By: Thought
Disclaimer: Not mine.
A/N: I wasn't even going to put this up, but my friend finally convinced me
to, so if it's really bad, you can blaim Heather. This is my very first
attempt at X-Men fiction, so please don't be too harsh in your reviews.

I'm sorry I left you,
I'm sorry I cried,
I'm sorry I lived,
I'm sorry you died.
I miss you so much,
Even after all these years,
Whenever I think about you,
It brings me to tears.
Sometimes I wish,
That I had died to,
Cause then I'd have a chance,
To be with you.
Oh mommy and daddy,
I miss you still,
There's a hole in my heart,
Only you can fill.
And as I reflect,
I can remember that day,
Could I have done something to save you,
Was there any possible way?
I hardly new you,
I was only five,
And every day I wish,
That you were still alive.
I don't know what you'd say,
About the woman I've become,
Would you be prowd,
Of all the things I've done?

And though I have powers,
Of incredible strength,
I'd gladly give them up,
To see you again.
But I know it's not happening,
And so I've moved on,
But I still love you,
And prey for you every dawn.
My friends are waiting outside,
I've got to go,
But, I love you, mom and dad,
I just thought you should know.