Hellooo, everyone! I'm back!

Hogsmeade, as always, was filled with bustling sounds of various witches and wizards moving about. James couldn't believe that they were finally graduating. Professor Dumbledoor had given them a very memorable speech in the ceremony. He had decided to treat his friends to a small party in Hogsmeade. Mounds of delicious goods were piled on the table; pumpkin pie, chocolate frogs, jellybeans, and a box filled with special chocolates that he had prepared specially for each member of the Marauders.

James unpacked the chocolates and gave them away to Remus, Sirius, and Peter. He then cleared his throat and stood up from his seat.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I have a marvelous idea."

"Oh boy, another crazy idea from Prongs." Said Peter smugly.

Remus helped himself to a chocolate frog. "What are you going to do now? Pirouettes?"

"Geez, James." Sirius chimed in. "Never knew that you had an undying passion for ballet-ow!"

Remus snickered as Sirius wiped pie crumbs off his face. James picked up another pumpkin pie and aimed it at Sirius's face.

"As I was saying, this chocolate I have here-" James picked up his own share of chocolate, wrapped in paper that had the shape of a deer printed on it. "-was made, its package specially printed, for each one of us. Sirius, yours has the shape of a dog, Remus, a wolf, and Peter, a rat."

"So what's your big idea, Prongs?"

"Well, how about we don't eat the chocolate now, but in the future together? Say, two years later."

Sirius stroked his chin in a thoughtful way.

"Interesting…so can you tell me what's the point in that? Ow!"

"I'm getting to that." James growled. "So whoever does not acquire the challenge, has to pay by giving each one of us two boxes of chocolate."

Everyone instantly looked at Remus. They all knew Remus's love for chocolate.

Remus gave James a dirty look. "That isn't fair. At all."

Peter laughed. "Then how about we eat it after the war ends? No offense, but Remus has the biggest chance to survive in it; he has a brain, unlike the rest of us."

James thought for a bit then gave an approving nodd. "That's…actually a good idea."

Remus stretched and folded his arms. "As a Hogwarts valedictorian, I'm fine with that."

James rolled his eyes. Sirius threw a pumpkin pie at him.

"Anyways." James said, standing up with a grunt. "Meet me tomorrow in my house at 2. And I mean 2 in the afternoon, Padfoot. We're going to have an official graduation party."

Peter raised his eyebrows. "You mean that this isn't supposed to be official?"

"Really, Pete?" James scoffed. "This isn't even what I call a party." With that, James stood up and left Hogsmeade.

"How rich is he?" Remus asked quietly, to Sirius.

Sirius smirked. "He's a millionaire."


It was 2:30, and Remus still wasn't showing up. Sirius was growing cranky.

"Well that werewolf is running very late." He grouched.

"You think we should start before him…?" Peter said timidly.

James sighed. "Remus isn't the kind of person to be accidentally late."

"Unless he overslept."

"Or if he's sick again."

James smiled, standing up. "You guys start the party first; I'll go check on him."


James was getting fed up. He had rang the doorbell multiple times, and there was still no answer. 'Moony better explain himself.' He thought.

He started to knock on the door. He knocked three times.

"Open up, Moony! It's me, Prongs!"

In frustration, he punched the door. The door opened slightly to his surprise.


James pushed the door open further. He noticed that its hinges were off. Only one hinge at the very bottom was holding. He stepped inside. He couldn't see the interior because the room was too dark. He found a lightswitch and turned it on.

James gasped.

There were signs of struggle everywhere. Furnitures were overturned, some broken. Paper was everywhere, and even some blood was smeared on the walls. Books were thrown without care and were ripped into shreds. He walked up to one of the books and found 'The Hobbit'.

"Remus's favorite…"

James then noticed that something was wedged between the pages. It was a small object, round and glinting, with a familiar shape of a wolf. Bloody fingerprints littered the wrapping.

The chocolate he had given to Remus. The world seemed to go white.

With trembling hands, he uncovered a note stuck between the pages. It said 'Keep my chocolate safe' in hasty, scribbled letters. The elegant loops on the gs and ys proved that it was Remus who wrote it.

"Shit, Moony…what did you do now?"

James suddenly heard voices outside.

"Prongs! We were tired waiting for you so we came!" It was Peter.

"Wow James, Moony won't be appreciated if you leave the front door of his house like tha-what the hell happened here?"

James turned and found Sirius, his face in an agitated expression as he took in his surroundings.

"James, why is the house like this?" Said Peter in a scared voice.

"I…Moony-he's, he's…"

Sirius laughed nervously. "Come on, Prongs…this is some kind of joke, right?"

James, without answering, slumped to the floor, putting his face into his hands.

Sirius banged his head on the wall. "Fuck!"

Peter suddenly jumped. "Wait a second…"

He dashed to the front door of the house. He came back panting with a newspaper in his hands.

Sirius read the headline out loud. "The Ministry passes the anti-Werewolf Legislation…"

His voice cracked. With a trembling voice, he read further. "'At 8:30 this morning, the Ministry approved the Anti Werewolf Legislation, a law stating that all registered werewolves are to be sent to the concentration camp. "These dark creatures need to be separated from wizarding society.", Fudge, head ministrator, concluded. Werewolves are a danger to witches and wizards'-fuck, I can't read this anymore."

"Remus was a registered werewolf?"

"He went to Hogwarts, Wormtail…of course he was registered."

Peter's knees gave away and he collapsed onto the floor. James sobbed into his hands, and Sirius didn't bother to hide the tears from his eyes.