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Story Arc: Welcome to a Paris, a miraculous city

Episode 1: The Ladybug, the Cat and the Mad Wizard (II)

Chapter 2: The Bat of Saint-Denis

Plot: Marinette watching the morning news discovers that about thirty shops have been robbed, then when she arrives at school Alya tells some not so ridiculous theories about the thefts.

Meanwhile Bruce hearing cries for help decides to become Kamen Rider and save the day.

Once she does her good deed for the day, she must choose which type of monster to send to wreak havoc on Marinette's school.


POV Narrator

For once in her life, Marinette Dupain-Cheng woke up early, not needing to get dressed and have breakfast in five minutes, only to be late for class.

As always, Marinette wears a very dark gray blazer with the sleeves rolled up; the inside of the blazer is lined in white with light fuchsia polka dots, and has black trim.

Underneath she wears a pink tee with black stitching and a floral pattern under the collar. The design itself has pink flowers and black leaves.

She wears pink rolled up jeans and light pink flats with maroon soles.

He also wears black earrings which double as a Miraculous when Tikki inhabits them.

She carries a light pink bag with a thin black strap on her right shoulder.

At the moment, Marinette is eating a delicious breakfast with her loving parents, Tom and Sabine.

As always at this hour, after drinking her cup of coffee, Sabime turns on the television to watch the morning news.

"Here, Nadja Chamack, with the latest news of the day!" Says the journalist named Nadja, a woman so dedicated to her work that she risked her life and health over and over again.

There is a reason why Nadja seems to be the only reporter in the whole of Paris when there are Akuma attacks.

Because all other journalists are sane and wait for the attacks to end to do interviews or at least do their job from a safe distance.

Nadja is of average height with pale skin, moderate red eyes and small lips with deep raspberry lipstick. She has short hair with a deep raspberry to moderate pink shade.

He wears a moderate blue blazer with a button up lapel and dark purple lining.

Underneath she wears a discreet mulberry-coloured blouse. She has rose gold earrings.

Around her neck is a gold chain necklace with a pale grayish-green five-petal flower pendant.

She also wears a white watch on her right wrist, white jeans, and scarlet high-heeled red shoes on her ankle.

"Last night during the storm, our beautiful city was the victim of a series of burglaries." Nadja declares, in a serious tone, speaking for the first time in a long time about crimes committed by ordinary people.

"Stray of Thefts!?" Sabine murmurs, putting her hand over her mouth, beginning to worry for the safety of her shop and her family.

"Last night, thirty-six stores were completely emptied, not even leaving shelves inside." Nadja said as images of the robbed shops show up on the screen, along with a map of Paris.

If you look closely you can see that all these thefts are concentrated around the Eiffel Tower.

'Could these thefts be the work of an Akuma?' Marinette thinks, starting to feel guilty about missing an Akuma attack.

Her responsibility as Ladybug is to defend Paris from Papillon and his Akumas. Failure to do so is a big blow to her pride/confidence.

"All of the robbed shops fall into three categories: electronic equipment, building materials and fashionable clothes." Nadja said, informing viewers what types of shops have been robbed.

"A business card in the shape of a star was left at each crime scene, with the number seventy-two underneath. It is possible that Paris has gained a strange gang of thieves." Declares Nadja, before making the thieves' business card appear on the screen.

The star recalls the Seal of Solomon, with the Roman numeral for seventy-two underneath, i.e. LXXII.

"Who ever steals stuff like that, I understand that computers can be worth a lot. But building materials and signature clothes?" Sabine asks, having absolutely no idea who on earth would want to steal all that stuff.

"Maybe someone who wants to build a clothing store with very good security." Tom proposes, in a joking tone, inviting on the spot a ridiculous explanation for such a theft.

' Good news, the thefts were not committed by an Akuma, but by a gang of thieves ... this is still bad news. But the police can take care of that, they don't need Ladybug and Chat Noir, right?' Think Marinette, not wanting to add another responsibility to her busy schedule.

Too bad Marinette's sweet heart and strong morals don't allow him to ignore this problem.

Especially when Marinette has seen with both his identities how "capable" the Paris police are.

'Once school is over, I have a patrol with Chat Noir, if we change course we might take a detour to the robbed shops.' Think Marinette, already devising a route and a list of things to check.

Unaware of the adorable Dupain-Cheng family, a little creation deity has heard the news and is experiencing a bad feeling.

