later by a gothy looking 23- year-old Matrix wannabe, black shades, black trenchcoat and all.
"Hey there Keanu" Elk said mockingly.
"Up yours Caribou" answered the man.
"Be nice Sanjuro" Mia said.
"Sorry Mia, but you know I can't stand being compared to that two-bit actor, Matrix trilogy or not" Sanjuro responded.
"The look is too close for me to NOT make fun of you. . . sorry Sanjuro" Elk said apologetically.
"Me too. . . sorry Elk" Sanjuro responded.
"Can we get these heavy things inside already?" Kite asked.
"Yeah. . . go ahead and put the things on the counters, I'll go get a box or two myself" Sanjuro said, slipping out as the others went inside.

That night, the restaurant was packed, players of The World coming from all over, well, the world to be a part of opening night. There were players from Brazil, the United States, Japan of course, England, and many other places, which made it all the more fun as players that had only met in The World were now able to meet each other face to face at this unique and new restaurant.
This turned out to present a new situation: the problem with different languages. Oh well, that's why they'd gotten several TV's put around the 2-story restaurant, along with a large multipanel screen, which began to bring up text of Elk's speech as he spoke, the equipment being operated in a room in the back by Sanjuro, who had been hired on as their technical person, having been working around the gear since he was 13.
"Hello to everyone and welcome to The Mac Anu Alleyway! Those of you who have been to the area just to the right of the Spell shop there know what we mean. Anyway, this place is to be one of many, if this restaurant is going to be as successful as we hope it will be. For those of you old enough and have the proper I.D., we have a bar to my left, carrying alcohol which has been renamed to fit The World accordingly. For those that may have their own currency and would like it converted into Yen for the duration of their stay in Japan, there's currency converters next to each of the double doors to the north, east and west. Oh, and one more thing, enjoy!" Elk said, pacing and making gestures, losing himself in the grandeur of it all. Mia pulled him aside after he replaced the microphone and walked off stage to applause, only to give him a noogie. Elk squirmed until Mia let him go, giving him a hug.
"Well kitten, are you ready?" Mia asked. Elk took a deep breath and let it out slowly.
"Ready as I'll ever be, Mama" he answered and she kissed him gently on the lips. Sanjuro, Kite, BlackRose and Gardenia came up then, the latter three in aprons, as they were part of the cooking team. They also looked worried at the sight of the massive crowd.
"Hey, don't look so nervous. . . I called for some backup" Mia informed them as a crew of people in cooks' garb came in through the western doors, joining the rest of the group.
"Ready to go when you are Mia!" proclaimed a gangly 14-year-old geek.
"Good to hear Piros. . . ready everyone? Here we go!" she shouted, pumping a fist in the air.
"HOOYAH!" answered everyone else, doing likewise and taking their places.

- - - - - Hours later. . . - - - - -

The group of friends and allies sat around, more than a few of them soaked in sweat. They'd had some close calls with orders, and more than a few times had almost knocked each other down rushing back and forth, trying to feed and entertain a good 1,500 people, when a saving grace showed up: Balmung himself had shown up with his own friends and allies, including Mimiru, Bear, Tsukasa, BT and, of all people, Sora, who wasn't psychotic for once.
Balmung's crew had set to work as well, taking orders and running around trying to accomodate everyone as fast as they could. Bear had joined Gardenia behind the bar to help her out, which, although Gardenia never said anything, Bear knew she had appreciated the help.
After everyone had left, Balmung, Kite and Moonstone had pushed together some tables and pulled up some chairs for a conference between the groups.
"I think I speak for our group when I say thanks for the help" Kite said bluntly.
"Glad to be of help, because this place interested us too" Mimiru answered.
"How'd you hear about the place anyway?" BlackRose inquired.
"10 million players of The World in Japan, you don't think we'd hear about the first restaurant being built? No way we could miss out on this!" Subaru answered.
"Well, how'd you like to work here then?" Mia offered. The other group blinked, then Bear caled a huddle, murmurs being heard as they discussed the opportunity. After a few minutes, the group seperated and sat back in their seats, stone-faced.
"Well?" Elk asked in a monotone. Ginkan cracked a smile.
"Sounds like fun. . . when do we start?" BT asked with a smile of her own.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Well, that's it, it's now officially over! And please, don't ask me if I'm going to write a sequel or anything, because odds are I won't unless my muses beat the daylights out of me with the inspiration stick.

This is T'laren, hoping you enjoyed this series.

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