Tales in Star Wars Andor - Who is Cinta Kaz?

By Gun Roswell


Our past defines who we become, if we don't fight against it?


Andor, season one, in between episodes, the missing scenes, backstory

How did Cinta Kaz become a member of the Rebel Cause?

Some say, it as because the Empire slaughtered her whole family. But was there more to it though? Or was that, just enough to push someone over?

Set in the world of Star Wars Andor space time continuum. Somehow canon compliant, maybe, maybe not?

Our past defines who we become, if we don't fight against it?

'The horrors of war… but what if there is no war and the horrors still become part of your life?'

She was running, as quickly as her feet would carry her.

The news having arrived, when she stepped into the transport. On her way back home to see her family. With the news of the Empire, having taken over their home world. Their home, their very essence of being. Having tried to enslave her people even. But, those who had immediately rebelled against living under the joke of the imperials, had been made an example of for the rest of the villagers. Those people then been hauled out from their homes and into the streets. Brought in front of those, whom would take everything away from them, even if they did comply to the rules and regulations of the conquerers. Alas, some of them had not. And so, having made them as an example. Showing loudly and clearly what would happen to those daring to defy the Empire. The stormtroopers taking aim, and then firing on them until they lay dead in the streets for all others to see. There was no burial, no nothing. Their rotting corpses serving as a reminder, of what would be the fate of anyone rising up and against the Great Empire.

The trip to her home world was too long and she felt the anxious sensations rising within her. Pacing on board the small transport vessel, until she was ordered back to her seat for disturbing other passengers.

But she could not sit still. Not with the news of her home world finally having become one with the Empire. They had heard the rumours in the past for sure. But never really believing the Empire would have any interest in the small world just outside the important lanes of commerce. They were simple farmers after all, living a simple life, with their livestock and neighbours, a tight knit community without much in means, except taking care of each other.

She, Cinta, was the one who had wanted to get away though.

Getting an education, a higher level one, with a proper trade, having though of a future off world more than the rest of them did. Sure there were a few of them who had left their home world in seek out something different. But most of them had returned, having become the wiser the grass was not always more inviting on the other side.

Still, Cinta wanted to see the more for herself. And so, becoming an apprentice to a healer off world, she had learnt herself the trade and even more. Having gotten the taste of the other side, she wasn't going to go back home, not any time soon.

That was, until she heard the news.

Having seen, what the Empire did during her few travels, she wasn't too happy about it all. But felt it did not really consider her, as long as she kept her head down with the rest of them. But then again, she also had not expected for the imperials to reach her home either, which she still considered it to be the world she was born on. Home.

And now, she feared, she had made, a terrible mistake. And was too late to the rescue.

As soon as the transport hit ground, Cinta was out and on her way toward the village in the distance. She was running, fast.

The news, had not simply been that of the Empire taking over the planet. But there was more.

Her family, her mother, father, the two siblings…

Cinta's family had always been the ones the others looked up to. For guidance, for help, for anything basically. Her mother being a sort of an unofficial leader of the small community.

Another villager, a close childhood friend of Cinta's had managed to get the word out, before all communication lines were cut off by their so called new rulers.

The news wasn't good, even if they had not described the happenings in so many words. They could not as there had been little if no time to even get the warning out. That of not to come back.

Because what had happened when the imperial forces had rolled into their small village… they had all stood up against the conquering forces of the Empire.

The lump in her throat big, with her feet sore, the horrid thoughts rattling around inside of her mind. But she kept on going no matter the discomfort was to herself. Because she needed to know. Needed to see with her own eyes. See the truth. Of what she had lost.

Cinta finally arrived to the village. The main street empty, void of life.

The imperials had long since come and gone, leaving nothing but devastation behind them.

There was nothing there they could have wanted or needed anyway, as they were all, simple farmers. With meagre crops and few animals. All they had really needed, for themselves.

Cinta could see the burnt fields, the killed animals… the remaining people left there, hiding in their homes.

But what she had not been prepared for, was to see what still remained there, in the middle of the small village square.

The blood, the others had not managed to wash off.

The bodies having been taken away as soon as the imperials had left, the dead to be buried. But the evidence was still visible for all to see.

Cinta stood there, glaring into the ground. Her eyes filling with tears, she had not expected to shed. Never the one to cry in the past. But today, she could not help them from falling. The wailing noise, soon followed.

Someone having seen her standing out there and came from their house to see her.

"They are in the hall. We thought you would want to see them before…"

The woman, a close friend of the family, Lera told Cinta. Then again, weren't they all, close in the village? And never really having excepted for Cinta not to return despite the news.


Cinta did not really want to know, but she had to.

"They stood against them. For all of us."

Lera told Cinta then.

"They, saved a lot of us by doing so."

Cinta knew, that her family would have tried to by time for others, to flee, or hide, whatever it took to remain alive.

Cinta could only nod, her tears filling her eyes, she could hardly see what was in front of her.

Lera realising what was going on, simply placed her arms around Cinta.

"Come on dearie, I will make you some tea and then we'll talk more."

It was all Cinta needed, to have someone there for her, before it was time, to face the truth.

"Sweetheart, I lost you there for a moment."

Vel and Cinta were lying in bed, cuddled together, tightly.

Because sometimes, the night terrors still got a hold of her, of Cinta. Them being so bad, it took all the effort Vel could muster to bring Cinta back from the dark edge and to console her.

"Sorry, I… I am back now."

Cinta wiped away the few tears which had emerged during the nightmarish state she had been in.

"Good. I am glad."

Vel knew all about it of course. The past of her girlfriend, the pain and suffering of Cinta's people.

"I'm, sorry."

Cinta wasn't really. But sometimes, she, despite her cold exterior, simply let it all go, trusting in Vel to catch her.

"Don't be. You have nothing to be sorry about. At all."

Vel assured her then and pulled Cinta impossibly close, trying to convey all of her love and care for Cinta in that one simple notion.

"I love you. Remember?"

Vel then reminded her, whispering softly into Cinta's hair.

"I know."

Cinta gulped for a moment, trying to catch her bearings.

"I, I love you too."

It took a few more assuring words before Cinta was able to fall back into sleep, a real peaceful sleep this time. But, those nightmares of Cinta's, her family being gone, having died a horrid death, would never really go away, no matter how much they fought against the Evil Empire.