Author Note: This story is part of a series: The Adventures of a Planeswalker.

In theory it should be part number seven, but it is currently only the third volume that is published.

Previous volumes in the series are:

- A Planeswalker's Journey - Fuuto City: Warlock, Detective and Sekirei

- A Bizarre Journey - Castle Doran: Revenants, Fangires and Stands

Normally, I wouldn't have posted this story for quite some time, but I'm having part of a pretty bad week and have been wanting to write about Miraculous for quite some time.

PS. There are references and elements from The Owl House, Amphibia, Gravity Falls, Fate Stay, Trinity Seven and Kamen Rider.


Story title: A Miraculous Journey - Paris: Phantom, Rider and Witch

Plot: Paris is already suffering with the conflict between Ladybug, Chat Noir and Papillon. A conflict that seems to never end.

When six months pass from the first Akuma, the situation ... worsens than ever, when a Planeswalker arrives in Paris, bringing with it a lot of atypical problems.

Papillon gains allies in the White Witch and her army of Phantoms, not to mention the Time Jackers who are willing to pull off any devilry to defeat their enemy Planeswalker.

Ladybug and Chat Noir get Bruce Belmont, an Insane Planeswalker and his colorful band of Witches, Servants, Demons and Lab Experiments.

It will take a miraculous event to prevent Paris from being wiped off the map…


Story Arc: Welcome to a Paris, a miraculous city

Episode 1: The Ladybug, the Cat and the Mad Wizard (I)

Chapter 1: New troubles are coming for the Parisians


POV Narrator

Since the 17th century, Paris has been one of the world's major centers of finance, diplomacy, commerce, fashion, gastronomy and science.

For its prominent role in the arts and sciences, as well as its very first street lighting system, it became known as "the City of Light" in the 19th century.

Nowadays Paris is famous for the local super-hero couple Ladybug and Chat Noir and the super-villain Papillon.


For just over six months, Papillon has appeared on the scene, using a magical artifact, Butterfly Miraculous, to transform innocent civilians into Akuma, super-villains who can gain all kinds of superpowers.

This process is called, Akumatization.

It's works something like this, Butterfly Miraculous's owner first uses the Miraculous to detect strong emotions, presumably to detect when someone needs help.

When they do, they can also hear thoughts associated with those emotions.

They then infuse magical energy into a butterfly, transforming it into an Akuma.

The Akuma is then sent on his way to find the person he is supposed to bond with.

Once the Akuma reaches the person, it possesses an important item belonging to them and creates a telepathic link between the person and the Butterfly Miraculous owner.

Akuma's recipient is strongly obligated to accept the powers Miraculous's owner is offering them, even if it's against their better judgment.

Once the person agrees to work with the owner of Miraculous, the person becomes enveloped in dark purple magical aether.

When the aether dissolves, the person transforms into a superpowered being.

The powers conferred correspond to the personality characteristics and/or circumstances of the recipient.

It works by transforming recipients' emotions into superpowers; the stronger the emotions the person felt at the moment of Akumatization, the stronger his powers will be.

Papillon's latest victim was Gina Dupain, known on the popular Ladyblog, as Befana, a Candy-Witch themed supervillain.


The typical day in Paris from the appearance of Ladybug, Chat Noir, Papillon, can be summarized quite simply.

An ordinary person gets a bad one, then an Akuma appears and turns the civilian into a super-villain.

In a matter of seconds, Papillon's fledgling pawn begins to go insane and attempts to solve his personal problems in a rather violent way, using his newly obtained superpowers at the cost of their free will and sanity.

Shortly thereafter Ladybug and Chat Noir appear on the scene. Papillon orders his pawn to defeat the heroes and take their Miraculous.

The fight can last a few minutes or several hours. But in the end, through a mix of jokes, side plans and the use of their magical powers, the two heroes save the day.

Everyone is happy and content. Except Papillon who promises revenge against the heroes and that next time he will be able to get the Miraculous of Ladybug and Chat Noir.

