Tales in Star Wars Andor - It's all building up to... something (EP 11 01)

By Gun Roswell


There is a party in town, and everybody, is invited

The party is about to start - So, where are the fireworks?


Andor, season one, in between episodes, the missing scenes - after/and around episode eleven

Who, is coming to town?

Turns out, everyone is!

Even the uninvited are popping up, all around everywhere.

It's a funeral after all.

But, is it all that it is?

Or, is it all, fake? Is Maarva Andor, really dead?

Tensions are on the rise.

Something is certainly brewing beneath the surface.

Perhaps they are all waiting for… the BIG BOOM!

Set in the world of Star Wars Andor space time continuum. Somehow canon compliant, maybe? But I think this is starting to move towards the non-canonical direction from now on…

There is a party in town, and everybody, is invited

'Someone quite heroic loosing their life in such a non-heroic manner… Well, can we please ask for the universe to change all that? Roll back time and try again?'

The body, wrapped up tightly in the softest of linen, had been taken out from its home and towards its final destination.

The home of Maarva Andor, remained untouched though, even if some of the Daughter's of Ferrix had been doing some sorting and cleaning there. B2EMO having found a temporary home with Brasso. The poor droid in really bad shape and in mourning the passing of their family member.

But mostly, the home was left as if Maarva had simply stepped out of her home while going for some errands in town and would soon return as if she hadn't just died.

Some of the friends of the family were hoping for Cassian to come back and take over the home. Then again, there was little chance of that, Cassian being hunted by the Empire and all. Each and every corner of the city filled with imperial troopers and spies on the look out for the big bad enemy of the Mighty Empire.

But, for the town folk, most of them at least, whom were now preparing for the funeral, it was the celebration of Maarva's life and her moving on, becoming part of the whole. A part of the structure of their city. Bricked into the walls there, forever.

For them, those closest to Maarva, this being not only the time of mourning, the loss of a great leader, but also, a celebration of her as she had been, her life, the woman she had been and to carry on her legacy.

No matter the Empire, the Daughter's of Ferrix alongside so many others, would give Maarva the best send off possible. There would never be another quite like her. And so, wanting to make sure, this, celebration of sorts, would be remembered for a long, long time since the Empire was gone. At least, that was their hope for their future.

"What is the status of the funeral?"

Luthen's voice came over the comms loud and clear.

"They are prepping it now. I heard some rumours in the tavern, that Cassian Andor had been spotted, here, yesterday."

Cinta told Luthen as much. Then again, neither her nor Vel had been able to verify the intel. Even if they wanted to have a wee chat with the man now that the kill order had been revoked.

"Well, we'll see about that. It is daring of him if he is there. But, he seemed the sort. The daring sort. That is what I liked about him in the first place."

Luthen had found certain attributes of Cassian to be perfect for his cause, even if he was the somewhat self-serving reckless type.

"What is your ETA?"

Vel asked then, not wanting to keep the comms channel open for too long, afraid the imperials would find their frequency.

"In a few standard hours. I will take a new route to get there. Just the be safe."

After all, having had the encounter with the imperials, Luthen was more careful than ever now.

"We'll be here."

Cinta added before the call ended.

Exchanging glances with each other, the two did not say anything.

After all, what was there to say? Their only hope for cooperation now gone. And if indeed Cassian was on his way to Ferrix, all hell would surely break loose if the imps got a wind of it. And all that time wasted trying to find allies gone.

"Any sign of him?" Dedra Meero asked her head security officer on Ferrix, having arrived to the planet a few hours earlier herself.

"Nothing so far. We have to consider that Cassian Andor will not come here after all."

"Well, I believe he will be here. After all, they are not savages. They still like to bury they dead, with honour. Figuratively speaking of course."

The Ferrix custom of the body being cremated and then becoming a part of the structure of the city quite familiar with Dedra by now, having been the one to give the permissions for the funeral in the first place.