' I feel like I'm in Pompeii again. Please let there be only coincidences.' thinks Tikki, trying not to think about the strange lightning she saw, followed the next morning by a strange series of mass robberies.


Meanwhile Marinette is eating her breakfast; Bruce is walking the streets of Paris.

Her clothing has remained mostly the same, although her more extravagant accessories have been set aside.

The walking stick and pearl necklace are not present on Bruce. In return, he wears a fedora hat with a vintage feather on his head and a military backpack on his shoulders.

The Planeswalker is holding a metal suitcase in his left hand and an archaic-looking paper map in his right hand.

'Paris can try to sell the image of a perfect city to attract tourists from all corners of the world. But there is no city without its dark sides.' Bruce thinks, keeping his good eye on the map, looking for a particular building in Paris.

Bruce is wandering through the suburban area of Paris which has very interesting and enjoyable parks and attractions.

But there are dormitory districts, somewhat abandoned to themselves, such as Saint Denis, Bobigny, Aubervilliers, Clichy.

According to Bruce these are the perfect places to create or enter a base of operations that uses anonymity as its main defense.

'Why would anyone in their right mind spend a fortune buying a dream home in the heart of Paris, thus creating a paper/digital trail and having to look after nosy neighbours.

It is more ideal to choose an abandoned building in a bad part of the city, where no one will look for the world.' Thinks Bruce, watching out of the corner of his eye as the sunny atmosphere of Paris is getting darker.

In this part of the city the quality of the buildings is lower than in the city centre, needing either a major renovation or being demolished and rebuilt from scratch.

No department stores to be seen in the area, no sight of gullible tourists and a fine presence of graffiti on the walls.

The people I walk the streets have a cautious and wary look, staying close to their own group of acquaintances or avoiding clashing with strangers.

' Saint-Denis in the north-eastern suburbs of Paris, is one of the most difficult and dangerous suburbs of the French capital, which has become famous for being the fort of the Bataclan terrorists.

A perfect place for someone like me.' Bruce thinks, knowing full well that in such a place he doesn't risk getting bored.


The constant Planeswalker has to walk without glancing at the inhabitants of Saint-Denis, wanting to get to his destination as soon as possible.

But life is full of surprises that force people to change their plans.

Suddenly Bruce stopped completely, as if he received a warning that put all his goals on hold.

Without thinking for a moment, Bruce took refuge in a dead end, putting away the map, snap the firm.

The military backpack and briefcase are gone, leaving behind a golden dust.

These two items have been placed back into a pocket dimension that functions as a sort of inventory for Bruce.

For a moment, Bruce's disguise, built with powerful illusion and slight shape-shifting abilities, partially vanished.

His rounded human ears have been replaced by long, pointed elf ears. He oddly wears some pretty advanced wireless headphones.

As a certain Kwami couple do, Jivat came out of Bruce's coat pockets, knowing that something happened to cause its wearer's disguise to partially come off.

"Bruce there's a change of plans, shouldn't we have stood aside and observed how things work in this city?" asks Jivat-bat, realizing from last night's talk that my strongest of Bruce's crew will have to stay in the wings for the time being.

The task of taking the stage and attracting the attention of the whole world will fall to someone personally "chosen" by Bruce.

" I thought I heard something bad happening nearby. At the moment I'm checking if it's a figment of my imagination." Bruce replies, in a serious tone, before taking off his custom earphones.

At the exact moment Bruce took off his gear, his hearing fell victim to every noise in Paris.

"Bloody superhuman sense of hearing, being able to hear things from tens, if not hundreds, of miles away as clearly as if they were in front of me, is pure torture." Bruce murmurs, gritting his teeth and using his willpower not to immediately put the headphones back on to decrease the noise.

"Sometimes being blessed with unique gifts is the same as being cursed." Jivat murmurs, feeling pity for its bearer in pain.

The first Kivat of his dynasty saw how with each Ridewatch gained, Bruce regains his former powers while also gaining new ones.

Some of the abilities he's regained like teleportation or regeneration are incredibly useful.

But even the powers Bruce could do without have returned stronger than ever, forcing him to use gadgets to keep these "irritating" abilities under control.

Bruce through the cacophony of ambient noise and senseless chatter of the population, managed to hear the fearful voice of a woman in the Saint-Denis neighborhood.

" Don't hurt me, I won't say anything at all! I'm just a widow with a child to raise!" The pleas of an ordinary woman managed to reach Bruce.