This event replayed over and over, in the same pattern, almost like a teen cartoon.

The townspeople love their heroes, but the more realistic ones can't help but feel a sense of futility towards Ladybug and Chat Noir.

What's the point of fighting an Akuma every few days, if Papillon remains safe, hidden in his lair, waiting for the next pawn to use?

Many think this cat and mouse game can last for years or even decades?

Some have thought what if Papillon could have a disciple or accomplice who could continue his work?

Could this conflict between Miraculous users last forever?

Oblivious to the public, even the super-heroes and super-villains themselves are having similar thoughts.


Today is Thursday and the sun has long since set, giving way to the moon and stars.

At this time all the students who have to face a school day would be in their comfortable rooms to sleep.

Too bad Marinette Dupain-Cheng doesn't have the luxury of peaceful dreams.

Marinette is a 14-year-old girl, 142 centimeters tall, known to be one-quarter French and one-quarter Italian (on her father's side) and half Chinese (on her mother's side).

She has a fair complexion followed by shoulder-length black hair with blue highlights that is always seen pulled back in pigtails, light pink lips, bright bell eyes, and slight freckles on either side and the bridge of her nose.

At the moment, Marinette is in her room, sitting in front of her desk, working on a particularly important project.

The average teenager would be finishing a school project that should be finished by tomorrow or something.

Instead of this, Marinette is trying to find out Papillon's secret identity.

Perhaps some might wonder, why is a 14-year-old girl working late into the night to uncover the identity of a super-terrorist?

Wouldn't he have better things to do with his time, like study for school or sleep peacefully?

This can be explained if Marinette's secret is revealed, she is Ladybug, the heroine of Paris and bearer of the Ladybug Miraculous.

For reasons she doesn't understand, Marinette has been chosen to become a ladybug-themed heroine, save Paris, and take down Papillon.

The first part of his mission he carries out with excellent results, having so far defeated all the Akuma and saved many lives.

But the second part, defeating Papillon made no progress. Even spending sleepless nights figuring out who Papillon is didn't bring any progress.

" Tikki, discovering Papillon's identity is impossible for me, I'm not a detective and Papillon never comes out of his hiding place." Marinette said, in a tired and slightly whipped tone.

Marinette is a very intelligent girl, both in her civilian life and in her life as a Ladybug.

But among Marinette's many talents, the art of deduction and investigation are not part of it.

Whether you were doing an art project, making a fabulous dress, cooking some sweets, or concocting a plan on the fly to defeat an Akuma; Marinette is the ideal girl for this task.

But all the creativity and ingenuity doesn't make her qualified to investigate a ghost or figure out a criminal mastermind.

"Marinette you shouldn't give up. Sooner or later we'll find a way to figure out who Papillon is." Said Tikki, Marinette's best friend and her faithful confidant of her activities as Ladybug.

Tikki is a Kwami, a small bright crimson creature 10 centimeters tall.

It has a tiny body, a large head, dark blue eyes, and freckles on its face.

It resembles a ladybug, with two antennae, a large black spot on the forehead, back and each side of the head, and a short tail with three vertically aligned spikes.

Kwami are divine spirit-like beings who embody "abstract" concepts.

They give certain powers to people with Miraculous, turning them into animal-themed superpowered beings.

Marinette seeing Tikki's always positive attitude, can't help but smile.

"Tikki, I don't know what I would do without your support. But I would love to make significant progress, I feel like I'm running in circles." Marinette said, getting up from the desk to lie down on her bed.

"Are we talking about Adrien or Papillon?" Tikki asks, not too sure who her Miraculous bearer is talking about.

The six-month-old Kwami has seen Marinette's many attempts to get the attention of Adrien, her classmate, fail in ridiculous ways.

The elaborate schemes that Marinette uses to defeat the Akuma, don't seem to work well in love or anything other than Akuma.

To be blunt the heroine of Paris in her both identities hasn't made real progress whether it's Adrien or Papillon.

