Hello everyone again welcome back to another Batman and Poison Ivy romance story. I told you I was going to be cranking these out. As the saying goes 'I will die with this ship.' Again another AU that is not connected to anything previously written by canon or me it is its own separate thing.

I like to think this is a short but sweet one and I hope you enjoy reading this.

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Bruce Wayne and his girlfriend Pamela Isley embraced each other under the covers in the comfort of their shared bed. They were completely naked under the sheets as anyone would traditionally be after what they did mere moments ago.

After a moment of silence, the woman spoke softly.

"I love you." The voice said.

"I love you too." Her lover's deep voice spoke back.

A woman who had her head buried in the shirtless chest of the man and arms wrapped around his body lifted her head. She had red hair with green eyes.

They slightly pulled away from each other but their arms were still around their partner.

"It's odd how we got to this point. In love, sharing a house, a bed…"

A future. She thought.

Bruce smiled slightly.

"Yeah, it wasn't the kind of thing I expected to happen when you first had me wrapped in vines before you then kissed me for the first time."

Pamela smiled at that.

"Yes. Definitely, not a normal first date but it still worked out well didn't it? Also, your lips taste just as good as they did back then. Honestly, I wanted to kiss you a little longer."

They looked into each other's eyes and communicated from their link and leaned into each other for a kiss.

Pamela's lips were coated with pheromones that could make any man love struck but Bruce had always been able to resist her chemical charms (which was one of many reasons why she was attracted to him).

They pulled away from each other after a good minute of pressing their lips together.

Pamela smiled slightly almost out of nostalgia. "I always knew there was a handsome man under that mask."

Pamela's eyes then travelled downwards to Bruce's muscles. "And I also knew that you must've had muscles as hard as stone."

Bruce Wayne was the only man Pamela Isley also had a sexual attraction towards.

She dragged her hand from his chest to his abs and looked on with the kind that a dog looking at a piece of steak would.

Bruce chuckled a little at her words and gaze.

Pamela's eyes stared back to Bruce's own as she had a thought.

"When did you fall in love with me exactly?"

Bruce looked away from her in thought for a minute then turned back to her. "I think it was when we worked together the first time when someone named Griffin Stone was trying to make a new enhanced version of Venom and kidnapped a bunch of children to test it on."

"Yeah, and I agreed to help you because he and his forces were about the destroy a forest for specific plant samples….plus I was in love with you."

Pamela's face darkened. "And I was never going to let him get away from harming children.

Bruce smiled in nostalgia. "It was then I realized that you had more of a heart than I thought and after more time I realized that I felt something for you."

Pamela smiled warmly at him.

"It was then when we softened up to each other more that I stopped trying to fight you. I loved you too much."

"And I still love you to do any harm to you." She said as she leaned in for a kiss.

Pamela's smile then turned flirtatious. "So tell me which outfit of mine did you like the most?"

Bruce chucked for a second before he answered. "I think I liked that black bodysuit with the leaves."

Pamela looked surprised at that.

"Really?! Well, I was rather proud of that one I think my improved skills in making my costumes showed when I designed that one."

They talked for a while. Just about the past mostly. Then Pamela grew a sombre look on her face when Bruce instantly saw.

"What's wrong?"

Pamela's eyes were looking away from his.

"Bruce where are we going?" She asked softly.

Bruce was rather surprised at the question.

"Like where is this relationship going? Are you eventually going to push me away? Is this going to be like what happened with Selina?"

Bruce could completely understand where these thoughts were coming from. He was not a great romantic partner to many women in his life with Selina Kyle being one of them it was a regret he realized was one of his biggest. Not keeping potential forever partners close, pushing them away or letting them slip away.

Bruce steered himself.

'Never again.'

"Pamela I understand why you think like that and I swear to you it will not end like that. I won't let it. Not again. Yes I have a history of not being a good lover and it's one of my biggest regrets but I know that now and I know that I love you. You deserve happiness and if your happiness comes from being with me then I will hold on to you as tight as I can."

Pamela looked back into his eyes with hers watering. She whimpered then pushed her head on his chest mumbling the words "I love you."

Bruce pulled her more into his chest and they cuddled closer for a good deal longer.

Bruce whispered into her ear. "I will not leave you I swear it. I only know that my future will be bright if you're there with me to see it."

Pamela nodded into his chest.

She let out some words softly.

"I love you."

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Also, one more thing I want to add is to rest in peace Kevin Conroy you were a spectacular Batman and will go down in history as one of the greatest ever. I've practically lived my childhood and life with this man acting as the man in the cowl and I will always remember him as a fond actor of my childhood. You will be missed.