Tales in Star Wars Andor - Who is Vel Sartha?

By Gun Roswell


Where I come from is not who I am today


Andor, season one, in between episodes, the missing scenes, backstory

Who is Vel Sartha? Really?

What is her family really like, other than her mother trying to marry her off to some eligible, person? She is, a cousin of Mon Mothma, this much is true. But what else can we learn from the rebellious woman she has now become?

Will Vel be the one to rise up to the task? Of becoming a true leader among the rebels, when all others seem to fail, while keeping things too close to their own chests?

Set in the world of Star Wars Andor space time continuum. Somehow canon compliant, maybe, maybe not?

Where I come from is not who I am today

'There is the family we are born to and then, there is the family we choose.' "How long are you going to stay this time?"

Cinta's tone was filled with worry, not really liking Vel going back to her home world, Chandrila. Because of many reasons. The most of them being the fact that Vel's parents wanted to marry her off to some hotshot to keep the family fortunes in check. Not to mention increasing them, because the person in mind was also from a rich family. And of course, having their daughter finally married was something they really, really wanted, or rather needed to do. Traditions were traditions after all. At least, Vel's mother did.

"Not too long. Just to get some of the heat of my back. Again."

Vel sighed heavily.

She, was totally disinterested in getting back home. But what choice did she have. She had appearances to up keep, now didn't she? For the cause and all. Or perhaps, it was already too late for all that? Besides, she was going to swing by Coruscant and check on Mon again, having heard the disturbing news of her niece, something Mon had let slip the last time she was on the planet. Vel having decided to try and talk some sense to the young woman. Leida, and about the old ways which were getting a hold of more and more young people of Chandrila.

And she needed to talk some sense to Luthen too.

"Be careful!"

Cinta warned her then. As it wasn't just the empire Vel needed to worry about for this trip. Rather her whole family, even if they had mostly given up their hope with Vel. Marrying her off before she died of old age before coming a tooka lady, as her sister had so fondly put it.

Vel drew Cinta in for a cuddle and a warm kiss.

"Don't worry. I always am."

Vel really was. Having learnt things the hard way and taking care of herself was a must. Not for just her own sake either. There was Cinta, and others who deepened on her now.

After a brief moment in each other's arms, they let go of each other reluctantly.

"I have to go."

"I know."

Their tones soft whispers, neither wanting Vel to leave.

But in the end, she had to. Go.

"Vel, darling, why are you dressed like that? We have visitors arriving soon and mother wants you to be at your very best! And she wasn't simply talking about the clothing either!"

Vel's older sister, Dal, had noticed the youngling having put on her most favourite outfit. The leather pants, a big white shirt, something Vel had borrowed from her father's closet and the worn down boots she totally loved. Looking more like a pirate from some bad holo novel, than the young girl she was supposed to be. At least, in her mother's and sister's opinion. The two of them having to chastise the girl for not dressing up to the codes of young girls of the same age, twelve, going on thirteen. Her father let it slide though. Letting Vel do and be pretty much what she wanted to be. And Vel loved him for it. Her mother and sister? Well, she did rebel against them, a lot too and the arguments when started, were heavy and hurtful to say the least. But, they were her family, so, she loved them too.

"Father lets me wear what I want."

Vel pouted, but that usually did not go well with her sister, nor their mother.

"Well, I am not father and mother's orders were quite clear. And we, would not have you meeting our guests dressed… in that."

Dal pointed at the ensemble she, was none too fond of.

"Men's clothing! And you, are a girl, whether you like it or not!"

Dragging the smaller girl by her arm back into her room and opening the closet doors, Dal rummaged through the several cloths hanging there. Dresses, but of course. As she then picked the one she herself liked.

Vel could only scrunch her nose in disgust, none too fond of said, clothing, to put it mildly.

But, this was a formal dinner.

Almost the coming of age celebration for the two daughters of the family. And the suitors were certainly lining up for them, as the Sartha family was very well off even by the standards set on their home world. And well, everyone and their massiff wanted to marry into this particular family.

The dress finally on, Dal looked rather satisfied in her endeavour, even if Vel hated it. As Dal turned her back to her, looking for something in the chest of drawers, Vel stuck her tongue out to Dal. Quickly shutting her mouth when Dal turned having found what she was looking for. A tiara to be placed on Vel's head no less!

"Gee, don't I look just perfect!"

Vel mocked herself while glaring into the mirror. The girl in front of her far from the free spirit Vel really was, deep inside. But, with thanks to the length of the dress, she had managed to keep her beloved boots on at least, underneath the layers where no one else could see them. But Vel knew they were there, and that was just enough to make her go through the terrible dinner with the dreaded guests her mother had so thoughtfully invited over while trying to marry off her daughters.

"Vel, darling!"

Vel's mother greeted her daughter sounding the ever so proper head of the family she totally was.

"You, are looking…" She gave Vel a once over, clearly not liking what she was seeing, but that argument was long since lost between them. "Yourself."

Vel let out a small laugh.

"It is good to see you too mother."

Leaning in for a quick peck on her mother's cheek.

"Yes, well, I have been trying to keep myself in shape, even with everything that is going on."

Vel's mother was of course referring to the business with the Empire, her none too happy what troubles it was causing for their, well, assets.

"Father in?"

Vel then asked. Still her favourite of the two, something which would most likely never change.

"He, is in the study. Oh, be a dear and remind him dinner is in an hour. He always forgets to eat these days."

"Will do, mother. Will do."

Vel made her way to see her father, only too glad her mother had not brought up anything else of Vel's personal life. Most likely too absorbed in her own little life as it was. Something, which was always good in Vel's mind as it saved them both from the still on going fights. Those of how Vel, having wasted her life and not having become the married mother with children of her own and living back on the home world.

"Hello father."

Vel greeted the man fondly.

"Vel, darling, I am so glad you are finally here!"

Vel's father positively beamed, his favourite daughter having come for a visit.

"How about a rematch? Remember, from last time you were here?"

The board was already set, Vel's father clearly having been waiting for Vel's arrival. Eagerly too it seemed.

"I would love nothing better!"

The two of them soon submerged in the game, dinner all but forgotten. Until Vel's mother made an appearance. Frustrated of the fact how much alike Vel and her father really were.