"For once, I'm not talking about Adrien. If I don't figure out a way to find Papillon, we risk being stalled for years to come." Marinette said, sounding more tired than before, not wanting to spend her whole life facing Papillon and her Akuma.

Marinette can barely handle her school life and her Ladybug activities, how could she handle a demanding job as a fashion designer in the future, if she has to deal with Bow Tie every few days?

" In my long life I have learned that a stalemate will end in a moment. Someone or something will tip the scales in our favor." Tikki said, trying to lift Marinette's spirits, having already seen how a single person can turn the tide of a conflict.

For a second Marinette was silent, thinking about Tikki's words.

Marinette's brain instead of imagining something like lightning striking Papillon in his civilian identity.

Marinette imagines a third hero who can help Ladybug and Chat Noir.

"Chat Noir and I are a good team, but we are only two people and Papillon's Akuma are not to be underestimated.

A new helping hand to handle the Akuma would be welcome." Marinette said, remembering very well how many times it was so close to losing her Miraculous.

If Marinette weren't so tired or thoughtful, she would have noticed how Tikki's face stiffens for a moment.

The little god of creation can't help but think of the Miraculous Box and its Kwami companions.

' Marinette I'd like to talk to the Guardian and get him to pull my friends out of the Miraculous Box.

But True Bringers suitable for the Miraculous are few and far between.

We can't give all the Miraculous to your school friends, that would be irresponsible and dangerous.' Thinks Tikki, relishing the idea of seeing her Kwami friends out in the open and having them find suitable Bringers.

But putting more Miraculous into circulation involves big risks, more firepower is not always the solution.

"Who knows Marinette, like Papillon found the lost Miraculous of the Butterfly, someone else could do the same and become a new hero." Tikki said, looking towards the window, remembering the old days, when all the Miraculous Boxes and all the Kwami's were gathering in one place.

Too bad what a terrible catastrophe befell the Order of the Miraculous, resulting in the disappearance of almost all Miraculous Boxes and a number of Miraculous have been lost throughout history.

Tikki is aware the chances of finding a lost Miraculous, especially from a worthy bearer, are pretty slim.

But improbable doesn't mean impossible.

The humans have time and again surprised Tikki and their ilk. Maybe soon they will be able to surprise them again.

"It would be nice to meet a new hero and a new Kwami. But I don't see them falling out of the sky." Marinette said, not knowing how wrong she was.

From now on, many things will fall from the sky or pop out of nowhere like mushrooms after rain.

"Good night, Tikki." Marinette said, in a sleepy tone, slipping under her covers and closing her eyes.

"Good night, Marinette." Tikki said, wishing her human friend good night.

Most of the time, when Marinette falls asleep, Tikki curls up next to her bearer or flutters around the chamber, killing time.

For this night, the little creation deity decided to fly by the window and stare at Paris.

"A storm is starting." Tikki comments, seeing how the black clouds gather, releasing a downpour and… a single lightning bolt of rose quartz.

"That lightning is not normal." Tikki exclaims, with a worried tone, having a bad feeling about that bolt.

Tikki being a small deity lived long enough to witness the disappearance of dinosaurs and tons of other incredible events.

But never before has he seen lightning of that color and the visceral feeling he's experiencing doesn't bode well.

"Things in Paris may be livelier than before." Tikki mutters, not knowing how right she is about to be.

The next few days in Paris will be anything but peaceful, even by current standards.


The storm that is hitting Paris is not only bringing a deserved rain for the plants, it is introducing a new unknown element in this city.

Rose quartz lightning struck the top of the Eiffel Tower, instead of a disaster befalling a monument of national importance, a rather eccentric individual appeared.


At the top of the Eiffel Tower, an eighteen-year-old male, 171 centimeters tall, slender and thin, his pale skin resembles milk or porcelain.

The soft and delicate features of the face make it very androgynous, even absolutely feminine in the right light.

Her atypical hairstyle for a man, combined with her style of clothing, does not help anyone to correctly establish her gender.

Her inky black hair is long and tied in a braid that falls to her shoulders, with thick bangs hiding her left eye.