Once he got his way, the Planeswalker put his custom earphones back on, ending the cacophony, reducing the noise to a comfortable limit for Bruce.

" Jivat-bat on the 1st, I think we will take a little detour from our route." Bruce said, pulling up the sleeve of his right arm, showing his entire forearm.

The Planeswalker is preparing for what will happen in the next few seconds.

"You can't help but play hero. So much talk about being invisible, but at the first cries for distress you'll appear to save the day." Jivat said, in a friendly tone, appreciating this personality trait of the bearer of him.

Bruce Bahamut Belmont is a rather eccentric and complicated person, definitely not a model citizen, law-abiding.

Indeed he will ignore any rule of conduct or sacrosanct law to do what he considers right or necessary.

It might be easy to just ignore it and go about your day as if nothing happened.

But Bruce for better or worse will always answer the pleas of an innocent, this is one of the rules of his code.

" Jivat, less talk and more action." Bruce said, knowing that every second lost can be crucial to the fate of an innocent.

"Colții..." Jivat happily announces, flying high.

"Nopții!" Jivat yells, swooping down, biting into Bruce's right forearm, digging her teeth into his flesh, reaching for veins.

All of this high-speed run-up is necessary due to Bruce's thick skin, making Jivat's job a bit more strenuous than anticipated.

Once Jivat's teeth made contact with its bearer's blood system.

The Kivat released "Imperial Demon Power" into Bruce's body, causing a rather unique set of tattoos resembling stained glass to appear.

Jivat's body emitted a high-frequency hypnotic sound, incomprehensible to normal human beings.

But in the secret language of the Kivat, this sound is the word to activate the magic of her bloodline.

A set of ghostly chains magically appeared around Bruce's waist, then unraveled, creating a dark purple belt.

This belt has special slots located on the sides that hold fancy whistles, in total there are six whistles. For some reason there is a perch in the front of the belt.

Reaching this stage, Jivat lets go, pulling his teeth out of Bruce's tough flesh and flapping his wings.

The Planeswalker crosses his arms in front of his chest, forming a large X that resembles the way bats sleep.

The Jivat is flying in front of Bruce's arms, right in the middle of the X.

Surely the eccentric Jivat-bat has found an equally eccentric bearer.

"HENSHIN!" Bruce shouts, raising his left arm up to the sky as his right hand grabs Jivat, then pins him to his belt perch, leaving him hanging upside down.

Jivat-bat in position emits the Kivat's unique sound waves once again, activating the last part of the morphing process.

In an instant, Bruce's body was covered in a cocoon of black slime that solidifies and shatters into a thousand pieces, revealing his new form.

Bruce's body gained an impressive and muscular physique which made him gain about eight inches, making him 6 feet tall.

In addition to the physique, Bruce's clothing has also changed drastically.

The Planeswalker now resembles a humanoid being fully clad in bat-themed armor.

An obsidian black reinforced suit covers the entire body, starting from the neck to the toes.

Above the suit, there are segments of dark purple armor reminiscent of a dark knight from a dark fantasy novel.

Menacing, well-armored boots go all the way to the knees. As if it were a vampric parody of Hermes or Namor, around the heels of the boots are small crimson bat wings.

Both forearms are covered in purple armor that makes the fingers look more like claws, and there are sharp points on the knuckles.

Laterally on the arms are a set of three small crimson sharp looking bat wings.

The shoulders are covered by heavy black-red pauldrons, models to recall predatory paws.

The two shoulder straps are connected to a fabulous black cloak, with the inside dyed a deep purple, which reaches to the floor.

Strangely the legs, arms and shoulders are confined by ghostly chains, as if to prevent anything from fully emerging.

The torso is covered by a dark purple cuirass composed of several metal segments.

Most of these parts are a shade of purple and black, but in the center of the breast are segments with a crystalline or glassy appearance.

All these crimson red segments form a mosaic/stained glass window showing a large bat.

His head is covered by a black helmet with a visor in the shape of a pair of red bat wings with a purple border.

Between the upper peaks of the visor is a purple ornament resembling a bat's head.

On both sides of the helmet are crimson wings.

The mouthguard is plain black and framed by red fangs.

This is Bruce's favorite tokusatsu hero form, Kamen Rider Helsing, the Nightstalker.

"The Hunt has begun!" He proclaims the Planeswalker, flapping his black bat cloak in dramatic fashion.

