Title: Damon Does Anything

Disclaimers: VD, Stefan and Damon belong to LJS.

Notes: developed from misreading LindaMarie's statement that 'Damon would fuck anyone' as 'Damon would fuck anything'.


Stefan stomped across the hall towards Damon's room. The sounds of rampant sex weren't doing anything to aid his sleep, and frankly he didn't need it rubbing in his face that he just wasn't getting any - damn anti-depressants really didn't do anything for the libido.

He was about to bang on the door to complain bitterly, when a strange sound came from within. Stefan's fist paused scant inches from the door. He frowned. It sounded like... no, it couldn't be. Could it?

He pressed his ear to the door gently, waiting to catch the sound once more. Yes, there it was!


A green hue began to colour Stefan's cheeks, his eyes widening in horror. Quickly, he scuttled back to his room, trying to blot out what he'd heard.

/My god,/ Stefan thought, /Is there anything that Damon *won't* fuck?/