His right eye is light gray, very close to steel.

Around her neck she wears a rosary necklace, made up of 108 black pearls.

Unlike the classic Mala, at the end of the column is an ancient silver coin, on the surface of the coin is a rune resembling an OOO, which could mean beyond infinity.

He wears a tight white shirt, with a black vest over it. Strangely, the four buttons on the waistcoat look like ancient coins depicting mystical creatures.

Above the waistcoat, positioned above the heart is a complex and expensive silver brooch, made up of seven brilliant segments. The seventh segment looks unusually dull unlike the other six.

A snakeskin belt holds up his tight black leather pants. Wear some

Knee-high military boots, with purple lace-ups.

Finally, he proudly wears an old leather coat that may have been made towards the end of the Victorian era.

In her right hand she holds her favorite accessory, a walking stick.

The cane is 108 cm long, made of elegant jet black wood.

The handle of the stick is silver, shaped like a crow's head. Amber colored gemstones are set on both sides of the handle.

Around the stem of the stick decorations have been inserted that recall precious rings or imaginative trinkets.

This person is Bruce Bahamut Belmont, an Occult Detective who deals with supernatural cases of all kinds.

After a personal job that ended as a biblical disaster, with many unfortunate consequences for himself, his family and his friends.

Bruce himself and his team/family has scattered across several worlds in the Multiverse.

Detective Occult has fallen into a particularly nasty world that forced her to awaken her latent abilities as a Planeswalker.

Starting a long mission and a complicated journey across the Multiverse to reunite his family and return to his home world.

To succeed he must gather all 19 Ridewatch, that is a copy of the powers of all 19 Kamen Rider Heisei and Neo-Heisei.


Bruce was silent for a moment, unperturbed by the rain, looking out over the entire city of Paris.

" Vitra's wish has come true, finally we have arrived in Paris, the city of love." Bruce said, before jumping from the top of the Eiffel Tower, with an inhuman calm and tranquillity.

"Griffon, I choose you!" Bruce exclaims, raising his left hand, holding his palm up to the sky.

In a second, an ink-like substance came out of the hand, combined with crimson sparks.

The two elements merged to form one of Bruce's Demonic Familiars, Griffon.

Griffon is a hawk-sized avian demon with dark blue plumage.

Its eyes have three golden pupils each and its beak is unique in that it is made up of several beaks in a mandibular configuration.

" BB, you just got us back after months of absence and it's already starting to kill us with work!" Griffon exclaims, grabbing Bruce's hand and spreading their wings, turning the fall into gliding.

" You complain too much, take me to the second floor of the Eiffel Tower. I want to think about my moves sitting at a table." Bruce said, pointing his walking stick to his destination.

"Couldn't you just take the elevator like an ordinary person!?" Griffon shouts, his tone angry, knowing he could do without this chore.

"It's more fun to fly with you than to take the elevator." Bruce replies, a smirk on his face, loosening his grip once close enough to his destination.


The second floor of the Eiffel Tower, located 115 meters above ground level and covering 1,650 square meters, can accommodate one thousand six hundred visitors at a time.

Visitors can get to the second platform selectively, choosing between the faster and more expensive elevators, stairs or gliding via a demonic bird.

Also this level, like the first, has large panoramic areas that allow visitors to enjoy the panorama of Paris.

A peculiarity of this platform is the very refined and formal Jules Verne restaurant, which offers contemporary dishes inspired by French gastronomy: it even has a dedicated lift and is listed in the Michelin guide.

Bruce landed smoothly in the middle of the second floor, as if he were a ninja, and in a sense he can be considered a ninja or a Paranormal Batman.

" BB, if you jump again, you'll have to find another bird to catch you." Griffon said, hovering in place, not too far from Bruce.

"You've gotten lazy since my absence. Don't worry, with a little training you'll be good as new." Bruce said as he lifts the hood of his cowl, hiding his face from any security cameras.

"Where are we going now?" Griffon asks, flapping his wings to chase after his androgynous master.