Such a pity that no one other than Helsing himself and Kivat can see this dramatic act.

A certain Creole-French Martiniquan girl allegedly sold an arm and a leg to be able to record this transformation sequence for her blog.

"Let's see if I can look after my previous speed record." Helsing mumbles softly, before sprinting at hyper-speed in the direction of the shouts.

Anyone who was observant enough would see a purple streak moving through the neighborhood, coupled with a strong gust of wind.


Helsing stopped on the roof of a decrepit building, near the edge to get a better view.

Below is an abandoned basketball court, located in what could be classified as a ghost area of Saint-Denis.

In the center of the basketball court is a fresh corpse, the victim's blood is still coming out of the bullet hole in his head.

The dead man looks like a classic thug. Dressed in a dirty green sweatshirt, brown pants and rubber shoes.

Not far from the corpse are his killers, three grown men dressed in much the same style as the deceased. All of them have a dark green piece of clothing and are wielding low caliber pistols.

The three criminals are threatening a woman who is cornered.

The woman in her thirties, rather pretty, 160 centimeters tall, with rather large breasts.

Her raven hair is held in a long ponytail.

His eyes are light green.

This woman is dressed in a long black sweater, with a red jacket over it. Around her neck he wears a rosary in the shape of a cross.

She wears black pants and red low-heeled shoes.

' At a glance I can tell that the victim and his killers are part of the same gang, you can tell by their colors.

The dead man must have done something to draw the ire of his colleagues by receiving an execution ranking.

The corpse would either be disposed of or made an example for members who consider themselves too smart.

But the woman was in the wrong place at the wrong time, eventually becoming a witness.' Think Helsing, figuring out what's going on in a moment, having already seen similar scenarios happen in so many places.

The bat-themed Kamen Rider without hesitation jumped off the roof while spreading his cape, perfectly mimicking the flight of Batman from the Arkhan Series.


The Planeswalker has arrived just in time, as things are about to take a very bad turn for the woman.

"I promise on my late husband's grave that I won't say anything!" She exclaims the woman, tears streaming from her eyes, afraid to die in such a place and leave her child alone in the world.

"You talk too much bitch!" Shouts the short, fat thug wearing a green hat, before hitting the woman with the butt of his gun, so hard that she falls to the ground.

"Dominic, you shouldn't be so hard on a lady. At least not before we have some fun with her." Said the tall, thin criminal dressed in a green shirt. Keeping his eyes fixed on the woman's prosperous chest.

" Albert you are a sick man and I like that about you a lot." Dominic exclaims, enjoying his colleague's suggestion.

"If you want to have fun, do it quickly, I want to go home as quickly as possible." Said the third criminal, a boy of average height, not too thin or too fat wearing a green tie.

This apathetic criminal goes by the name, David, and happens to be the leader of this trio of low-level gangsters.

The woman begins to whine, having a good idea of what these gangsters want to do to her.

'Please please please, anyone who can listen to me, help me get out of this nightmare!' She prayed to the woman, clutching her rosary tightly, not wanting to suffer such a horrible end, having so much to do.

Unfortunately for the holy prayers aimlessly launched by this woman.

The angels did not hear her pleas.

Instead an inhuman creature comparable to a demon heard their cries and decided to answer instead of the angels.

A huge shadow has fallen from the sky and is moving at great speed.

" Boys !" yells Dominic, turning just in time to see a winged demon fall in his direction.


Two armored boots hit Dominic's head, sending him flying like a rag doll.

The unnamed woman was speechless when she saw Helsing, standing between her and her assailants.

For a moment he thought he had finally seen up close one of the infamous Akuma that haunt Paris.

But no matter how scary and intimidating this person's appearance may be, the woman does not feel the slightest fear towards him.

The same cannot be said for Albert who opened fire on Helsing at the first opportunity.

Davide being the smartest decided to run as far as possible from here, not wanting to see Ladybug and Chat Noir fighting against this monster.

The bat-themed hero in one fluid motion raises his cloak to form a wall, protecting the woman from any stray bullets.

"Die Dirty Akuma!" shouts Albert, firing his gun without aiming.







Six shells were fired at close range, six shells hit Helsing, not causing the slightest damage.

"You're not Kaijin or super-villains, but that doesn't mean I'll go easy on you." Helsing said, in a lower and darker voice, having a habit of inflicting a greater amount of pain and damage on certain types of criminals.

Albert having run out of ammunition, decided to throw a punch, straight to Helsing's head.