"We'll keep an eye on Andor. If and when he shows up, we got him. For sure."

The officer assured Dedra, sounding rather cocky in his statement.

Cassian Andor, the one everybody and their tooka was after, had arrived to Ferrix.

Having made his way through various channels, using aliases, disguises and whatever to keep his true identity hidden, Cassian, was finally back home. Back, on Ferrix. Even if the circumstances of his being there, were far from great neither to himself nor his friends there.

With the credits Cassian had earned from the Aldhani heist, he had been able to bribe his way through the galaxy under the watchful eye of the Empire, none of them ever been the wiser he had been right under their noses. Or so, it seemed.

The circumstances were far from ideal. The funeral of his mother upon. Two of his friends, being detained by the Empire. Something of which Cassian had learnt while on his way to the planet.

But, the time for rescue attempts were not on the agenda. Not before the funeral was over anyway. Because Cassian could not go at it alone. He needed help. And to get that, he needed to do the one thing he wasn't eager to do.

Reveal himself for his friends and perhaps, find a few new allies in the process from the town folk, Maarva's friends.

There really had been no time for Cassian to actually mourn Maarva. Having made the impossible escape from the prison on Narkina 5. Then making his way off the moon and all through to Niamos. Getting his things hidden there. Mostly the credits. And then setting off to a path all the way back to Ferrix after having received the news of his mother's passing while on Niamos.

But the time for feelings and such was later. All Cassian wanted to do now, was get through the funeral. Undetected. And after that, alert his friends to plan the jail break for Bix and Paak. Having had the confirmation, they were both still alive, but apparently in bad shape after the imps had been through interrogating the two. The intel somewhat sketchy on the details. Still, knowing the imps as he did now, Andor would not put it past them to torture their prisoners.

But, Cassian had to at least try to get them out. He owed them at least that much.

Cassian kept on watching on, as the town folk started gathering into the town square.

It was the setting, where the remains would be brought to after the cremation of the body and then mixed into mortar to create the very brick, before laying it to the wall. And so, becoming a part of the oldest building there.

Cassian was still in his disguise. Nobody even having noticed the person he was now. Looking exactly the same as any of the inhabitants of the planet. His face though, cleverly hidden, from the prying eyes of the imperials.

Syril Karn had also arrived to Ferrix.

He wasn't there on business, rather in personal capacity. But, if things were going according to plan, his plan, well then, it would make it business for sure. Syril having managed to get further intel of the latest movements of Cassian Andor. The news of Andor having been part of a prison break on Narkina 5, even if the events leading to Andor being there in the first place were still uncertain.

But, Syril having learnt of the death of Maarva Andor, was sure, Cassian would be there. On Ferrix. No matter what, the man would want to be there for his mother's sake. Syril would want to, if it was his mother. If nothing else, at least making sure his mother was really dead. But even if the piece of intel was incorrect. With all this, Syril was going to capture Cassian and earn back that which was taken from him. Because of Cassian Andor. Syril's revenge thus complete and he would not only prove his mother, but Dedra Meero as well, that he, Syril Karn, was deserving. To be something more than he currently was.

The various fractions, each with their own interests. All of them, having gathered to Ferrix.

All of them watching on, as the funeral party was slowly but surely making its way to the town centre. With the honorary member being carried on a hover pad, before reaching the final destination. The remains of Maarva Andor, becoming a part of the structure which they all called, home.

The party is about to start - So, where are the fireworks?

'Call it a party, a wake, even a funeral, whatever the name just might be for it, there is the deceased, whom is the one, they are all there to honour.' The singing started right after the mortar was mixed in with the ashes of Maarva Andor.

It wasn't any kind of solemn chanting either. Nothing the onlookers had excepted at all. Nothing really of the more, well spiritual variety. No, it was all cheerful to say the least. As this, was not the end of the journey in mind of the inhabitants of Ferrix, but the continuation rather. Becoming a permanent part of the place, never to be forgotten or removed from there.