" Just because I can't get sick or feel cold. Doesn't mean I like being in the rain like a stray.

I want to find a nice little place to plan our future moves and spell something good." Bruce said, stopping in front of the entrance door of the famous restaurant, Jules Verne.

" BB, I think the shop is closed." Griffon states the obvious, knowing things are about to get fun.

No restaurants would be open at this late hour, especially with such a thunderstorm going on.

" Not for long." Bruce comments, pointing his walking stick near the keyhole.

The golden stone on the handle shines for a moment, a golden dust comes out of the stick and invades the lock.

Bruce smiling, slowly pushes his finger towards the door, opening it with extreme ease as if it had never been closed.

Walking through the door, Bruce pauses for a moment to flip the sign from we're closed to we're open.

" Now the Jules Verne is open and booked exclusively for me and my guests." Bruce declares, with a triumphant smile, slamming his walking stick against the floor.

Gold dust invades the room, turning on the lights, burning out the security system and bringing the kitchen back to life.

"Surely it's nicer to stay here than to follow you around looking for an abandoned building to turn into a Batcave." Griffon comments, perched on the back of a chair, as if he were some kind of customer.

"I'll prepare something to eat, then we'll have a little strategic meeting." Bruce said as he takes off his favorite coat and places it on the back of a table by the window.

After that Bruce walks to the kitchen to "borrow" the kitchen utensils.

During that time, a black crow with silver eyes and a rather extravagant bat emerged from the pockets of his coat.

Setting aside the bird that looks mostly normal and is on its way to the Griffon table.

The bat is clearly abnormal or supernatural, you can only tell by looking at it.

The creature looks like a cartoon mechanical bat or an expensive toy. Its body is mostly black and purple in color.

Its head and face made up its body with pointed ears, clawed feet, wings, and crimson eyes. With a yellow stone in the middle of the forehead and sharp fangs.

"Salutare Salutare, lume noua, plăcere să te cunosc! (Bye-bye, new world, nice to meet you!)" exclaims the "bat" in a childish voice, starting to fly around.

The fact that he speaks Romanian with a Transylvanian accent is just the icing on the cake.

This bat is Jivat-bat the 1st, a young member of the race, Kivat, a clan of bat-like creatures from the World of Kiva.

Kivats possess demonic imperial powers which they can instill in other life forms usually through their active fangs or other means. Some of them possess additional powers which are different from each other.

Jivat-bat the 1st or Jivat as he likes to be called by friends, is one of Bruce's partners and the second of Bruce's sentient transformation device.

Jivat met and partnered with Bruce when they were both on a journey with Joseph Joestar and Jotaro Kujo to kill DIO Brando, a vampire who was hiding in Egypt.

'BB doesn't just attract the attention of extravagant women, it also attracts all kinds of animal-shaped oddities.' Think Griffon, not appreciating this trait of his master.


Shortly thereafter, Bruce emerges from the restaurant kitchen, holding a laptop under his left ascent while holding his walking stick in his right hand.

Above Bruce's head, enveloped in a golden aura, float everything needed for a dream dinner, along with the finest cutlery in the restaurant.

Pointing the stick at the table by the window, four five-star plates, three bottles of wine and an iced tea soda, ended up on the table.

Once the table has been set, Bruce places the laptop on the table and sits down, ignoring the gaze of his "pets" facing the three empty seats, especially the gaze of the silver-eyed crow.

"Let's begin our strategic meeting of this reconnaissance team." He declares Bruce as he opens up his laptop, starting to search for interesting or out of the ordinary facts that have been happening in Paris in recent times.

Once Bruce officially began the meeting, several strange things happened in the exclusive restaurant.

Bruce's right eye begins to glow a blue left, manifesting a hexagram with two interlocking triangles, the Sigil of Solomon.

A third of the 108 pearls, that is 36, have begun to glow frighteningly, looking like a necklace of ghostly eyes that are staring at Bruce.