"Too predictable, too slow and too weak." Helsing declares, grabbing Marcello's fist with extreme ease.

By making a simple twisting motion and squeezing the press…


Causing crushing of all bones in the distal row, followed by pronation of the arm and a dislocation of the shoulder.

"Pathetic." Helsing murmurs, unleashing a deadly right, aimed at the gangster's jaw.

For the second time a criminal flew through the air, raining a good part of his teeth, ending up getting stuck in the basketball hoop.

Helsing noticing that the last gangster was leaving, decided to finish everything as quickly and easily as possible.

Taking a few steps he grabs the unconscious Dominic and throws him towards the last criminal as if he were a human bullet.


Burly Dominic crashed into his fellow fugitive, eventually knocking him out

'I'm too used to facing more consistent opponents. To handle these guys, I shouldn't have turned into Helsing.' Bruce thinks, starting his arms, considering he's wasted too much of Jivat's energy beating up these criminals.

" Who are you ?" She whispers, beginning to feel a strange anxiety about her masked savior.

Helsing let out a small sigh, remembering the task of also taking care of the woman who was in danger of ending up badly.

When Helsing turns to look in the direction of the woman, to see if she has received any injuries.

The short woman backs away slowly, feeling impossibly small, as if she were a mouse in front of a cat.

Seeing that the woman is on her nerves, Helsing decided to lift her spirits, using a unique method ...

"I am revenge, I am the night, I am Batman!" Declares Helsing, swinging his cape dramatically in imitation of his favorite American comic book hero.

The tense atmosphere of just before somehow vanished as if by magic.

The miracles of acting eccentric instead of the classic silent and brooding hero.

The woman seeing as a big, heavy being dressed as a dark fantasy bat knight who is quoting Batman…couldn't hold back her laughter.

' The woman has gone mad with fear or a strange sense of humor. She at least she doesn't cry, I don't support hearing and seeing women crying.' Thinks Helsing, looking at the good side of the situation, instead of dealing with a distraught woman, he has to talk about a potentially mentally/emotionally unstable woman.

With the first type not having much experience, but when it comes to clinically screwed up women, this Planeswalker has unmatched experience.

After a handful of seconds, the woman's laughter subsided, giving way to curiosity and a strange calm.

" My name is, Mélissa Anciel. And who are you ? I seriously doubt that Batman is your real one." Mélissa asks, wanting to know the name of her savior out of gratitude and something else.

" Helsing. Kamen Rider Helsing." He declares Helsing, striking a dramatic pose with his cloak.

"If you're okay, call the police and an ambulance." said Helsing, wanting to leave, having nothing more to do here.

"Got it, I'm calling the cops and paramedics." Mélissa said, quickly pulling out the phone, pointing in Helsing's direction and pressing a few buttons.

Mélissa then looks down to see if she's done her job right, then when I look up to look for Helsing, he was gone.

" How did he disappear ? " Asks Mélissa, starting to look around in search of her armored hero, finding him nowhere.

" My son Marc won't believe what happened to me. I have to take photographs for an article on abandoned buildings.

Instead I met a new animal-themed hero and was able to snap a photograph." Mélissa said, looking at her phone screen, showing a blurry photograph of Kamen Rider Helsing.

Apparently Mélissa's telephone chamber must have been damaged in it, when it was thrown on the ground.

"Shit! Without a photograph no one will believe me when they tell this story!"

Indeed they would make Helsing an Akuma instead of a good Samaritan!" Mélissa said, knowing full well how "good and intelligent" the policemen of Paris are lately.

Surely they will misinterpret the situation and send Ladybug and Chat Noir to suppress Helsing as cocky Akuma.

" I will make it my mission to get a real photograph of Helsing and put it on the front page of the Paris newspapers!" Mélissa proclaims, wanting to repay her savior as a good photographer.

Bruce to a really interesting fortune, among all the women who could be attacked in Paris, ends up meeting Mélissa Anciel.

Mélissa a stubborn woman who never learns her lesson, works as a professional photographer, a great fan of super-heroes and also the mother of Marc Anciel, a student at the Collège Françoise Dupont.

Such a combination of personality traits, work and family ties make her a common face for Helsing, Ladybug and Chat Noir.

Today a Lois Lane/Peter Parker of Paris was born.


Meanwhile Bruce made his first save as Kamen Rider Helsing.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng managed to get to her class on time for once.

