Disclaimer: I do not own the Mag 7 characters and/or settings and neither do I own the Star wars characters and settings used in this story.I've just borrowed them for some play time.

Characters not heard of are either my own creation or the creation of people playing in the Stars wars, seven stars RPG.

Acknowledgements: I thank all the people who created some of these characters such as Gallus, Drake and Decessus. And I would like to thank Derek who helped me with the riddles.

Background: This was originally a RPG; I'm in charge of, which I then noticed that certain characters could be replaced with the Seven.

Seven Stars


A long time ago in a galaxy far far away.

A race long dead, known only as 'The Ancients', constructed a weapon designed to either be used for good or evil. The weapon consisted of seven components, linked together by a key. The weapon could only be used if the seven components, also known as the Seven Stars, were 'bonded' with their certain individual.

After the stars were constructed the Sith got wind of 'The Ancients' plans and felt if they had the 'Stars' then they would have the power to take over the universe. At this time the Sith did not understand that the seven bonded souls of the stars and one of the keys had to be linked with the stars before the weapon could be constructed.

Learning of the Sith's thoughts 'The Ancients' hid each of the stars on different planets; each planet seeming to fit that certain star. 'The Ancients' knew that along the years the 'Seven' and the two 'Keys' would continue to be reborn until the time in which the stars should be found and they would complete their destinies.

Over a millennia later, when 'The Ancients' no longer exist, the Sith have resurfaced and formed The Empire. They have found out that an old rogue Jedi by the name of Takajo Findala has acquired an old parchment which he believes holds the whereabouts of the legendary Seven Stars. With the help of an old wandering hermit, Takajo was able to translate part of the parchment and was able to locate the first star.