The silver brooch, the crimson coat and the walking stick have remained unchanged, but there is a strange aura about them, as if they have suddenly stiffened.

Bruce's shadow begins to lengthen and split into seven different segments that take the form of female figures.

"This is officially the seventh world we've visited, we're 1/3 of the way to completing the Ridewatch collection." Bruce declares to his strange audience of lackeys.

"As we've learned from previous travels, every world has a Kamen Rider and a wacky group of heroes somewhere." Bruce said, continuing to scour the internet in search of his targets, finding a certain Ladyblog.

"Double and Sekirei; Drive and Totally Spies; Kiva and JoJo; Fourze and Voltron; Ghost and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; Ex-Aid and Digimon." Bruce lists encounters he had in previous worlds with Kamen Riders and local heroes, all while gathering information from various blogs.

" In this world we have Kamen Rider Wizard and the Miraculous." declares Bruce, showing the computer screen split in half.

In the left half is a masked warrior dressed in some kind of tunic and a helmet resembling a jewel, this is Kamen Rider Wizard.

In the right half are the Paris' favorite couple, Ladybug and Chat Noir.

" Wizard was active in Japan, but hasn't been seen for several years. These Ladybug and Chat Noir are novices who appeared about six months ago." Bruce said, quickly reading various news articles from Japan and Paris.

Bruce was silent for a moment, thinking what to do, his primary target is KR Wizard, but there is no news of him.

Instead of this Miraculous Heroes are the novelty of the moment and most of the Parisians manage to glimpse them during their patrols.

Closing the laptop, Bruce gets up from his chair, holding his hands behind his back, pausing in front of the window that allows a view of the whole of Paris.

" For the moment we will stay in Paris, I am intrigued by these so-called Miraculous." Bruce said, having decided to stay in the capital of France long enough to see the famous animal-themed heroes at work.

"You are allowed to wander around, just stay hidden and don't make too much trouble." Bruce said, opening the window, knowing full well that most of his lackeys loved to wander around without direct surveillance of him.

After these words the right eye reverted to its normal status, having stopped working its particular magic.

"See you later, BB!" Griffon shouts, in a brisk tone, being the first of all to fly out of the room.

The 36 pearls have simply separated from the rest of the necklace and are floating away, chasing Griffon.

The number of segments of Bruce's shadow reduced from seven to three, four shadows with their own will separated from Bruce, going against their own.

Only the silver-eyed black raven, the young Kivat, and the three shadows remained around the Planeswalker.

Bruce himself isn't the least bit angry or surprised that most of his lackeys have taken the opportunity to hit the town for a good time.

Bruce watching as his lackeys waft through the streets of Paris, can't help but smile.

"By sunrise, there will be so many out-of-the-ordinary events that no young hero or retired Kamen Rider will be able to help but investigate." Bruce said, in a sly tone, knowing full well how a hero's mind works and what to do to get their attention.

"After dealing with Dopants, Roidmudes, Fangires, Zodiarts, Gammas, Bugsters and the quirks of their respective worlds. I wonder what I will encounter here." Bruce murmurs, with a thoughtful tone, sitting down at the table before, putting away the laptop.

Preferring to spend quality time over a nice dinner, while his more lewd lackeys bait those brave enough to bite.

'White wine for Altera, red wine for Nero, sparkling wine for Tamamo and iced tea for me.' thinks Bruce, pouring a single glass of each drink.

" A nice dinner at Jules Verne, the dream of every woman in love, don't you agree with me ?" Bruce asked, looking at the three empty seats at the table that won't stay empty for long.

The three shadows that stayed with Bruce began to move from 2D to 3D, gaining mass, density, precise shape and color.

At the table sat three unique women who can be described as a white-haired amazon, a redhead empress and a blue-kimono-clad kitsune.

" Another question, do you think I should investigate the Collège Françoise Dupont as a teacher ?" Bruce asks, addressing the three women at his table.

Tomorrow, Paris and the Collège Françoise Dupont will be part of several surprises, some small and some quite large.

Keep on ...