" Marinette it's strange to see you arrive so early." Alya said, counting with one hand the number of times her stylist friend arrives on time.

Alya Césaire is a 14-year-old Martinican Creole-French girl, 138 centimeters tall, with a curvy body.

He has heart-shaped lips, grayish golden eyes, and a mole above his forehead.

Her hair is wavy and reddish brown ombre, growing slightly past her shoulders and has shiny tangelo tips.

He wears black horn-rimmed glasses, with a white spot on each side. Her outfit consists of a white tank top under a short-sleeved plaid shirt with white, beige, orange, and purple stripes; light blue jeans and white sneakers with black tops. She is wearing bright crimson lipstick.

"For once I woke up early, it happens every now and then." Marinette said, taking her seat next to Alya.

"Have you heard the latest news, dozens of warehouses have been robbed by a mysterious gang?" Alya asks, wanting to talk about the latest news she just heard.

"Yeah, still wondering why anyone would want to rob electronics stores, buildings and fashion clothes?" Marinette said, not being able to imagine why anyone would want that kind of merchandise.

" I have my own theory about this series of thefts, do you want to hear it !?" Alya asks, wanting to tell someone about her theory.

" You know you can tell me everything, I like to hear your ideas." Marinette said, wanting to hear the opinion of her best friend.

Especially when his fanciful theories aren't about Ladybug or Chat Noir.

That kind of discussion makes their conversations rather strange for Marinette.

" Someone wants to build a secret base in Paris!" declares Alya, in a dramatic tone as she pulls out a school notebook filled with theories/conspiracies about the Miraculous and other things of her interest.

"A secret base?" Marinette murmurs, raising an eyebrow, not having considered this option.

"Think about it, Papillon can't be the only person in the world who is interested in the world. I mean who doesn't want a magic jewel to become a super-hero or a super-villain?" Alya said, completely certain that there is no man or woman capable of turning down an opportunity to obtain a Miraculous.

"My theory is simple, someone or a group of people recently discovered the existence of the Miraculous. Then they decided to take action to get them, the first step was to create a well-equipped base of operations." Alya said, turning the page of her notebook, showing Marinette a list of the stolen items.

How Alya got this information is a mystery Marinette wants to solve.

"Last night's storm lost their collection of all the materials needed to build a state-of-the-art security/monitoring system, as well as allowing them to renovate any buildings they own." Alya said, pointing out all the advanced electronic equipment that has been stolen and can be used to secure a building.

"I can understand the idea of stealing equipment and materials to build a villain's or hero's den. But what does that have to do with the ten robbed fashion warehouses?" Marinette asks, making a valid statement, if you want to build a stronghold, why are you robbing fashion stores?

"I have an explanation for that too." Said Alya, having found a solution to this problem in her theory about her.

Turning the page of his theory book again, he shows three explanations for the theft of fashion clothes.

" One, the theft of clothes is an attempt to mislead, to confuse the investigation.

Two, the leader of the gang to a lover with pretentious tastes. Even criminals have families and lovers.

Three, the clothes are used to be able to create elite disguises to allow gang members to infiltrate the excluded circles of Paris." Alya recounting her three conspiracy theories that could work.

"I'm more inclined to believe the first or second explanation, the third seems a bit exaggerated." Marinette said, not wanting to offend Alya for her outlandish theories about her.

Unaware to all, Alya's theory about the secret base isn't quite that far from the truth


Returning to Saint-Denis, Kamen Rider Helsing has arrived at her destination, where all the stolen goods have been deposited.

"One thing I learned from Taiga Hanaya aka Kamen Rider Snipe, abandoned hospitals are a perfect hideout for people like me." Helsing declares, pulling Jivat from his belt, undoing his transformation, returning to his normal human form.

"Jivat, what kind of millions do you think we should use to get data on the heroes of Paris?" asks Bruce, walking through the review of the abandoned hospital that is filled with the stolen goods of more than thirty stores.

" You could use a Roidmudes, a Bugsters or a D-DUX, they are beings that can only be defeated through specific means.

Even if they are beaten in battle, I can be resurrected without too much trouble for us." Jivat suggests, proposing to use the Kaijin of scientific origin that can interface with the internet and other digital systems.

" Let's go to my Atelier, within the lunch break of the Collège Françoise Dupont, I will have something substantial for Ladybug and Chat Noir." Bruce said, with a mischievous smile, wanting to test the heroes of Paris.

Keep on ...