The two lead singers were leading the rest of the group present in the town's square. Basically, it was all of them, those living there, crowding the place even if the Empire had given them permission to a certain amount only to be present. But, that number had clearly exceeded, by a lot.

But there were so many of them there now. The imperial troopers on the planet could hardly contain them having become outnumbered at this point. Besides, this was a special occasion. A pilar of the community having past and so, all of them coming to pay their respects and celebrate the next step of Maarva's journey. Short from starting shooting people, the soldiers could not do anything except to stand guard and watch. To make sure there wasn't any kind of bigger squirmish happening there.

Not that there was, as everyone seemed to be on their best behaviour. Clearly, showing their respect to Maarva Andor and not wanting to stir anything up. At least, not now.

Despite of course, breaking the one rule.

After the songs were sung, it was time to lay the brick being burnt while the chanting had been going on. The brick was taken out from the kiln and before it would be permanently laid into the wall, the position already chosen, there was a ceremonious passing of the brick to be completed.

Meaning the now combined ashes and mortar as a brick, would travel from hand to hand of the people gathered there. At least through those people whom were in the front row and then the last two of them closest to the wall, would place the brick in its final place.

Usually, this honour to do that, had fallen to the family of the deceased, their spouse or children. But as Cassian Andor was not on the planet, the only family member of Maarva's. At least, as assumed by all. They had then given the honour to Maarva's closest friends, from the Daughters of Ferrix Order. The two of them who would be doing the honour after the passing of the brick was completed.

Little did any of the attendees, the town's people nor the imperial soldiers watching the ceremony know, nor the three rebellion members, how wrong they all were.

As in the midst of the mass of people, the one and only supposed absentee, was present. Trying his very best to hide among the natives. As simply being one of them, nothing more nothing less. Only to be able to take part in his mother's funeral.

Feeling bad and sad for not being the one by tradition to lay the brick that was now Maarva. But, there was too much at stake than his own comfort and Cassian Andor, knew that only too well.

So, pushing his own feelings aside, he watched as his mother was laid to rest in the tall wall. Taking part of the songs, singing his heart out, knowing somewhere in the wideness of the Force, Maarva was watching over him. Watching over all of them.

Vel, Cinta and Luthen, were also there, hiding in the crowd, taking part in the celebration of Maarva Andor moving forward to the next level.

None of the three had noticed Cassian there though. But now, it did not really matter any more. Knowing there were still plenty of people on Ferrix they could try to convince to join the Rebellion. At least, Vel and Cinta had agreed it was a good option, even if Luthen was still in the defensive.

But then again, even them nor the imperials had not noticed the disguised Cassian Andor. Despite Dedra and Syril too, having been convinced he would be there, each on their own accord.

It was a disappointment to say the least, for the imperials to find out how wrong they had been in their assumption.

With their options either to call the manhunt off, or then, to take it somewhere else. As they had pretty much lost the only ace they had up their imperial sleeves. Maarva Andor.

And so now, with gritted teeth Dedra was admitting defeat. Standing alongside the security officers at the edges of the crowd, watching on. For now. There was always some other place they could try find Cassian Andor at. Because he was now, on the run, that much was for sure.

The brick had been laid into the wall of the town. The party, over. Maarva Andor, having been laid to rest.

The imperials, the spies from all sides, the town folk, all of them having varied feelings now of their own, as it had all been done.

Unbeknownst to most, a solemn figure was watching the all. Observing from the very shadows, while others were too preoccupied on the ceremony at hand. Thinking out loud to themselves, they simply stated in a low and hushed whisper.

"Let them have today. Because tomorrow, it will all change. The time to act, is now."

Continuing then to simply watch and listen, as the final song, the traditional one, a sort of a hymn, was started by the two brick layers. And soon enough, they had all joined in, their voices carrying high and up, all the way to the skies, even the galaxy. The one last tribute, to Maarva Andor.